Alameda County wins All-Star game

Hey everyone. Sorry for not updating at halftime. The Alameda County All-Star football team won tonight’s game at Los Medanos College, beating Contra Costa 13-0. Castlemont’s Aaron Horne scored on a 47-yard touchdown pass by San Leandro’s Travis Gardner and California’s LeRoy Green scored on a 4-yard run. If memory serves, Horne was named the offensive MVP and Bishop O’Dowd’s Kevin Cooper was named the defensive MVP. Here’s the box, and you can read all about it in tomorrow’s paper.

A/CC All-Star Game

Alameda 13, Contra Costa 0

Alameda 7 0 6 0— 13

Contra Costa 0 0 0 0— 0

A — Horne 47 pass from Gardner (Garcia kick)

A — Green 4 run (kick failed)


Rushing: A — Owens 7-34, Jackai 7-32, Green 6-15, Teague 5-15, Gardner 4-3, Horne 1-3, Ferrell 1-1, Tomerlin 1-0, Carmona 2-(-12). Totals 34-91. CC — Shrader 7-20, Danska 5-18, Iwuagwu 2-10, Ching 3-9, Spare 2-3, Rodriguez 4-1, Palega 1-0, Adan 1-(-8). Totals 25-53.

Passing: A — Gardner 1-3-0 47, Carmona 1-3-0 1. Totals 2-6-0 48. CC — Rodriguez 11-21-2 132, Danska 1-4-0 4. Totals 12-25-2 136.

Receiving: A — Horne 1-47, Mooring 1-1. CC — Dongallo 3-55, Adan 3-21, Runner 2-33, Hines 2-15, Dewberry 1-8, Ching 1-4.

Fumbles/lost: Alameda 0/0, Contra Costa 4/1.

Ben Enos

  • N/A

    Aaron Horne(Castlemont)- Offensive player of the game
    Kevin Cooper(Bishop O’Dowd- Defensive player of the game
    Clarence White(Berkeley)- MVP of the game

  • the truth

    The boys on that side of the hill just honeslty don’t got it

  • ManDown

    Those boys over there didnt want none!

  • KillerD

    Good job Alameda with the win.

    What was the total official attendance at the game?

  • guy

    first things first, great numbers at the game, i was shocked both stands were nearly full

    Congrats to Alameda county, i still dont think they are better talent wise, they won they get the credit, but it easily could have been and probably should have been 14-13 Contra costa. The contra costa Offensive coordinator was a joke. He is also the OC from Clayton Valley. Kept trying to pound the ball when they had no success doing it all game. Completely wasted a scoring chance before halftime because of bad play calling. Contra costa had more total yards by far but oculdnt get it in not because of the kids but because of the coach.

    Also, i thought it was the Contra costa county all stars, not the clayton valley eagles plus some all stars. They had about 9 kids on the field. A few of them deserved it but some of these kids didnt deserve to be in the game. Werent even 1st team in the DVAL but they make the contra costa team???!!

    Also i couldnt figure out why in the second half the OC had Danska, a veer QB come out in the gun 4 wide and try throwing it down the field. Danska would admit he isnt a thrower…

    Lets hope a new staff takes over the contra costa team next year so we can get the Win. Congrats Alameda county, cant wait to see the game next year


    Not better talent wise? You’re crazy

  • Old meddling former coach

    Come on Guy! The better team won. get over it.

  • FalconsBaby

    I don’t think you can say the CCC team had better players because it’s an all star game and both teams are good. You are right that the game could have easily been 14-13 but the fact is CCC missed their chances to score. On Saturday night the better more fired up team was Alameda and they won. To bad because I wanted CCC.


    ^^^^ Exactly.

  • Prep Fan

    How come Leroy Green and the 3 others from Cal High of San Ramon played for the Alameda team rather than Contra Costa?

  • John

    “Guy says” is 100% correct about the OC from the North, he was a joke and yes was main reason the game wasnt more competitive but also way the game was BORING.
    The stands in the first half was laughing at North OC because you could hear him call plays from the booth, when the North got inside the 5 yard line he tried to run on 1st down with no time outs and about 30 seconds left and got lucky he the runner got out of bounds so he tries to run again on 2nd down & runner stuffed and ofcourse didnt have a another played called so QB had to spike the ball no its 4th down

    The North had a very good passing QB (Claytons QB last year)but not sure why he only played defense ?

    I heard that Cal High was included in the South Squad to make things more even in the eyes of the event planners

  • Coach Green

    Congrats Coach Carter that was a good game and the same to the Alameda ballers…it was very obvious that the speed and hitting of the alameda boys made the difference…you can say what you want but the major colleges want speed and athletes or they want keep their jobs for long…you have to compete with Texas and Florida…the Contra Costa guys look like stiff mechanical robots or “program guys” good at their prospective schools but out of place with Div.1 type athletes on the field!!


