Wade back in at Miramonte

With last week’s prep banquet taking up a lot of my time, I never got a chance to put this up. John Wade has resumed his role as head football coach at Miramonte. He’s been back for a couple weeks, but I know not everyone had heard the news. Here’s what will be in tomorrow’s paper.

By Ben Enos
Staff writer

John Wade is back in as the head football coach at Miramonte, athletic director Vince Dell’Aquila said on Monday.

Wade cited family reasons when he resigned on May 11 after seven years as Miramonte’s head coach. He had planned to join the staff at Chabot College as an assistant but, according to Dell’Aquila, had second thoughts and decided to return to Miramonte.

“After a few weeks or so, he started wondering if it was truly going to be the best situation, being at a junior college because they play on Saturdays and meet on Sundays,” Dell’Aquila said. “On the Friday before he left for vacation, he said ‘you know, I’m kind of thinking about coming back.’”

Dell’Aquila said that Wade met with the team on May 27 to tell them that he’d be coming back. Wade’s decision came on the heels of the death of sophomore Joe Loudon, a multi-sport athlete who died after collapsing at a party on May 23.

“Our football player, Joe Loudon, passed away that Sunday and (Wade) called me and we talked about that and he said ‘now for sure I’m really leaning toward coming back and being with the kids,’” Dell’Aquila said. “When he got back, he said ‘I’m definitely coming back.’”

Dell’Aquila said that the school had posted the opening for a head football coach and had already begun the interview process. But when Wade, who was still planning on keeping his teaching job at Miramonte, expressed an interest in returning, the school’s administration didn’t hesitate to offer him the job.




Ben Enos

  • I hope the parents in the community are with Wade because I hear they’re real quick to put pressure on administration to get rid of coaches. Didn’t those parents get rid of one of their basketball coaches who was like 19-10?

    I think Wade does a good job but I hope the kids still have faith in him.

  • Prep Fan

    That was the year after they pressured the administration to part ways with the previous coach who won the league title 7 years in a row.

  • KillerD

    Wade is a great coach, good for the Miramonte program and kids that he has returned triumphant.