High school football All-Star Game rosters

I’ll be headed out to Los Medanos this weekend to take in the Contra Costa-Alameda County All-Star football game, so I wanted to whet your collective appetite by giving you the link to the rosters.

Game time is set for 6 p.m. at LMC on Saturday.┬áSo, here’s my big question… Who ya got?

Ben Enos

  • descampmedia@tmo.blackberry.net

    SOUTH SIDE Chant is goin to be heard and repeated around the stadium!!!

  • Old meddling former coach

    You looked good in practice Des,Where were you last practice?

  • guy

    what will it cost to get into the game?

  • descampmedia@tmo.blackberry.net

    Thank You,dentist,ill be thr the rest of the days

  • the real ashawndaus woods #1

    South side all day!!

    Imagine the team we’re gonna have next year the north won’t be ready

  • doesn’t cherod simpson go to odowd? that should be a really great game.

  • Olivia

    I heard the game was on Thursday, the 16 and Saturday. Which one is it for sure?

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    Alameda County ALL DAY!

  • Chris

    How come there no MV love on that roster?

  • Chris


  • cover2

    Contra Costa will prevail !! Should be fun to watch some of these Athletes on both sides

  • guru-black

    i hope cherod simpson doesnt wear that stupid neck roll! wat db wears that?

  • Reggie Hammond

    Chero’d Simpson neckroll is extremely strange looking. Its funny, the only thing big on his body is his hair cut. What good DB wears a neck roll. Simpson don’t even fill out his Under Armour.


    That may be why Chris Martin left BOD. He didn’t want to wear neck rolls and shinny black in the sun.


    Just saw Adonis Smith. He runs harder than Mario Brown. Brown maybe a little (and I mean a little) more shifty. Does anybody know who’s faster.

  • descampmedia@tmo.blackberry.net

    South Side got sum hitters!!!!…and leave my bruh Che’rod alone thts his style but he didn’t have tht roll on during practices so he may not wear it but South Side gon win…Make sure all everybody cum c the game because the South DeFense is bout to shut CC down flat out!!!

  • guru-black

    he’s probably 2 embarassed 2 wear it! his style sucks then cuz that roll looks like sh1t!

  • descampmedia@tmo.blackberry.net


  • guru-black

    south better be hittin! i’m ridin wit u guys but can’t root 4 no bod chump who always get blown out in ncs!

  • descampmedia@tmo.blackberry.net

    u silly…..He startin tho him and the DB Cooper from BOD

  • guru-black

    who r the other 2 db’s start’n?

  • descampmedia@tmo.blackberry.net

    My bad Encinal Corner…..Piedmont Corner then simpson at safety and the other saftey is Cordion Kennedy from Fremont….The Starting backers at MLB Mestre from Logan,a dude from O High…Mafi from SLZ….The DT’s r myself n Either Hayward’s Quinn Perry or a 6’5 300-plus pounder from Cal and The DE’s r E.Niutoa from Hayward and Owen Kintz from Berkeley

  • descampmedia@tmo.blackberry.net

    Tht is the First Team code name Black Squad


    Kennedy is good. Who starting on offense but be hella lineman from Berkeley.

  • Reggie Hammond

    Cooper, Dominique, Piedmonts Corner are hella nice. I don’t know about Simpson. Who will be the starting QB

  • KillerD

    A treat to see the old battle between the neighboring counties resume.

    Special Teams and Defense normally ride victorious in All Star games.


    Alameda 27

    Contra 17

  • Reggie Hammond

    Alameda – 20
    CC – 6

  • descampmedia@tmo.blackberry.net

    South Starting QB is likely Travis Gardner and the OLine is a Mix only one linemen is from Berkeley

  • cover2

    CC 21 – Alameda 7

    I agree that Defense wins and Contra Costa has some very good players on Defense , Emeka Williams (Pitt) – Kevin Oconnell (DLS) and Joey Levine (Clayton) at LB together is a pretty good group

  • Hayward

    Ben, are you going to be posting live results tonight?

  • Ben Enos

    Hayward, I’m not currently planning on it. If I get a minute during halftime, I’ll try but I’d wager there’ll be several people in the stands who could toss up some score updates as comments here. But, like I said, I’ll try to get you something at halftime.

  • aa

    is this televised game or not ?

  • Ben Enos

    Aa, no it’s not.

  • HAAL Fan

    How much will tickets cost to get into the game?

  • Ben Enos

    General admission is $10. Students/seniors are $5.

  • billjohnson

    leroy green will be the mvp!

  • HAAL Player

    is this game televised?

  • accalfan

    why isnt diante jackson playing?

  • fan

    any score yet? who’s standing out?

  • accalfan

    so who won?

  • the truth


  • Prep Fan

    How come Leroy Green and the 3 others from Cal High played for the Alameda team rather than Contra Costa?

  • descampmedia@tmo.blackberry.net

    all I kno is south side did it!!!!!! Series Record 1-0 South Side…..Shout to all the South Squad teammates from Berkeley,Fremont,O High,Piedmont,Castle,Foothill,Dublin,st liz,logan,encinal,cal and all my bruhs from the Haal….

  • BigGreen

    beacuse they are from the alameda county not contra costa!!!!!

  • Prep Fan

    BigGreen, Cal High is in San Ramon, which is in Contra Costa County. Half the teams in the EBAL are from Alameda County – Foothill, Amador Valley, Livermore and Granada, but Cal is in Contra Costa County, along with the 2 Danville schools MV & SRV, and of course DLS. It just seems weird that Leroy Green is scoring a TD to help defeat his own county’s team.

  • San Ramon is in Alameda County


    all the high schools in dublin, pleasanton, and livermore are alameda county. all the high schools in san ramon, danville and concord are contra costa county. so in the EBAL, the northern teams DLS, MV, SRV, CAL are coco county, and the southern teams Foothill, AV, Granada, and Livermore are alameda county.

    oal i understand the small misconception like berkeley being contra costa county because its next to richmond.

    accal, ebal are just 2 2-county leagues i can think of.
    the pal in san mateo county is 2-county league as well? but they’re ccs