    I was wondering how The AC/CC game can expand. Nino Woomp, Nye, Big Emanuel did a good job. Cant beat $1 T-shirts.

  • CaliBall

    Coming off the heels of this AC/CC County All-Star Game I like to pose a question because this subject was brought up on a couple of occasions on this blog … Is Damonte Horton a better more explosive player than Aaron Horne ?? I’ve seen both play and I believe it’s not that close at all. Mr Horne was only held down by the fact that they had a decent running game and a dominate defense. If Castlemont had better QB play Horne’s numbers would have been Barry Bonds (73HRS) like compared to the rest of the OAL. This is not to say Damonte isn’t a good player because he is an exceptional talent. A better comparison from a production standpoint might be Xavier Milton at Encinal or Ricky Marvray at Corona Centennial in Southern California.

  • dnrapp

    Remember it was north/south not AC/CC. that was why the Cal players were on the south.

  • the truth

    Leroy green is overrated, seen him play a couple of times, its not like alameda county needed those rich stiff boys from san ramon to win. And CALIball I respect what your saying and here you on that point.

  • thee truth

    remember this kid is going as a corner, not a WR. So Horn being more explosive on O isnt exactly a justified argument. Also there is more than on the field that goes in to it. Does horn have the grades and test scores to get into a Pac -10 school?

  • the truth

    Come on man that’s my name. Are you serious?

  • Creme de la creme

    One more thing about Damonte Horton WSU wanted him as a WR also not just at corner and he turned down ASU and sill has his senior year to put up bigger numbers from his Jr year….Last I was told Horn has grades and test scores but was just late with them.

  • E2P

    This season is going to be very interesting.

  • Prep Fan

    I sure see a lot of references to “Alameda County wins All-Star game”, Alameda, Contra Costa and AC/CC for it to be just a North/South game. Green scored one of the 2 only TDs in the game. If Alameda didn’t need the Cal High guys, why not just let them play for CC?

  • Jackai21

    First people said we couldnt keep up with the north because they had Pitt & De La, now you’re complaining that we had Cal High players. I dont know what type of players you guys were in highschool, but you’re worrying about too many politics. This year the South/Alameda County All Stars and Coaches got the better or the North/Contra Costa. No excuses. Scoreboard doesn’t lie.

  • FalconsBaby

    I’ll put my two sense in now that I have some comments to reply to. Levine played only defense because he had shoulder surgery and couldn’t throw. To say that the North’s offense was slowed down by D 1 athletes on defenses is just bias because only one person on the entire South team is going D 1 and he is grayshirting. Plus the South gave up more yards and couldn’t stop the pass unless the QB for the North made bad throws. Once the North line tightened up they were moving the ball through the air. As for Horn, he is a very good player from what I saw to bad he isn’t going anywhere.


    Don’t sit there and act like d-1 only relies on talent. Most of the Alameda Kids aren’t going D-1 because of classes , grades, or not the right advertisement by their coaches or themselves. To correct you on only one person from the alameda county team is going d-1, one of the linebackers and two of db’s are also going D-1.

  • FalconsBaby

    I can only go off what the program says but that goes to show you can’t only have it in one area. High School is very easy and it you’re not getting a 2.5 or higher than thats kind of sad. CCC had the best reciever in the game (MaxPreps 1st team all state) but his grades were terrible so he’s off to Delta(would have been D-1). Also there quarterback would have been too if not for a lack of height. Same with Emeka Williams (MLB) but schools were retarted and read to much into heigth because he’s a beast.

  • dnrapp

    I will add my 2 cents worth. The south dominated the 1st half. The only real drive by the north was the one at the end of the half that ended in a nice play by the DB from piedmont. But of everybody knew that the Freedom QB was going to throw the lob to the Freedom WR on the play that was stopped by the flag from the 2 and the next play from the 7.

    the south could have been in position for 2-3 more Td’s if they would have fallen on a couple of fumbles by the North in plus territory and they would have had another TD if the South WR Simpson would have turned the right way and caught the pass by his SL QB teammate. the South’s off was plain, I heard they never had all their WR’s at practice at anytime, so of course they ran the ball most of the time.

  • descampmedia@tmo.blackberry.net

    dnrapp…..most we had in one day was 3 and the rest came Thursday

  • the truth

    Don’t forget the Db for the alameda team should have gone D1 too, not the kid from bishop o dowd or piedmont, the one from encinal, and yes the alameda team didn’t need a 4 yard td from a boy from cal high, their were a bunch of talented running backs, and whose crying about wanting them on the team? You can have them it wouldn’t make a diffrence, speed kills. Coach carter didn’t honeslty know what he was doing, he didn’t give really all the players a chance to get off, I honeslty don’t think he knows his xs and OS and a lot of his players have told me so, he’s been getting by with talent for years.

