Live Track and Field Blog: NCS Meet of Champions

We will be doing an old-school style live blog for track and field starting around 10:45 to 11 a.m. I will filter the results of the field events as they stroll in this morning and then I will do play-by-play as best as I possibly can for the running events, which begin at 1:30 p.m. Although, play-by-play of the 100-meter sprints might be a bit tough! Anyway, the most current update will be just below this post. As always, comment or ask questions below. If you want me to find out about how an athlete did, please put the name, school and event at the bottom and I will do my best to hunt it down.

Schedule for today’s finals:

10 a.m. – Girls Discus; 10:15 – Girls High Jump; 11:30 – Boys Long Jump; 12:45 p.m. – Boys Pole Vault; 2 – Girls Long Jump; 2:15 – Boys Shot Put; 1:30 – Boys 400 relay; 1:38 – Girls 400 relay; 1:47 – Boys 1600; 1:58 – Girls 1600; 2:10 – Boys 110 Hurdles; 2:17 – Girls 100 hurdles; 2:25 – Boys 400; 2:32 – Girls 400; 2:39 – Boys 100; 2:45 – Girls 100; 2:52 – Boys 800; 2:59 – Girls 800; 3:08 – Boys 300 hurdles; 3:15 – Girls 300 hurdles; 3:23 – Boys 200; 3:30 – Girls 200; 3:38 – Boys 3,200; 3:55 – Girls 3,200; 4:10 – Boys 1,600 relay; 4:20 – Girls 1,600 relay

Top four finishers in each event advance to CIF State Championships.


6:22: OK, back in the office. Girls 3,200 results: Lillig (California) 10:43.95, Mitchell (American) 10:51.15, Taylor (Casa Grande) 10:52.98, Devine (Marin Catholic) 10:53.29



4:14: Sorry about the delay. The results pages are smudged and very hard to read so I am going through those right now. Boys 3,200 results: Olson (Novato) 8:55.06; Lockert (Petaluma) 9:09.48; Landrum (Liberty) 9:10.90; Byers (Santa Rosa) 9:14.15. The 1,600 relay races are currently going and the girls long jump. After those are finished the NCS MOC will be over.

3:32: Next up is the Boys 3,200. I am going to go grab some results so sit tight.

3:26: Girls 200: Final results: Purvis (St. Elizabeth) 23.60 BREAKS MEET RECORD AND SETS FASTEST TIME IN THE STATE.. 23.62 was meet record set in 1994; Campbell (Pinole Valley) 24.74; Wilson (St. Mary’s) 24.93; Boyd (Moreau Catholic) 25.41.

3:24: Next up is the Girls 200. Of Course Ashton Purvis of St. Mary’s has the top qualifying time of 24.25.

3:22: Boys 200 final results: Atkinson (Granada) 21.92; Egu (De La Salle) 22.11; Fountain (Healdsburg) 22.40; Wheeler (De La Salle) 22.41.

3:14: girls 300 hurdles: Final results: Powell (James Logan) 43.39; Lawson (St. Mary’s) 44.29; Rodgers (Freedom) 44.57; Toler (Bishop O’Dowd) 44.65.

3:13: Up next is the girls 300 hurdles. Top qualifying time is 44.95 by Aimee Rodgers of Freedom.

3:07: Sorry no details here. Boys 300 hurdles: Final results: Johnson (Amador Valley) 38.63; Namnath (Terra Linda) 38.99; Arneson (Healdsburg) 39.24; Dyson (Amador Valley) 39.27.

3:03: Next up is the boys 300 hurdles. Top qualifying time was by Brandon Johnson of Amador Valley in 38.91 then Eric Arneson of Healdsburg (39.42) and Jeremy Thompson of Maria Carrillo (39.52).

2:58: Through 400 meters it is George out front, followed by Lia Rivers-Birt of BOD and Livingston of Redwood. With 200 meters to go it is George and then Rivers-Birt and Livingston all close. 130 meters to go and Rivers-Birt passes George and is pulling away. Here comes Livingston but Rivers-Birt holds on to win it followed by Livingston and then George. Final results: Rivers-Birt (Bishop O’Dowd) 2:14.49; Livingston (Redwood) 2:14.93;  (Livermore) 2:15.24; Hammitt (Monte Vista) 2:15.93.

