2009 Football Schedules

I am sure most of you know where to look for the 2009 football schedules, but if there are any rookies out there then click here and you will find most of them.


  • billjohnson

    if o’dowd’s the favorite to win in the haal then damn the league is really gonna suck. it’s bad to begin with but when bod is top dog wats that say? bod will probably go 7-3 or 8-2 lose to the 1st good team the play in ncs playoffs! all they got is mario brown they can’t pass! unbelieveable if san leandro or hayward can’t beat that sucka peronon.

  • KilledD here we go again. Marin Catholic is retutrning everybody from last year except Dumont they will win their league & be in the finals for D-III. Well has gone dry at Novato after a hell of a run they’re losing everybody. You serious about Freedom? Can’t see Pittsburg not winning that league but we’ll see. I’m riding with SL in the HAAL. BOD lost their 2nd best player. I’m liking Fremont or O-high in the OAL Castlemont 3rd (can’t believe their coach ranked them there terrible Barnes & putting all his hope in a RB that didn’t even have the courage to play High School Football in High School WEAK!). Fremont won’t go undefeated they will lose one or two games in the OAL if they can’t complete a pass. I thought Castlemont would get them but not with what their coach says & they handled O-High last year. Fremont just hope for their sakes that their one loss doesn’t come in the Silver Bowl.

    B-High should do it with out much resistance in the ACCAL. Never know with Pinole nobody knows what they’re up to they should be a strong number 2. KillerD what happened at your school you still having football?


    “52” My hopes is not on a RB it is on my O-Line, and my starting RB will not be anyone from a pop warner team I have someone to run behind my O-LINE.
    And like I said players is not the problem GRADES if my academic program work then we will be alright. Remm we all gain players when grades come out !!

    P.S: Don’t count us out “We can coach”


  • Coach JB: I like your attitude good luck to you. Humble. I know you must have a cocky swagger to you or you’d never succeed in the OAL. McFadden was in High school last year & played Pop Warner naming him as the top back in a league like the OAL is a bit much not matter how raw your O-Line is.

    MVAL: Logan doesn’t look like much. I now nothing about Newark but if they’re anything close to the talent they had in 2007 it maybe their year.

    BSAL: Encinal I guess. But I’m still hearing nice things about St. Pats that Offense is a tough. They may lose to El Cerrito. EC have a couple QBs & a couple of returning RBs they could be pretty tough may hand Encinal a week 1 loss.

    WCAL: Not Serra they lost a lot & know it. They scheduled down. I like Valley Christian to do it. Bellarmine lost that stud back & QB.

    DFAL: Not Campolindo. Saw them. Other then that QB they’re rebuilding. Miramonte is still in turmoil I saw them at a couple of Passing Leagues they can’t even throw & thats whats they do. Las Lomas. returning QB & stability to win it.

  • James

    ACCAL – Berkeley
    BVAL – Pitt
    BSAL – Encinal
    DFAL – Las Lomas
    DVAL – Ygnacio Valley
    MCAL – Novato
    EBAL – De La Salle
    MVAL – Washington
    HAAL – San Leandro

  • PHS04

    Pitt is kind of in a rebuilding stage. They only return 4 starters off that 11-2 team last year. I still doubt The lose more than 2 games this season

  • ManDown

    Like I said Encinal CANNOT handle Serra. Trust me on that. That squad lost to De La Salle by 1 point last year. I dont know what you guys are on here thinking but Encinal isnt that good. They will have struggles this year. i saw them in action and I wasnt impressed. That isnt anything close to the same squad they had last year but they have a few of guys that might carry them. But Good Luck!

  • richmondeagle

    Richmond and JFK Richmond will be far better than last year, watch out for both teams. They have more speed than any team in the east bay.


  • Old meddling former coach

    ManDown,If we lose,we lose but will go down fighting. Haters only make us stornger. I believe in our kids at Encinal and i know that they will always give us 110% So If we indeed prove you and the other haters wrong,Please give us our due. No one has won or loss until the game is played. Jet Pride!

