Tyner in as Richmond High football coach

Richmond High has hired Jeff Tyner to be its new head football coach, athletic director Darrin Zaragoza said on Wednesday.

Tyner is a Richmond police officer and serves as one of two student resource officers at Richmond High. That means he will be the first truly on-campus coach the Oilers have had since Dylan Shelley left in 2002. Tyner will be the sixth coach to head the Oilers since Tom Childs left in 2001 after four seasons at the helm.

Tyner replaces John Antonio, who chose not to return at the end of the 2008 season. Antonio coached the Oilers for two years and compiled an overall record of 2-18. Richmond won just one Alameda Contra Costa Athletic League game during that stretch.

Tyner takes over at what could be a good time, as crews are nearing completion on new stands and a new press box. The school got a new playing field and track last season.

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Ben Enos

  • WOW!

    Congrats To The New Coach In Getting The Job But The Question Is Will This Coach Win A Game? Richmond Has Been Down Since….FOREVER!


    Better question is will Richmond beat Kennedy.

  • Steve-O

    There’s really no reason why Richmond or Kennedy shouldn’t be able to compete. They’ll never be a DLS dynasty, but they have the talent to compete at the level of Alameda or El Cerrito, neither of whom are powerhouses. Look at the Eagles/Oilers schedules from the past 10 years. Randomly pick a game & odds are they lost by more than 40 points.

    That’s not luck of the draw. That’s neglect.

    Have an older cousin who tells me Kennedy used to be really strong in football during the ’80s. Why not? Because it’s Richmond? Was a time people thought sports were “the only way out of the ghetto”.

    That was romantic silliness. Very few HS players go pro. But even in a mediocre program, football shows young men a direct link between hard work & success. Not so with a perpetual loser. So best of luck to the new coach. There are kids depending on him.

  • #1baby

    I believe in this program I have a younger cousin that plays 4 them………… FACT IS they’re starting 2 look A LOT better since the change in coaching staff

  • rpfb

    Hey, anyone know the time and date of the Oilers pre- season scrimmage this year?

  • Your Trippin

    Thiz new coach is the same guy who last year waznt at practice most of the time. Hez nice but he sucks as a coach, I played for him!!!!!!

  • underrated

    well congrats on the new coach but results wont show for helllaaa long. as of now richmond cant compete with either alameda or el cerrito. if fact alameda just blew them out of the water 56-0 today. please give alameda a better rep jeezz