2:56: Girls 800 is up next: Top qualifier is Diana George of Livermore in 2:15.78 then Emily Livingston of Redwood 2:15.89 and then Mikaela Hammitt of Monte Vista (2:16.17) Hammitt is only a freshman.

2:51: Boys 800: Through 400 it is Griffith and Litwiller in 55.4 across the line. Litwiller has taken the lead of about 5 meters with 200 meters to go. Can he hang on? Here comes griffith pulling about even with 100 to go! Litwiller fights back and is pulling away. Litwiller does it. He beats out Griffith. Nice race. Final results: Litwiller (Clayton Valley) 1:53.15; Griffith (San Ramon Valley) 1:54.02; Mead (University of San Francisco) 1:55.76; Vedovi (Miramonte) 1:55.76. That 1:53.15 would tie Litwiller for fifth-best in the state entering this week, according to dyestatcal.com

2:48: Next up is the boys 800. Top qualifier was Kevin Griffith of San Ramon Valley 1:55.55 then Weishen Mead of University of San Francisco in 1:56.34 and Mason Hartwell of James Logan 1:56.64 … Just heard the PA announcer say Purvis’ time in the 100 was the second-fastest in the nation. Not sure if that is accurate or not.

2:44: Girls 100: Purvis just explodes out of the blocks and dominates the field. Very impressive. Final results: Purvis (St. Elizabeth) 11.48; Wilson (St. Mary’s) 11.91; Campbell (Pinole Valley) 12.00; Boyd (Moreau Catholic) 12.30.

2:43: Next we have the girls 100. Of course we have to mention Ashton Purvis of St. Mary’s, who ran the best qualifying time of 11.48 and is one of the top sprinters in the nation.

2:38: Boys 100: Castro Valley’s Dash Oliver is down and hurt on the track after the finish line. You can tell something just didn’t look right with him right out of the blocks and he is hurting but now has walked off and seems OK. Final results: Atkinson (Granada) 10.70; Egu (De La Salle) 10.87; Combs (Deer Valley) 10.94; Wheeler (De La Salle) 10.98.

2:36: We have the boys 100 coming up. This should be a great race. George Atkinson of Granada enters with the top qualifying time of 10.69 followed by Dash Oliver of Castro Valley (10.70) then Ken Egu of De La Salle (10.72).

2:32: Girls 400: Going into final 100 it is Okodogbe by about 15 meters. She is easily going to win this. This could be a great time. Final results: Okodogbe (Deer Valley) 55.36; Woeffer (St. Mary’s) 58.04; Adesida (Alhambra) 58.04; Fox (Deer Valley) 58.34.

2:28: Next is the girls 400. Deer Valley’s Chizoba Okodogbe has best qualifying time (57.03). She is followed by Anne Woeffer of St. Mary’s (57.89) and Kai Wilson of College Prep (58.05). At-large qualifying time in this event is 56.24.

2:25: Boys 400: At-large berth time in this is 48.57 … Final 100 to go and it is Healy of Redwood in the lead and he hangs on for the win. Final results: Healy (Redwood) 47.98; Delfani (Las Lomas) 48.18; Roache (Tennyson) 49.35; J. Atkinson (Granada) 49.66

2:22: I am probably not going to go down and grab results unless people start asking for them because then I will miss blogging these live events. So unless you speak up and want something, I am staying right here for the live action.

2:19: The Boys 400 is up next. Jesse White of Pittsburg has the best time coming in with 49.41 followed by Sean Delfani of Las Lomas (49.43) and Alex Roache of Tennyson (49.50). Should be a great race. Slated to start at 2:25. 

2:15: Girls 100 hurdles: Davis easily gets the victory and in lane 5 it was Lauren Rose of Hercules hitting the third to last hurdle and falling down. She is being looked at by the trainers. She is sitting up and appears to be OK. Final results: Davis (Hercules) 14.16; Rodgers (Freedom) 14.86; Powell (James Logan) 14.96; Aldridge (Castro Valley) 15.60.