  • ManDown

    Richmond and JFK have long ways to go so I highly doubt that anyone would be afriad of them this year. No one from either school should be talking untill they prove it. Those programs have been down since FOREVER. Old Meddling it sounds like you have a little doubt in your head too “if we lose we will go down fighting” right. All you guys will be fighting for is to not get blown out. I’m not hating I’m just being real with the situation and Encinal is not on the same level as Serra. E-13 S-35!

  • Old meddling former coach

    ManDown,The only thing certain in life is death. But i have much faith in my guys and i’m sure that my guys will be the victors. No i have no doubt but the contest must be played on the field and not in the blogs. Do tell me how you come upon all this High school football wisdom and information you seem to have. Lastly,When just about the whole world thought Marin Catholic and then Novato would blow us out, It didn’t happen! So lets let the kids play huh? Jet Pride!

  • cash flow

    HAAL will not be strong Defensively with losses of Chris Martin (Transfered),Mafi(Laney),Allifua(Utah St.),Camper(Malone),Kendig(Laney) and many others…

    Only Bright spots are the Battle Between Roberson and Brown and dont count Casto Valley out the league either they have sum talent coming back…

    1.San Leandro(8-2)- Losses to Bell Prep and Val Christ. wont effect SL journey to a 3 Consecutive HAAL ‘ship

    2.Bishop O’Dowd(9-1)-May run the table but wont beat SL

    3.Castro Valley(6-4)- Will get hammered by Coach Carter’s B-High Jackets and may lose opener to Newark and will lose to San Leandro but might take BOD to the end.

    4.Tennyson(7-3)-Will start off 3-0 but meet BOD in week 4..Must get over the hump after BOD and win games..Terry Smith finally gets t-high in NCS.

    5.Hayward(4-6)-Patrone Woods is gonna run all over the Farmers along with Brown,Roberson and Ner from Tennyson

    6.Mt.Eden(2-8)-Tough Non-League Schedule will break the spirit of the Monarchs

    7.San Lorenzo(2-8)-Not too much to look forward to this just Fukufuka at DLine may win DL of Year

    8.Arroyo(0-10)-May lose every game this year NO TALENT

  • ManDown

    Ive seen Serra and Ive seen Encinal this year. Trust me Serra has a good strong team this year and after seeing Encinal I just dont think they can match up with them. Encinal’s team this year is okay but I dont even like them to run through that league again. They will have some trouble with the other teams in the BSAL.

  • ManDown where did you see Encinal at?

  • ManDown

    I saw them in passing league games and I saw them scrimmage against Oakland High. I also seen Serra at the Marin camp against Oakland High.

  • Man O-High must have handled them I bet Horton was running all over them. Who do you see beating them in the BSAL?

  • ManDown

    I think they will do well in the BSAL because there isnt much comp. in that league but I do think they will struggle against St. Pats, Piedmont, and St. Marys. Not saying they will lose but those teams are going to give Encinal a run for there money. But I do like there chances to win league.

  • Old meddling former coach

    Mandown,I was taping the O-high scrimmage at Encinal and we handled them no Problem. All i can say is I hope to see you at Encinal on 9-18 so my guys can prove you wrong.


    i agree with cash flow. i think san leandro will take the haal championship again. odowd always have too much hype but cant back it up.

    in the ebal i think its going to be a good run between montevista and de la salle, its going to be a good game

  • junior

    MV will not hang w/ DLS. MV lost the entire o-line and DLS will be all over nottingham with a very strong d-line.

    MV will not be able to stop the DLS run game- DLS by 17.

    for the second year, Cal will be the team to come closest to DLS in the EBAL this year.

  • Creme de la creme

    “Mandown,I was taping the O-high scrimmage at Encinal and we handled them no Problem” Lol are you serious what was you taping??? Both teams got good work in but handled? Sorry…And just to let you know that was not even the whole team…Yes Mr.Horton was doing what he do on both sides of the ball.

