30 Questions To Kickoff: 2009

Hello to all the high school football fans across the East Bay:

By our count, this coming Tuesday will signal the 30-day mark before 2009 Prep Football season will begin in earnest across the East Bay. (That will be Sept. 4, for anybody who was unsure). Thus, it will be time to begin our Prep Corner countdown feature that we’ve termed 30 Questions to Kickoff.

Each day, beginning Tuesday, we’ll take a prep football-related question and attempt to provide answers (or at least make an effort to ramble intelligently). Last year, Ben Enos and myself brainstormed all 30 questions. This year, we’ll do our part, but we’d also like to open the floor to our readers.

So if you have a burning question about a player, team or league as it translates to the 2009 season, send it our way. You can ask it in a comment here, or send Ben or myself an email. (cbryson@bayareanewsgroup.com; benos@bayaeranewsgroup.com).

If you don’t have a question yet, maybe you will as the month of August progesses. In the meantime, drop in Tuesday as we kick off the official countdown with Question No. 1.

Chace Bryson

  • dvalfan

    how about some more DVAL coverage!

    usually all the times covers is Pitt, DLS, and the rest of the EBAL.

    the DVAL can play too. I would love to see a breakdown on the league,so much to write about , a lot of talent in the league

    CV- lost a ton but has some talent coming back, can they repeat their dream season last year

    CP-lost shrader and danska, how will they be this year

    Con- Lose Porter and Pica but have 2 very good QBs coming back? is this their year?

    YV- New Coach, New O, Same Patrone? We will see

    MD- Md looks like they might be close to turning things around, is this their breakthrough year?

    NG- Can NG turn around a poor performance in 2008? The Qb Barney can throw the ball, he is someone to watch

  • #1baby

    HEY, what about some details on the A.C.C.A.L.

    I hear teams like Richmond High are going to be BIG shockers

  • Matt Rempel

    Since the merging of all the prep sports depts, what kind of space will be devoted to prep football each Sat. morning? I think this has the potential to be a real highlight of the week for the ANG paper if done well. Your thoughts?

  • answers

    i just had an idea to really expand sports coverage

    with the expanision of twitter, what about the times getting coaches from teams to “tweet” during pre, and post game, and heck maybe even during the game. And all the fans can view the results live on the cctimes website

  • Xs and O

    You’ve got to be kidding.


    dumb answer Answer

  • PHS04

    Im a Pirate alum, but i’ve got to know, Pittsburg has 4 returning starters for next season. does their history and D1 talent make them favorites to win the league again? Who may be the sleeper team in league? (BVAL)

  • ManO’War

    Should they raise the ticket prices when PAC-10 D1 Nottingham (UCLA) hosts D1 Mannion (Oregon State) for what could be a more interesting EBAL game than any with DLS?

  • HAAL Player

    how bout a preview of the HAAL? O’dowd is once again being favored to win league, dont count out SL, Hayward, and CV.

  • Grid Iron Man

    San Leandro will win the HAAL…O Dowd Second of coarse..

    HAAL Player: your right dont count out Hayward, But CV wont do much. Mt. Eden is not a sleeper. Tennyson and SLZ dont have much.