NCS baseball, softball score updates

With quite a few more NCS games today, we’ll be updating with final scores as often as possible. Here’s the lineup:
Div I:
Amador Valley 3, Foothill 0 (final)
Deer Valley 5, Irvington 4, 11 innings (final)
(resumption of game suspended with 4-4 tie after 8 innings)

Div II:
Arroyo 5, Eureka 4 (final)
Heritage 5, Northgate 2 (final)

From Chace Bryson: 1-0 Northgate after 2 innings
6:45 p.m.: 4-1 heritage at the end of 4
7:35 p.m.: Complete-game win for Heritage’s Juan Padilla

Div III:
Alhambra 1, Kennedy-Fremont 0 (final)
Div IV:
Berean Christian 1, Cloverdale 0 (final)
Randy Pickard’s 10-pitch at-bat ends with game-winning single in 7th
Lick Wilmerding 9,  St. Joseph Notre Dame 8, 8 innings (final)

Div I:

Castro Valley 3, Liberty 2 (final)
James Logan 8, College Park 0 (final)
Newark Memorial 6, Deer Valley 5, 8 inn. (final)
San Ramon Valley 5, Berkeley 1 (final)
Div II
Redwood-Larkspur 2, Arroyo 1 (final)
Clayton Valley 5, Casa Grande 4 (final)
Concord 3, Heritage 2 (final)
From Ben Enos: 1-0 Concord, end 3; Lea  Cavestany scored on a wild pitch in the first
6:20 p.m.: Mickell Escobar HR makes it 1-1 and breaks up con pitcher Brianna Elders’ no-hitter. Later in inning, pinch runner Maddy Gonzaga scores on an error and Heritage leads 2-1 going to the bottom of the 7th.
6:45 p.m.: Concord scores 2 unearned in bottom of 7th, wins 3-2

Alameda 3, Ukiah 1 (final)

Tamalpais 4, Campolindo 1 (final)
San Marin 11, Kennedy-Richmond 1 (final)
Div IV
Salesian 6, St. Mary’s 2 (final)

Mike Wood

  • Ballfan

    Anyone twittering tonight? Just signed up and want to see if it works. Will following esatbaypreps pick up updates from all reporters, or is there a separate user name for each?

  • Mike Wood

    Ballfan: Once we have fewer games, we will be able to do more with Twitter and live chats. We’re stretched ultra-thin covering NCS baseball, softball, lacrosse semis and TransBay baseball.

  • Ballfan

    I understand. Just to clarify, though, will there be in game updates on this blog or just finals as they come in? What game is Mr. Durkin covering tonight?

  • Mike Wood

    Jimmy is at the TransBay baseball game in SF.
    I am getting periodic updates, but the abundance of NCS games (six divisions??!!) and shortage of newspaper reporters creates some challenges for updating this

  • D111

    4-1 Tamalpais in the 3rd.

  • DIII

    Tamalpais wins 4 – 1.

  • SoftballBob

    D1 Softball Score –

    In 8 Newark 6; Deer Valley 5

    Evidently, scoreless after sixth, and Newark scored 3, then DV tied it up taking it to 8th? Newark scored 3 more, but DV could only muster 2. No details of how scoring occurred.

  • spdad

    San Ramon 5-1 over Berkeley….final

  • Justin

    Any word on the St. Joe’s -Lick game?

  • hsbbguru

    HMMMM Very interesting. The vastly superior EBAL lost their first two NCS baseball games while lowly College Park and defending NCS champions sit at home because they lost a game at the begining of the season. EBAL powershouse Cal did get a win but it was a hard fought victory over number 12 Castro Valley. And what about DV they have to travel back to Irvington on consecutive nights to knock off number 7 Irvington. Props to NCS and their “secret” committee I hate to say it but what you have created with your process is for many many people to despise the EBAL. This has nothing to do with the coaches and players of the EBAL but the new system is a travesty and unfair. Good luck to any team playing an EBAL team!

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Guru, if you’re going to point out that an EBAL team (Foothill) lost. You might want to point out an EBAL also won (Amador Valley).

    The committee got it right.

    I don’t like the new setup. Go back to 16 teams!

  • Ballfan, you can find my Twitter profile by searching for Viewfromtower. Any games that I cover, I’ll provide Twitter updates on there. I think for Friday I’ll probably be at Rancho Cotate-Alameda.

  • Fastpitch fan

    First round D-1 fastpitch shows that the mystery committee did an OK job. All 4 home teams won, with my upset pick, Deer Valley losing in 8 at Newark. Congrats to Newark for holding off a higher ranked team at home. If Cal would have been selected over College Park, there would not have been an 8 run win in the 1st round. TRUE.

  • SuicideSqueeze

    Cal won. Amador beat Foothill and SRV lost to a stud pitcher 3-0. Hsbbguru- I’m not sure how any of this info so clearly (in your mind) supports your conspiracy theory about the EBAL. You state that College Park are the defending NCS champs and that they didn’t get in because of one loss. What about their other 9 losses? Is the committee really supposed to pick teams based on what they did in previous years with players who have graduated? That makes no sense. I would be willing to bet that most EBAL teams would have a better than 14-10 record playing CP’s weak schedule. What exactly are you a guru of besides

  • frankie

    College Park played the softest schedule imaginable. With that softness they were the 13th team. Guru, next year schedule all the Ebal teams for the preseason. Put up or shutup.