NCS Baseball Pick ’em

Here are the picks for the NCS baseball Division I – III quarterfinals. Go ahead and submit your picks in the comment section! Enjoy.

Division I

GAME Bower Durkin Bonagura Waterhouse
No. 8 Amador Valley at No. 1 De La Salle DLS DLS   DLS  
No. 5 California at No. 4 Bishop O’Dowd BOD  BOD Cal   
No. 10 Deer Valley at No. 2 Monte Vista MV DV  MV   
No. 6 Newark Memorial at No.3 Freedom Freedom  NM Freedom   

Division II

GAME Bower Durkin Bonagura Waterhouse
No. 8 Rancho Cotate at No. 1 Alameda Alameda Alameda   Alameda  
No. 12 Redwood at No. 4 Cardinal Newman  CN CN  CN   
No. 7 Arroyo at No. 2 Clayton Valley Arroyo  CV CV  
No. 6 Heritage at No. 3 Casa Grande  CG  CG CG   

Division III


GAME Bower Durkin Bonagura Waterhouse
No. 8 El Cerrito at No. 1 Miramonte Miramonte  Miramonte   Miramonte  
No. 5 Analy at No. 4 Dublin Dublin  Dublin  Dublin  
No. 7 Novato at No. 2 Campolindo Campo  Campo  Campo  
No. 6 Alhambra at No. 3 Sir Francis Drake Alhambra  Drake Drake   




    Football of course

  • groundskeeper

    D1- BOD, Newark
    D2- Alameda, Arroyo
    D3- Alhambra
    I only picked teams I’ve seen or know some about.

  • LFielder

    D1: DLS to win it all
    De La
    Monte Vista
    Newark Memorial

    D2: Arroyo to win it all
    Cardinal Newman
    Casa Grande

  • EBAL Fan

    Arroyo’s going to win it all.good pitching, great hitting and a solid defense.

    De La salle win it all in D-1, outstanding bats

  • BOD Dad

    D1 – O’Dowd
    D2 – Arroyo
    D3 – Drake

    Don’t be suprised if AV tops DLS. You know what happens sometimes with way too much hype!

    DV scores runs (makes em’) MV has trouble Go DV

  • BOD Dad

    Sorry CZ….Newark takes care of Freedom and meets BOD in final.

  • Prep Fan




    Well, I can’t do any worse than I did in the first round, so I might as well go with an all DFAL D3 Semifinal.

  • PrepBBFan


    DLS- They are on fire
    Bishop O’Dowd- Still have their #1
    MV- Unfortunately for DV they used 11 innings from their #1 and 2 on Tuesday/Wed
    Freedom- If Wardell is on they are very tough to beat.

  • baseball

    Theres no way Arroyo wins it all. They are going to get smoked by Clayton.

  • No Faith

    BOD plays a pathetic weak schedule even out of their weak league. They are not a factor in Div I baseball.

  • Prep Fan

    Does anyone know the DV-MV score? Last I heard it was tied at 1 in the 7th.

  • Ryan

    Deer Valley 2- MV 1 in 8 innings!

    2 uneraned runs for DV.

    Christian Jones 2 hits (1 was IF) 1 walk 14 K’s

    He desevered better

  • Titan Power

    Give DV some credit they played great defense. Every defensive player made a sparkling play and offensively they put pressure on the MV defense which ultimately doomed MV.

  • HSbbguru

    EBAL anyone???? To funny. What we now know. 1. THERE WILL BE ONE BVAL TEAM IN THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! 2. They will be playing against and ebal team. 3. It will be DLS who is really from the BVAL 4. The BVAL IS THE STRONGEST LEAGUE with the exception of liberty. 5. Prep bbfan you have absolutely no clue what you are talking about! O’dowd has their ace? Just because you throw the ball 90mph doesn’t mean you can pitch! Like I said O’dowd didn’t play anyone and Cal exposed them tonight. By the way Cal lost all three BVAL games they played. NCS secret selection committee IN YOU FACE! 10th seed DV beats your number 2 ebal choice! I know it doesn’t matter and next year you will add the two teams from the ebal you left out WHY? Because DLS plays in their league! Okay Frankie your turn but please have a better rebuttal than prep imahomer and only like winners bbfan!

  • PrepBBFan

    just ignore trolls like HSbbguru.

  • prepbbfan

    Oh HSbbguru….

    First off…O’Dowd STILL has their ace as for whatever reason they chose to not use him. Secondly…ALLLL of your rants and still NOBODY knows what you are ranting about? WHO is it that should be in? Third…everyone seemed to agree that Deer Valley got hosed in the seedings. Fourth…Liberty made playoffs last year, and I believe year before. Id say over the last few years the weak links in BVAL have been Antioch and Pitt. Check your facts. Fifth…what NON Playoff BVAL team are you a coach/parent of? Sixth…I picked Freedom to win it (a BVAL team). Need I go on? I try to stick to the facts and make reasonable observations. Sorry we cant all be Peter Gammons like the all knowing “hsbbguru”. New poll…who is the guru a homer for? Im going with Antioch. Bitter that a 12-12 team didnt get any love over the almighty EBAL.

  • Michael Bower

    Bishop O’Dowd ace Eric Jaffe has had a hurt back since around spring break and hasn’t been able to throw. That is why he didn’t throw for the Dragons.

  • HSbbguru

    Preppybbfan you are a funny person. Your thought process is amusing. your pick of freedom winning the BVAL was obvious considering the talent they had coming back. Unfortunately for freedom their run ends on tuesday based on the fact that the DV coach is the best coach in the BVAL. As for me being a parent, you are right. I graduated from a BVAL school when it was a DVAl school it so happens to be the school you always seem to bring up in your posts. I have two children currently attending heritage and yes one is a baseball player. We are thankful for receiving the at large berth yes with a “12-12” record. I will be leaving shortly to visit wine country and hopefully watch the patriots continue their playoff run. I wish you and your remaining ebal teams success.

  • EBAL Fan

    Thats why Bishop O Dowd couldn’t finished the game against CAL.They can’t hang with any other teams out of there league, Arroyo’s the only team that can beat any other team out of the H.A.A.L unlike O dowd.

    Is there coverage from Concord today in the Arroyo/Clayton match up?

  • prepbbfan

    I picked Freedom to win NCS…not the BVAL.

  • Prep Fan

    I guess there was no Pick’Em for today’s semis. I’ll go with DLS, CV and Drake for tommorow’s games.

  • Any comments on league or playoff umpires?

  • The Umps need to communicate prior to the games as to base coverage. I’ve seen two games where three man crews failed to communicate and have lost track of base runners. Both were significant misses by these supposed “Best of the Best” Umps.

  • glad it nots just me….i have seen more mistakes than i can imagine!

  • freedom

    Man everyone doesn’t give the bval credit! But freedom is beastie! They should have been seeded number one! And dv is weak! Freedom swept them! No one is better than freedom for sure!