  • CaliBall

    To: FalconsBaby –

    I’m assuming you are talking about Roman Runner being the best player on the field (#1-MaxPreps), well if he was the best player on the field he sure didn’t look like it. Is it quite possible that he put up those numbers this past season because he was playing against inferior athletes ?? He had what; 2 catches in the game. If he was that good you’d think they would find a way to get him the ball. No knock on Runner because he did have a monster season and deserves everything he has coming but I also remember the University of Hawaii’s receivers putting up big numbers; until the came across the University of Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. Now I’m not saying the South’s DB’s are like them Georgia Dawgs but maybe those South DB’s are a little faster and more athletic than the ones Freedom normally face during the season.

    Oh; and by-the-way another receiver in that game Aaron Horne had damn near 100yds in punt returns, a 90yd punt return for a touchdown called back, and a 47yd touchdown pass. He wasn’t rated by MaxPreps but he was Cream of the Crop, All East Bay at DB and All Metro Bay Area at WR.

    This wasn’t a beauty contest. The South won the game and the score was only indicative of Coach Carter’s style of tough aggressive defense and close to the vest offense.

  • John

    to CaliBall:

    I would not take what happined in this game as how good of athlete the player is, both offensive’s where very vanilla, honesty I was very impressed with R. Runner, he got off the press very easy and was open quiet a bit, he had a few blocks on DB’s that where very impressive.

    The North side definently was at a disadvantage with its O-Coordinator , he has been run out of a few programs over the years from the talk at the game

    I was immpressed with various players from both sides and believe many will get to D1 level via the JC route

    Congrats to the South as they made less mistakes and took advantages of there opportunity’s

  • CaliBall

    To John:

    While I agree that both offenses were pretty vanilla how come R. Runner didn’t catch more passes if he was so open? He definitely had more opportunites because the North was more agressive through the air than the South. Releasing from the line of scrimmage and getting good blocks are nice, definite signs of a smart polished receiver . R. Runner for sure will play at the next level (probably as a possesion receiver) but level of competition and level of athletes has to account for something. Before the year started Diante Jackson from Las Lomas and CJ Porter from Concord were the big D-1 names being talked about. I didn’t get a chance to see D. Jackson play but I did see CJ Porter play against Castlemont, and much like R. Runner Saturday when faced with better athletes at the DB position CJ Porter was “NOT” the best player on the field although he had came into the game with much fanfare. But in that same game Aaron Horne did tremendous damage. That said even Aaron Horne’s numbers went down dramatically when he faced OAL level athletes but pretty much was a monster in the non-league games. I know it’s only one game but sometimes when making assessments one must group together single similar occurances to create a profile and the commonality in the the production of the three receivers I referenced is when they faced more faster more skilled DB’s their numbers dropped off.

    In closing I know we all like are respective regions and root for our local high school heroes but at least be honest in our assessments when making comparisons. R. Runner may have been the highest rated player on the field but not the best. Not the game I saw anyway. That LB King (Berkeley), the FS Kennedy (Fremont), the DB from O’Dowd (his name escapes me) and Horne all looked like better players in that game to me.

  • John

    Thats the Fun of a game like this, somebody like myself that lives in Contra costa doesnt get a chance to see kids from Alameda and I enjoyed that.

    How many passes a WR catches is not what a College coach looks at but his projectability at the next level as in all positions, you are correct that CJ porter was was talked a lot about but another WR from his own League Nick Cole (Clayton) got a D1 to Oregon who i think only had 32 receptions in 13 games but definently is a D1 player.

    Im not sure Runner was the highest rated player on the field but thought he looked good along with the 3 starting LB’s from the North who when in together the south had 3 and outs (Williams, Levine and Oconell)

    I was impressed by the hitting of the Safety from the South and Horne but was a bit disapointed by LB King when he missed the open field tackle on the Option QB from the North who made him look silly as he got juked about as bad as one can.

  • CaliBall

    To John:

    Fair analysis. You made some good points and I respect your assessment, much props to you Bro.

    I follow high school football nationally through personal contacts, television, the print media and different recruiting services, and after living in Southern California the past 20 years or so I’ve seen my fair share of dominate athletes. And one of the things that chaps my azz is when the media and certain individuals overrate players beyond their skill set and ability. And being a Bay Area kid it hurts my heart that more “Big Time” D-1 football players aren’t coming out of the Bay yet smaller metro areas across the country (many of which have the same problems plaguing the Bay)continue to produce “Big Time” D-1 talent. The Bay Area is the 4th largest metropolis in the country yet the number of Bay Area football players playing “BIG BOY FOOTBALL” is proportionately lacking. In my estimation there is a shortage of DJ Williams, Maurice Jones-Drew’s, Tom Brady’s and Marshawn Lynch’s coming out of the Bay so that’s why I’m real skeptical when individuals hype players to be better than what they really are and then when the lights come on they under-perform. And when we do this it stains a region’s credibility and believe me it affects recruiting. To further illustrate this I’ll pose a question ….