  • Old meddling former coach

    Well maybe handled is a bit strong but our guys matched up well. Horton did look good but he didn’t blow us away. For that,i say excuse me but mandown got me rollin’.

  • Creme de la creme

    Its cool I know how it can be…But your Wr and RB are nice… To go along with some other skills and the line..

    Serra looked young but as always very well coached..And Adonis Smith is a true game breaker.

  • Old meddling former coach

    Yeah,Our best ILB was hurt,One OT and TE wern’t there that day. But we got Serra on 9-18 and i’m lookin’ for mandown to be in the house when we win. I Coached JV line back in 86′ at O-High when Dan Hagan was the head coach so being my first coaching job,I got love for O-high. Or as we said back in the day,O-high players!

  • ManDown

    Encinal didnt look bad against Oakland high but they didnt look impressive either. They did ok and I think they could do well this year but my opinion I think that team cant beat Serra. The chances in them winning are slim to none.

  • the truth

    Its funny how manup, or mandown whatever you are, you joke is back. I would want EVERY one to look at comments 20 -30 or something like that, I gave him a big knock about how he doesn’t know his football cause he aint been to no scrimage. Now he is talking like he has been to all hahahaha, your a funny guy. You have no respect on here, serra, will be a Great team. Adonis smith, a speedster, encinal, will be Loaded, but maybe lost too much, but are contenders and no push overs, and el cerrito, may just win leaugue. One of the most under looked teams this summer, “I acually seen them”(mandown) and there looking FAST. All teams should make a lot of noise

  • ManDown

    My friend “The Truth” what are you talking about? I dont know football or have been to a scrimmage? Right. Hahaha hey thats cool if you want to believe that. All I know is what I saw and I just give my opinion. Encinal isnt a bad team they just wont beat Serra and they will struggle this year against some teams. You can hate me if you want but I love it! But if you read your post again it sounds like you are saying the same thing as me. Hmm. So ” The Truth” what are you really saying?

  • Old meddling former coach

    Mandown,This is a free forum in a free country but how can you know what the outcome of a game will be before it is played. How long have you been coaching and at what level? Are you the prep Version of Jimmy The greek? Now will you be at the Serra game against Encinal or not? Win or lose i’d like to hear what you have to say live. But more so,what will you say WHEN the Jets win.

  • ManDown

    If Encinal wins I will give them the respect that they would deserve but old meddling you are right the game hasnt been played and anything can happen. Encinal wont beat Serra but IF they do it would be big for that program and team.

  • accalfan

    “the truth “.i agree with your prediction that el cerrito just might win league…they have a lot of fast athletes on that team and there are alot of returning players from last years varsity team.

  • Creme de la creme

    Yea el cerrito has nice athletes..and returners…

    Looks like we are going to have nice games to watch this football season…League to league.

  • ManO’War

    Who’s right on Granada (Junior or Perkin)? Guaranteed, nobody wants to kick off to Atkinson (!), “overrated” or not – did somebody miss the track season?

  • the truth

    Okay mandown your right about that. About how we sound the same, very true, and granada in anyother leaugue would either be competeting for a leaugue title or dominate. But in ebal, not so much.

  • Creme de la creme your the D coordinator with the Hat Backwards right? If I’m wrong my bad. You couldn’t even call our Camp a scrimmage its more like a day of practice. Whether we ran you or you ran us means nothing cuz its just about getting better. I don’t want to get anything going the wrong way because neither team’s QBs went down once & I thought that was great because thats how the camp is designed. They got in our ass at times with that Gap 8 & we got in there’s which is cool cuz that probably means your working out with the right teams.

    Its not like when Mt. Diablo went against Castlemont & the 2nd day they spent 2 hours practicing all their plays LOL. We don’t scout just show up & play. I ask each coach the day of the first camp what defense they run & I tell them mine then just go against it. Last year it was back & forth with us & Castlemont for 3 days. When your going through it you’re pissed as a coach cuz you want to shine but looking back to last year it was some great foot ball between the Silver Bowl champs & the NCS champs.

