Oakland’s Damante Horton commits to Wash State

UPDATED: Here’s my story for tomorrow’s paper.

By Jimmy Durkin
Oakland High football player Damante Horton can enter his senior season with a free and clear mind.
The talented playmaker gave his oral commitment to Washington State on Monday and will join the Cougars in the fall of 2010.
“I think it helps set him up for a great senior year,” Oakland coach Desmond Gumbs said. “He knows he’s going up to play Division I football in the Pac-10.”
Horton had more than a dozen offers and decided on a school that, according to Gumbs, had Horton listed as their top choice to play defensive back.
“(Washington State) is very excited about him playing DB,” Gumbs said. “He was No. 1 on their board. He’s a great find for them.”
Horton had a breakout junior season for Oakland, which went 8-3 and earned a share of the Oakland Athletic League’s regular-season title with a 4-1 league mark. That came just a year removed from an 0-10 overall record.
“I’m glad we were able to turn (the program) around,” Horton said. “Since I’ve been getting scholarship offers, everybody else has been trying to get scholarships, too. It feels real good to be part of something like that.”
In 11 games, he caught a league-leading 39 passes for 570 yards and also had 60 carries for 578 yards. Defensively, he was a shutdown corner with game-breaking ability, returning two interceptions for touchdowns.


Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • The truth

    I hate wen people get on here, and say s***, and don’t know what they are saying EX(eastbay coach) I am not a fan of the oal, but if You acually WATCHED some of the games, the scores don’t reallt resmble. The games. So you ofically go down as a JOKE. In my book, BUT, you do make a lot of great points, its just that your using stats, and you never acually seen some of these games, which gives you no creditablity. I bet athelete for athlete, every single team in the oal, is better then your team. Once the coaching cathces up, their no longer push overs,

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    2 MV
    3 .Foothill
    4 .San Ramon
    5 Cal
    6 Amador

  • dnrapp

    Groundskepper, If OAL fan meant the Mack loss to Arroyo instead on SL, how can he call a 33-12 loss a close loss?

  • Okay maybe it wasn’t so close… Well you can’t judge what league is better than the other.. Just keep an eye out for the OAL this year.


    The OAL plays anybody who makes the call. Cant say that about a lot of NCS teams. And a lot of these NCS teams wont go into Oakland. Say what you want but
    Willie Stargell, Rickey Henderson, Jimmy Rollins, Curt Muton, Marshawn Lynch, etc. Oakland Baby.

  • Please don’t for get Bill Russell, Frank Robinson, and Brian Shaw. OAL Baby!

  • How can I forget CURT FLOOD!

  • Bill Russell, Frank Robinson = MACK

  • HAAL Player

    jimmy rollins played in alameda

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  • Reggie Hammond

    Rollins played for the Oakland Dynamites (QB)

  • HAAL Player

    Ok, but he succeeded as a baseball player, not football.

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  • HAAL Player

    nawww, just tired of OAL gettin hyped up year in year out, and yet they still dont join NCS and play with everyone else.

  • i am certainly not doubting the talent that OAL has, i just hate that whenever anyone brings up any players or teams outside of OAL there’s bound to be numerous negative blogs. I just wanna see what’s goin on with all the football. My kid doesn’t play football, so it’s nice to get feedback on games, players etc.

  • Reggie Hammond

    HAAL player,

    your right they should join ncs

  • Al Davis is taking over the OAL.Hes the new comissioner.

  • It all starts this week. Watch out for MACK!