Mark Kessler officially named football coach at SRV

By all accounts, the SRV job came down to two in-house candidates in Kessler and JV coach Aaron Becker. Kessler was notified on Friday that he was the new coach it was officially released to the public today.


Here is the press release released this morning:

San Ramon Valley High School, Home of Champions, is pleased to announce the selection of Mark Kessler as the Wolves Head Football Coach/Program Coordinator. Mark has served as Assistant Varsity Coach for the past four years.

Mark has been in education for 16 years and is currently teaching Health and PE at San Ramon Valley. He has 17 years of coaching experience including Head Football Coach at both Las Lomas High School and Benicia High School; he was also the Quarterback and Running Back Coach at Solano College. Mark brings a wealth of football experience, a passion for the game, a creative mind, and a strong desire to work with our San Ramon Valley High School community.

Please join us in congratulating Mark Kessler as he accepts his new position.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • KillerD

    Much congratulations to Coach Mark Kessler on becoming the new football coach at San Ramon. Well done and much deserved after a respectable coaching career to date.

    Less than 90 days from the official start of the 2009 football season, here is my predicted order of finish for the EBAL teams.

    1. De La Salle, unbeaten streak in Nor Cal continues. Questions arise about the Spartan ranks, but if their dominance at the Line marches on, nobody will beat them from NCS in the regular season.

    2. Monte Vista, Wily Coach Bergman will outfox the young Bellici this year, and San Ramon Valley’s talent pool is shallower this year, so the Mustangs benefit from the old addage – “timing is everything.” Bergman will gladly take the spoils all the way to the victory bank and an excellent seeding in the playoffs.

    3. Foothill, Senior QB Mannion will throw darts and bombs at and over the dizzying array of EBAL defensive schemes put before him, and lead the upstart Falcons to greater things, including upsets of Cal and San Ramon.

    4. Cal High, Bellici’s team will be 3 – 0 out of the starting blocks, having defeated their overrated non-league opponents. But the true test of Cal’s self-proclaimed great depth and incredible talent will begin when EBAL play begins. Their physical prowess will help them defeat Livermore, Granada, Amador and San Ramon. But Foothill, DLS and Monte Vista have battle-tested coaches, and Bellici will get his first lesson in pin point planning.
    “We should’ve won that game!” will be heard echoing in the Grizzily Den locker room three times this year.

    5. Granada, Coach Silva has been patiently building a rough defense and powerful rushing attack on the fringe of the Livermore wine country. With twin brothers Atkinson creating speedy mayhem on the gridiron, they might blow some teams out and raise some early eyebrows.
    *Granada might upset Cal high, and vault into Fourth place in the final EBAL standings.

    6. San Ramon, Kessler knows how to coach and game plan, but in the Quizinart league of the bloodthirsty EBAL, virtually every team is suspect to defeat with one major injury or if a team is too young or has an “off” night. Wolves are down a bit and in the 2nd half of the season, it will become apparent to all who witness the drop off in 2009.

    7. Amador, the mighty have fallen way, way down, and that massive Jumbo Tron in the end zone has not had many highlights to show for the past couple of years. Where do the Purple and Gold go from here on the offensive side of the ball? Stay with the Fly, or change to option, veer, the west coast or fun and gun?

    8. Livermore, the Cowboys have no bullets in their six-shooters, but why? The once-storied program that used to pound foes into submission has become the “breather” game for EBAL opponents. Everybody plays their scrubs in the 4th quarter against the Cowboys, and it will continue this year too.

  • KillerD

    Oh BTW, I was 1st comment. and 2nd too, i guess..

  • CoachKessFan

    Killer D,

    I just read your speculation in the Kravitz resigning blog and you and the other monday morning quarterbacks are completely wrong with every prediction, please stop doing predictions because you are horrible at them. Everyone in the last blog stating Kessler is not as decorated of a coach as other coaches are idiots, the whole spread offense and coming of light the last 5 years to the program was because of Kess. Kessler is now picking up where he left off, the offense that has been as explosive as it has been has been because of him. Best coach interviewed and soon to be one of the ELITE head coaches in the East bay, spoken from a former player of his.

  • Never knew he was an on campus teacher with Head Coaching experience. Pretty obvious choice. Good luck to him. Anybody know if he plans on keeping the whole staff intact & run the exact same offense & defense?

  • Eric Lund

    Congrats to Kessler on his newest endeviour. I played with him in College and he is a very good football player and coach. San Ramon made the corect choice. Good luck to coach Kessler and San Ramon……….

  • Prep Fan

    That is the exact order of the EBAL this season, except SRV and Granada have traded places. Not exactly going out on a limb now. Foothill beat both Cal and SRV this season and they have Mannion back (and Sweeney), so they should be favored over both of those teams that have new coaches getting up to speed.

  • KillerD

    Going out on a limb is not the objective of predictions…accuracy is.

  • Knows Nothing


    Killer D, we will see what kind of decision SRV made with Kessler. Concord and your main man Hamilton are playing the Wolves this year, I think the Minutemen will get stomped regardless…but what IF they win???

  • Fullback

    I think KillerD is an EBAL guy. I don’t buy his Concord story. He knows too much about the EBAL. Who is the real KillerD?

  • GoldenGlory

    Concord football is not to be dissed!

    We are revved up for 2009 and will give san ramon everything we have!

    Concord football is not dead.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I actually think Amador will be pretty good this year.

    It will be year 2 of the modified fly and they’ve got a lot of talent coming back.

    AV could very easily have beaten Cal and Foothill last year.