    In the last 10 years; name me 3 skill position players who prepped in East Contra Costa county that didn’t play quarterback, “NOT” named Maurice Jones-Drew, that “DID NOT” live or play at Pittsburg High, “NOR” get bussed in from Oakland, Berkeley or Vallejo, that then went on to play and “EXCEL” at an “ELITE” D-1 school ?????

    There are four cites that’s producing the most NFL players (majority from “ELITE” colleges). They are Miami, Houston, Dallas, San Diego, all smaller metro areas than the Bay Area so if one doesn’t come up with any answers one must ask himself; WHY ???

  • DE

    Did we miss your article regarding the All Star game?

  • the truth

    Caliball, honeslty, I am a person that always queastons everything and, kind of bias, but dam, my man u always bring out GREAT points!!

  • insider

    the reason R Runner didnt get as many catches is because one of the other WRs who brought in the play would flip the play call so he was the primary receiver

    Kid didnt even deserve to be in the game either

  • CaliBall


    Did the coach tell you that because I sure didn’t read that in the papers or online ?? Or you really must be an “INSIDER” and you have “OFF THE RECORD” information??. Come on guy; give the DB’s some credit.

  • joepa

    how about jahvid best…he went to salesian high school and is the cal runningback and a pre season hesiman candidate.

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    CaliBall… add to your list Steve Johnson(Chabot, Kentucky, Buffalo Bills), Frank Summers(Skyline, Laney, UNLV, Steelers), Dennis Dixon, Marcus Maxwell, Demetrius Williams, Drew Olson, Josh Johnson, Jarrad Page, Kirk Morrison, Jermaine McGhee(San Lorenzo, Chabot, Bills), Langston Walker, Lorenzo Alexander, Rob Jordan, Davone Bess, Gerris Wilkinson, Roy Williams, Marvel Smith, etc… Those are just the ones in the NFL that I can think of off the top of my head… That doesn’t even include college guys or pro guys I can’t think of… The Bay produces ATHLETES Sir! Don’t get it twisted!

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    “In the last 10 years; name me 3 skill position players who prepped in East Contra Costa county that didn’t play quarterback, “NOT” named Maurice Jones-Drew, that “DID NOT” live or play at Pittsburg High, “NOR” get bussed in from Oakland, Berkeley or Vallejo, that then went on to play and “EXCEL” at an “ELITE” D-1 school ?????”

    You just eliminated everybody!!!! If your point is that East Contra Costa doesn’t breed skill players… Well DUH, I don’t think anyone will argue with that… But that is like saying 2+2=4 or the sky is blue… Everyone knows that already. I guess next you’ll ask us to name a boys All-American athlete from Carondolet! Way to go out on a limb.


    Horne 3.2 gpa 980 sat just picked it up to late !!


  • KristianColeman

    I thought this was about Damante Horton, isn’t he the best skill guy in the OAL?

  • BigGreen

    Oh I see B Jonson and has had alot to say since I’ve been off the last few days,well it’s all good bro!

  • BigGreen

    Sorry Wrong blog!

  • XTower


    I can think of one for sure, Brent Casteel.
    But what are you considering East CCC? That’s like 4 schools (Antioch, DV, Freedom, Liberty), since you eliminated Pitt, and I think 3 of them are less than 10 years old.
    And what’s “skill-position?” RB, WR and DB? Can you narrow your specifications any further? Jeez …

    Listen to Kenny. He knows the deal. The Bay Area churns plenty of athletes.
    And by the way, the Southland (LA area) produces waaaaay more than San Diego.

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    XTower… He’ll say that Utah isnt an “ELITE” program. LOL

  • Kenny Edwards OAL FANATIC

    Oh wait, I forgot… LaMont Thompson, Burl Toler, The Osaisai kid from Stanford that went to Pinole Valley, Courtney Anderson, Gabe Franklin, Marviel Underwood, Matt Guttierez… I’ll keep listing as they come to my head. 🙂

  • FalconsBaby

    I’m not here to knock Horn because for seeing him the first time live I was very impressed. He was the best player on the field at least offensively and that punt return was a great play because pepople had angles and he just out ran them. But please don’t knock Roman, the quarterback was trying to spread the ball around and many of the routes were run where it was easier to get other people the ball. Roman would have dominated if the QB looked at him constantly but its an all star game and the catches were very even.

  • FalconsBaby

    That thing the insider said about recievers switching plays is preposterous. All were there to have fun not in it for all the personal stats

  • accalfan

    is it just me or am i hearing some players that graduated from el cerrito h.s.?