Cal High baseball coach steps down

Brian Coburn informed the Cal High baseball team late last week that he will be stepping down as the varsity baseball coach. He had been with the program in some capacity for eight years, including the last four as the head coach.

He is a chemistry teacher at the school and said he is looking forward to do other things with his life.

Coburn also said assistant coach Dan Ward will apply for the job. Ward had previously served as the head coach at Las Lomas and won the NCS D-III title in 2003.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • When are all you people going to understand that nobodies going to do this sh*t for free. The coaches I know put up with way to much crap to get nothing for it. The only people that will put time in are Fathers of players lie little league.

  • junior

    yea that .25 per hour will really be missed

  • Here we go again. Its the principal lil guy, obviously. Obviously why all these coches in the district with no sprots budgets are quiting. I know, Junior I know, lil fella its all a coincidence. How many more coaches are going to quit from this district for you realize it.

  • As a coach, even though the stipends we receive are extremely small for the amount of time we put in, it does help. There are times I miss work because of coaching, and the stipend does help make up for the lost hours from my day job. I love coaching, and even though I feel like I do it for free sometimes, I wouldn’t do it for free!

    Hopefully Cal High finds a good replacement. They did make it to the semi’s this season in NCS.

  • junior

    so let me get this straight rotund roeper- these coaches are going to quit doing what they love for a few hundred dollars? they are going to leave their passion, their calling in life (to some extent) because they are going to get say, $500 to coach instead of say $1,000?

    you … are a nut.

  • Junior- thats why they’re all quiting right? You are a douche bag.

  • junior


  • Kyle Bonagura

    Guys- I’ve spoken with all the SRVUSD coaches who have stepped down this year. I can promise you with 100% certainty that the stipends being revoked had nothing to do with their decisions.

    It’s not like no coach in the district has ever decided to stop coaching before this year…

  • junior

    thank you for bringing sanity to this topic.

  • Grizz

    I think Almond Walker would make a great head coach at Cal.

  • Come on Bonagura nobodies gonna say they’re quiting because of the money. You guys are totally missing it. What this BB coach said about quiting totally says it all. Didn’t say he was burnt out, tired, sick of anything in particular, even satisfied that he accomplished what he wanted. He just said he was looking forward to doing other things with his life.

    This HOBBY of coaching Baseball was a job. He had a schedule probably a 10 month off-season practices he had to attend, kids he had to put up with, parents administartion ect… Most coaches I know mostly football & Basketball say the samething it being a job gets you through that. A lot of the rough days.

    Now you’re saying do it for free plus budgets sucks so you’re going to have to raise even more money. What paid coach likes that? Easy to move on if you’re a coach.

    Don’t know if this is his case but 8 out 10 coaches I know said not getting paid would make it real easy to walk away.

  • Just Info

    The SR school district reinstated the coaching stipends for the 2009-2010 school year.

  • Local Coach

    I can say with certainty that Coburn (and Kravitz) did not resign because of anything to do with the stipend situation. Turn the page Roeper. Please.

  • FBCoach5.0

    I can’t tell you what any other staff is motivated by but our staff is not in coaching for the money. Most of our staff is made up of ex D1 players who still have a passion and love for the game, we get our rewards by building solid teams that overcome adversity and test their potential. Personally I work my ass off December through July so I can be in position to make most of the practices and keep things together at home, IT IS TOUGH AND STRESSFUL!!! I can see where a coach can burn out and say that’s it, been there done that, time to move on. I’ll probably be there in 5 years.

  • Obviously my point is nul & void if they have reinstated the stiphends I hadn’t read that anywhere.

    FBcoach I understand that you don’t do it for the money I don’t think any coach can get throug the year thinking about a $1,000 or $2,000 check you get at the very end. But I haven’t heard of any staffs that give their check to the school district or turn their check over to booster club cause they don’t do it for the money. They keep it. Why? Cause they deserve it for all the time they put in.

  • junior

    my goodness Roeper- move on will ya?

  • Junior I’m obviously not talking to you I’m done with Jerk offs. Suck it hard.

  • Just Info

    Roeper I think you are being misinterpreted. We all agree that coaches are under-paid….but a stipend of 2-3 thousand dollars is better then nothing. What I think you fail to understand is that even if the districts cut the stipends, the schools would still find a way to pay the stipends. There was NEVER any discussion that coaches would NOT be paid (other than on these boards. at the school sites the coaches knew they would still get paid) – the difference was going to be that instead of the districts paying, would we receive the money from the parent donations.

    I hope you now understand.



    where do you coach at? love to see you at a camp somewhere. maybe a game line them up and hit baby. i got a funk drill that would send your squad home upset.


    where do you coach at? love to see your team at a camp too. maybe a game. then ya’ll could really overcome adversity. take your D1 coaches and shove it right up their gluts. stop acting soft and fight for the cause. thats all Roeper is doing. wake up and smell the coffee dont snort it.

  • junior

    hey Roeper… just found you a play buddy- give Murdoc a call and you guys can discuss how wrong you are … again.

  • SacFly

    I think the obvious replacement for Coburn would be the undeniable expert on every high school sport: “Mrs. Z”. Her assistant could be her sidekick “Mrs. K”. The Grizz would go undefeated next year and beyond.

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