30 Questions to Kickoff begins Wednesday

Well, it’s that time again. Tomorrow, we’ll officially kick off our preseason look at the storylines and characters that are getting ready for the 2009 high school football season here in the East Bay. We’ve gotten several good question ideas from readers and we’re going to answer as many as we can (thanks to everyone who chimed in). We’ll also tackle a few broader issues and hone in on some teams we think are going to be interesting to watch this season.

We’ll have a question and answer up every day from now until the day before the season starts, Sept. 3. That includes weekends, so be sure to check us out every day for something new. We’ll also be enlisting the help of some of our colleagues, so keep an eye out for guest appearances as well.

In other news, we’ve started a Two Geeks page on Twitter. We’re planning to expand our videos for Year Three, hopefully reaching out to more teams than ever. You can check out http://twitter.com/two_geeks for updated video links, news, etc. (although, there’s nothing there yet).

See you tomorrow for question No. 1.

Ben Enos