    Each team we had camp with this year gave us a great 2 days O-High, Fremont, & Castlemont & either we suck or those teams are pretty damn good PERIOD. They will finish top 3 in the OAL this year & I can’t wait to see them play.

    (we had Livermore last year they couldn’t compete but their coach told one of my Homies that they would beat us if we played in a game.LOL The also didn’t want to come back this year. Instead they went to a camp at St. Mary’s College for $300 a kid to camp with Moreau Catholic, Liberty, Tracy 6 wins total last year. Then come to the Nail & Camp with the OAL)




  • ncs predictions
    berkeley goes undefeated
    dls loses to out of state teams
    amador suprises in ebal
    cal high falls below srv in ebal
    pittsburg undefeated in league with loses to b-high, MV, granite bay
    san leandro loses to o’dowd
    logan beats washington

    #1 DLS EBAL champs

    #2 Berkeley ACCAL champs
    10-0 (6-0)

    #3 Foothill 2nd Ebal

    #4 MV 3rd Ebal

    #5 Pittsburg BVAL champs

    #6 Logan MVAL champs

    #7 Amador Valley 4th Ebal

    #8 Heritage 2nd Bval

    #9 SRV 5th Ebal
    6-4 (3-4)

    #10 Cal 6th Ebal

    #11 Washington 2nd Mval

    #12 SL 2nd Haal

    can’t find where SL missing a game. only has 9 games listed. assuming 10th game doesnt matter if it isnt against playoff oppent. because of losses to SJ schools Valley Christian and Bellarmine and in league to D-3 O’Dowd it stays here.

    why they were seeded:
    DLS is DLS, even with loses to non-state teams
    Berkeley is undefeated
    Foothill only loses to DLS
    MV only loses to Foothill and DLS
    Pitt only loses to B-high and MV
    Logan only loses to Foothill and MV
    Amador only loses to DLS, Foothill, and MV
    Heritage only loses to MV and Pitt
    Washington only loses to Cal and Logan
    but SRV(only ebal losses) beats Cal(Del Oro and league losses)

    1st Round
    #1-#4 get byes
    #5 pitt beats #12th SL
    these 3 could all be one way or the other, but it doesnt matter anyway for the second round. for fun i’ll take all upsets(impossibly unlikely)
    #6 logan vs #11 washington again
    #7 amador vs #10 cal high again
    #8 heritage vs #9 san ramon

    2nd Round
    #1 dls vs #9 sr, de la salle sends srv home sore
    #2 b-high vs #10 cal high, b-high whoops cal high
    #3 foothill vs #11 washington, foothill destroys washington
    #4 monte vista @ #5 pitt, pitt(league champs host!!!)gets it done versus mv and avenges regular season loss

    #1 dls vs #5pitt, first non blow out for dls, pitt loses by 2 td’s
    #2 b-high vs #3foothill, best match of playoffs, each lighting up the scoreboard. in the end the b-high run game outlasts foothill’s pass attack

    dls repeats as ncs championship. berkeley gets its first championship appearance, and does better since facing dls in ncs 07, but gets shut out 30+ points similar to cal high’s first championship appearance in 07

    now serving.

  • fan

    people are counting hayward out of the HAAL but they always have good athletes. so you cant count them out.

  • ccoosby

    Castro valley wins no more than 4 games at best probably three Wow they looked good in the summer wait until they have to block someone and stop someone from running 7 on 7 passing does not tell the story!!!

  • i highly disagree with cash flow.. yes san leandro will win haal and bod coming in 2nd.. but castro valley in third no.. yes they can throw the ball good but they are not that good. and tennyson at 7-3 you gotta be serious!! they will come in in last place.. with arroyo at 3rd hayward in 4th , castro valley in 5th.. mt. eden in 6th, slz at 7th