  • Bonagura, saw Amador this weekend at Passing Tourney impressive MLB but Campolindo was kicking their ass with their back up QB. Don’t think they’re ready to make a move in the EBAL. Campo looks like its ready to win their league again they had some big guys. Alameda High looks like their ready to turn the corner they embarrassed Berkeley only ran what looked like 3 plays & Berkeley couldn’t stop it. B-High should be poised to make their move this year with Galvin coming back but won’t get passed any good D-1 schools of they can’t defend the pass. It is just passing league though. Concord had a full squad there good news that all the kids aren’t jumping ship with the budget problems. I heard one of their coaches say they need some bill to pass to have a football team.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Where was that tourney at?

    Also, would be interesting to know who was playing QB for Amador because both their guys also are baseball players that didn’t practice football in the spring.

    I wouldn’t expect a big move from AV, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up in the No. 5 spot behind DLS, MV, Foothill and Cal.

    I’d say there are four tiers right now for next year:


    MV, Foothill, Cal

    AV, SRV, Granada


  • Laney. Amador should be able to take advantage of stablility at the top having not gone through a coaching change. Their QB was not important they are what they are a running team. It was the passes they weren’t defending that was the problem. You ain’t getting no where in the EBAL if you can’t defend the pass. SRV, MV, Foothill & DLS(who always has a stud WR) will eat you alive.

    Never know how Cal & SRV are going to react to things being different & they will be different regardless of how much bloggers believe these guys are trying ot keep things the same. Different voice. Different guys calling the shots. I’m lookng for Granada to take 5th maybbeee 4th in this league with those Atkinson boys coming back in that run oriented offense.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Amador was trying to get away from being a running team this year. With Keck under center they have a shot at more success through the air, but with Stancil they kinda just snap it to him and let him run for his life.

    Perkin, you know I was a fan of what Granada was doing last year, but G.Atkinson is still a little bit of an unknown. Most of the tough yardage they got on the ground last year came from Schoenagel (spelling?) so it will be interesting to see how George steps up when the bulk of the carries come his way.

  • KillerD

    Sadly, kids have and will continue to jump ship from the Six high schools without official sports funding.

    Sad, sad, sad,,,,,,,,,

  • MoellerMan

    The first passing league day of the season was at Foothill on 5/30. I think there were 8 teams there. Of the games that I saw, Monte Vista and Foothill looked sharp, Cal and Granada looked okay, Amador did not look good, and Dublin and Dougherty Valley looked like JV teams.
    Stancil was the quarterback for Amador and it looked like more of the same – play action, rolling out, not finding a receiver, running. Does not fit into a passing league format.
    Nottingham and Mannion both looked sharp. But of course, there was no pass rush.

  • Lancers

    Today’s paper mentioned that Kessler would be changing the offense to allow the team to adapt to its players. Does anyone know what offense he will be using?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    He’s going to try an include more of a running game as well and mentioned “west coast and multiple sets” when I talked to him yesterday.

  • What is SRV losing with Kravitz gone? Was he QB coach offensive coordinator or just Head Coach? The most impressive thing to me about SRV was their QB & their offense. If there’s new guys coaching those positions this could be a totally different team. I hope that somebody was learning under him so there won’t be much of a drop off like there will be at Cal with all new guys that didn’t even Coach under Sanchez.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    He was definitely the o-coordinator.

  • i-have-connections

    1. Kessler was the best pick available IMO, either him or Wallace.
    2. I think Amadors gonna be good, higher than 7. I say DLS, MV, Foothill, Cal High, Amador, SRV, Granada, Livermore (SRV and Granada interchangable)
    3. Our offense is gonna be more run based, considering our Oline is gonna be one of our strengths and have a few good RBs, FBs.
    4. I have heard we’re gonna play Concord and West Tracy, but who’s the third team? (if anyone knows, thanks!)

  • Kyle Bonagura

    SRV is also playing Oakland High.

  • i-have-connections

    Oh, I thought that was gonna be our scrimmage. Either them or Oakland Tech..

  • SRV if you don’t run a 4.6 or better in the Forty forget about Oakland High it’s a Wrap!!!!

  • NorCalSportsFan

    From what I have seen over the last few years, OAL teams haven’t faired well against EBAL or other strong leagues teams (WCAL, TCAL in CCS) of late due to lack of defensive discipline. While stacked with athletes, the offenses seem to be the focus with defense highly lacking. I will be surprised if SRV doesn’t win by 7-14.

    Even though SRV may not be ranked in the top three in EBAL, they should still be a formidable team with great discipline. The only OAL teams I recall that seemed to play defense were the Beam Skyline teams and some of the Carter McClymonds teams played defense, but they were stacked with D1A linebackers and DBs. Maybe Carlmont a couple years ago also but again they had great talent. There are a few Oakland High kids with decent speed (4.6-4.7) from what I have seen, and maybe a good lineman so they will have some decent athletes. However, they will need to play very discipline to defeat SRV. Granada (livermore) has two players faster than anyone on Oakland (the Atkinson twins) and not sure Granda will place better than 5-7 in EBAL this season.

  • i-have-connections

    We got a few guys under 4.6, not many but still a few.
    For most all EBAL teams (even Livermore … sometimes) out of league games are nice, but not much of a challenge. Only team we faced from OAL last year was a scrimmage against Castlemont and we scraped them. I’m hoping Oakland and or Oakland Tech will be more of a game than CMont was. Also we played a tough San Leandro, and beat team twice last year, and they were pretty damn fast.
    Oh, and to combat Oakland’s one good Olineman, we got one that’s 6’2-6’3; gonna be about 270-280; runs a 4.7; benches and cleans 300 and squats 550. And he’s only gonna be a junior.