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Iowa HS football coach shot

By Ben Enos
Wednesday, June 24th, 2009 at 11:17 am in East Bay Football.

Sad story out of Iowa today. Ed Thomas, a high school football coach in Iowa, was shot to death today inside the school’s weight room by a former player. According to the story on, 24-year old Mark Becker was identified as the gunman. No kids were hurt, according to district superintendent Jon Thompson.

You can read the story on here.

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    Terrible. What the hell could possess a kid to do that? A football coach. What the f*ck! Is football really that serious back there? My heart goes out to the guy.

  • bbfan2

    If this guy was in fact a former student and that was his coach, that was quite a while ago. Nobody is safe anywhere anymore. I feel bad for the players that were actually in the weight room when it happened. Can you imagine that?


    Football is extremely serious in the MidWest but I would never think it would go to that extent

  • bbfan2

    Just read another story and it said that apparently the former student was in a mental facility about a week ago for another incident and that prior to being released from the facility, the police were to be notified but they weren’t. Now this has happened. Very sad.