2:11: Next will be the girls 100 hurdles. Chalese Davis of Hercules comes in with the top qualifying time of 14.24. The at-large time here is 14.43. That 14.14 time by Jones is tied for third-best in the state entering this week, according to dyestatcal.com

2:08: Boys 110 hurdles: At-large CIF berth is time of 14.38…Chad Jones and Maurice Valentine Jr. went neck and neck all the way across the finish line but it was Jones edging out Valentine Jr. Final results: Jones (Bishop O’Dowd) 14.14; Valentine Jr. (Castro Valley) 14.18; Okwudiafor (St. Mary’s) 14.76; Walker III (Freedom) 15.08.

2:04: Boys 110 hurdles is up next. Chad Jones of Bishop O’Dowd comes in with the best qualifying time (14.33). Maurice Valentine Jr. of Castro Valley is next (14.49) then Kenneth Walker III of Freedom (14.84) and Ikem Okwudiafor of St. Mary’s (15.00).

1:58: Girls 1,600: And we are off. Through 400 metersthere is no clear-cut leader. We have a pack of about five out front as the first lap is about 1:12. George, Taylor and McCullough and then Dubose through 800 meters. George has about a 3-meter lead … George is trying to pull away in the third lap. She has opened about a 10-meter lead on Taylor, while we have a good battle going for third and fourth place with one lap to go. George is the defending champ … George will have to hold off Taylor. But here comes Taylor with 300 meters to go and she pulls ahead of George with 250 meters to go and is pulling away now. George is fading while Dubose is making a move to battle for second. Taylor will win it. Dubose and George in a battle for second and I think Dubose got it. We will see… Final results: Taylor (Casa Grande) 4:50.56; Dubose (BOD) 4:53.98; George (Livermore) 4:53.98; McCulloch (Marin Academy) 4:54.82.   That is not a typo. Dubose and George finish with same time.

1:52: Next up is the girls 1,600. Jacque Taylor of Casa Grande has the best qualifying time (4:58.68). Following her is Diana George of Livermore (5:01.56), Emily Shearer of Acalanes (5:02.20) and Damajeria Dubose of Bishop O’Dowd (5:02.37).

1:48: Boy 1,600: The race has started and we have gone 400 meters. Dan Milechman of Tamalpais leads. He is out to a quick start running the first lap in 64 seconds. Milechman, a sophomore, has opened quite a gap between him and the rest of the field. He has about a 20-meter lead through 800 meters.. He clocks in at 2:09 through two laps. The gap has closed, as the rest of the pack is right in it. Here comes Danny Thomas and now now we have a pack of about 6 in front with one lap to go! McLeod of Santa Rosa, Thomas of Arroyo and Zerehemananot of Hayward in front with 100 meters to go …. Thomas has made a surge down the final 100. He loves that kick and he clocks in first place of about 4:15 or so. Final results: Thomas (Arroyo) 4:16.08; McLeod (Santa Rosa) 4:18.13; Geiger (Campolindo) 4:20.23; Milecham (Tamalpais) 4:20.36.

1:39: Next we will have the boys 1,600. Danny Thomas of Arroyo ran the best qualifying time Friday (4:23.46). Follwing him was Campolindo’s Ross Geiger (4:24.28) and Castro VAlley’s Ben Eversole (4:25.05). This should be a good one.

1:35: Girls 400 relay: Wow what a finish in this one. Deer Valley’s anchor caught St. Mary’s anchor for the victory. Deer Valley was back about 5 meters going into the final straightaway. Final results: Deer Valley 47.34; St. Mary’s 47.35; Hercules 48.46; James Logan 48.72

1:30: Boys 400 relay: De La Salle crushes the field, finishing in 41.43 (sixth-best time in California) and Castro Valley’s Dash Oliver made up a lot of ground to move into fourth place in 42.20 and qualify for the state meet. Top four: DLS 41.43; Kennedy 41.76; Deer Valley 42.00; Castro Valley 42.20. Remember, top four advance to the CIF State Championships.

1:26: We are just about set for the boys 4×100 relay. De La Salle has qualified with the fastest time, running 41.82. DLS is ranked No. 6 in the state. Castro Valley, Freedom and Deer Valley could challenge for the title.

11:17: Doesn’t look like any of the field events are close to ending so I am going to checkout until I get some final results, which should be around the time the running finals begin at 1:30. See ya then!

10:58: OK, I am setup here at the top of Cal’s Edwards stadium. Right now the girls high jump, boys long jump and girls discus flights are taking place on the field. I won’t be able to give a play-by-play of this stuff, but I will get the results on here as soon as I get them.