2009 East Bay Prep Athletes of the Year

So, it’s that time of year again. What was once known as the Times Top 100 has now expanded to include our entire East Bay coverage area. Thus, we ring in the completion of the 2008-09 season with the 2009 East Bay Prep Athletes of the Year list. Our prep staff from around the East Bay combined to pick the team. You get 110 now, and the remaining 20 will be added next week.

Here’s the link to this year’s list. The flash presentation is courtesy of Ray Saint Germain, and the list will hit the newspaper tomorrow. So, you blog followers get the first peek. Enjoy.

2009 East Bay Prep Athletes of the Year (updated 6/4)

Also, if you’d like to re-visit last year’s list, you can click here.

Ben Enos

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Let’s take personal opinions out of this and look at some facts.

    Total NCS titles this year (just team wise):

    EBAL 18
    DFAL 6
    BSAL 5
    HAAL 4
    DVAL 3
    MVAL 3
    DBAL 2
    BCL 1
    ACCAL 1

    The EBAL has as many combined titles as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th leagues combined — and those came at the most competitive levels.

    It would look foolish if a list like the top athletes one didn’t reflect what actually happened on the field.

  • HAAL Fan

    Fact of the matter is, these guys can’t make every single kid’s game. They cover sports based on a number of criteria. Games they think would be exciting and draw large crowds. Games with significance to playoff contention and league standing. Games fueled by rivalry. In short, they cover who they can. Sometimes that means missing your talented son’s or daughter’s breathtaking performance. With so few resources, these guys come out with the best possible information they can while under the deadline crunch. Any job involving prep sports requires a fervent passion, it is no less true for those covering it. Cut the guys some slack.

  • Statler & Waldorf

    The EBAL deserves the most nominations. The competition just within the league is tougher then any other league. Not saying that “the best” of any league can’t or doesn’t compete or even beat “the best” of the EBAL…but no other league is as strong as the EBAL from top to bottom.

  • James

    AHH, I GOTCHA NOW! If you can’t win NCS titles you aren’t good enough to be recognized as a top player. Thanks for clearing that up. Even though it’s easier to stand out when you have equally good players around you at other position on your team, the coaching and funding to boot. As for the kids who don’t have these luxuries yet still manage to put up big numbers and win some big games… You aren’t good enough to win the big one you scrubs.

  • BSALfan

    I wanted to say more Salesian and St. Mar’ys guys deserved to be on here, but after looking back every single athlete on this list is pretty freakin good at their sport. The EBAL got far and away the most, but there isn’t anyone on that list who isn’t deserving.

  • Guest

    I’m not saying the EBAL doesn’t deserve the most just not have everybody falling head over heals for them. Way to forget about Freedom baseball championship when counting all the league’s titles up there just like you guys put up a picture of Deer Valley celebrating when Freedom made one of the greatest playoff comebacks ever to win the game. We don’t ever get any respect.