Battle of the Best Showdown

I’ll try to post a few videos today. Here’s one from the girls one-on-one showdown with Carondelet’s Erica Payne winning the title against Montclair Prep’s Chantel Dooley.

Sounds like there’s not going to be a boys three-point contest, one-on-one showdown or the dunk contest. There’s been some shortage of players here today and we’re running behind with some stuff. As you can see, Payne won the one-on-one showdown. St. Ignatius’ Elise O’Connor won the 3-point contest. The Bay girls beat Sac 76-49 and the Bay boys beat Sac 109-103.

Here is some VERY amateur video of the North vs. South girls game, won 85-55 by the North.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • E_Culb

    So Jimmy what’s the real deal scoop with the event how was it?

  • gjyu

    hey is there anyone we can watch the videos online? or can you upload the girls game?

  • It was OK. Not as many big names as we would’ve liked and not having the boys three point, one-on-one and especially the slam dunk contest definitely was disappointing. Hopefully it can keep rolling and more SoCal folks can come up next year.

  • e_CULB

    How was the girls game?

  • Tierra Rogers looked awesome (no surprise) and so did Danielle Mauldin. The North won by 30.

  • Giyu,
    I did take a little amateur video of the girls game (I couldn’t for the boys since I had to focus on writing my story on deadline). I’ll try to get it posted by the end of the day.

  • E_Culb

    Who played for the south boys and girls?

  • For the South girls, there was

    G Brianna Barfield (Lynwood) 5-8 Sr.
    F Sweets Underwood (Centennial) 6-1 Sr.
    G Melissa Zorning (Santa Margarita) 5-9 Jr.
    G Kaitlyn Peterson (Mission Viejo) 5-8 Sr.
    G Chantel Dooley (Montclair Prep HS) 5-8
    G Ericka Norman (Chino Hills HS) 5-7 Jr.
    F Darshae Burnside
    G Ariana Elegado (La Jolla Country Day) 5-5 Jr.

    The boys had:

    F Damiene Cain (Harvard-Westlake School) 6-7 So.
    G Roberto Nelson (Santa Barbara) 6-4 Sr. – Oregon State
    F Wesley Saunders (Windward) 6-6 So.
    G Derek Brown (Chino Hills HS) 6-1 Jr. (Got injured early)
    F Alex Tiffin (Thousand Oaks) 6-7 Jr.
    Dominique Dunning (Centennial) 6-3 So.

    Greg Brown III of Skyline also played for the South since their were shorthanded.

  • Sam

    The south did a terrible job at getting players. Don’t know who put this together but they for sure dropped the ball.

  • Prep Fan

    I know it is very difficult to organize an event such as this, but they shouldn’t put out a list of players until they have confirmed who will be playing. It seems like many of the best players either blew it off or never even considered coming.