Salesian’s Tagaloa gets offer

Never seen Salesian lineman Freddie Tagaloa play football? You’re not the only one. He’s only a sophomore and, according to ESPN.com’s Greg Biggins, Tagaloa just picked up an offer from Cal even before playing a snap of varsity football. Tagaloa is also being recruited as a basketball player (at 6-foot-8, 290 pounds, he’s hard to miss on the hardwood). Check out Biggins’ article on Tagaloa on ESPN.com’s recruiting blog.

Ben Enos

  • ManDown

    Wow! Thats good for the kid. I hope he and his team have a good year.

  • Congratulations Freddie. i’m proud of you. Alot of people probably don’t realize you are also a student athlete. Keep working hard in the class room.

  • the truth

    This just proves to me football is a beauty contest. This kid hasn’t played a snap of varisty football and has a scholorship? Wow!, congrats on him. I am not tryna hate, but whatever happening it to proving it on the field? EX. Maurice drew jones. Tedford. Is a moron. He even gave his sorry a** son a scholorship? Who couldn’t even start on half these high school teams

  • it could be his sheer size or the fact that he has good grades.some schools are lookin to invest in the student athlete that they know is gettin it done in the classroom.somebody has seen him on the field and musta checked out his transcripts

  • ManDown

    Im sorry but why would you offer a scolarship to a guy that has NOT taken ONE snap of varsity football? I’m happy for the kid and I hope he lives up to the hype and have a great 4 years of high school football. My thing is that either he just dominated every snap on JV and put up unheard of numbers or Cal took one look at him and fell in love with his size and said “We have to sign this guy”. Either way its a gamble because he hasnt even produced on a varsity level yet and he may not be that good. Just because your big dont mean that you are good. Trust me.

  • e_CULB

    The kid is HUGE and he must have shown enough at the camp against other varsity players to make them pull the trigger. And Tedford gave his son a scholarship? Why would he waste one and his kid can go to the school for free? His father is a school employee?

  • the truth

    i completely agree with mandown. but e culb. my bad, not a scholorship, but he put his son on the team. when i know, theirs more deserving kids out their in the area, that realy wanted to be on the team

  • E_CULB

    Yeah but he’s like a walk-on, Rudy type have you seen him play? Is he a least decent?

  • Don’t want to sound negative at all I think this is really great for the kid by getting offered by Cal he’s gonna be a Blue Chip recruit. They gave the kid a verbal offer does that mean that in 3 years he’s gonna definitely have a scholarship waiting for him? I hope but no. It means that Cal has serious interest & want him. On the flip side if this kids agreed to go to Cal is that going to stop other schools from recruiting him no. A lot of schools will want him more which is good.

    In my OPINION if a school offers a kid he shouldn’t have to worry about playing football anymore cause he has a scholarship waiting for him. Is this the case no. In my experience with recruiting Jon Brown was offered a scholarship from Colorado Spring 2008. Dan Hawkins wrote out a letter & saying they had a scholarship for Jon worth $230,000 we put it on the wall & everything. The season came around Jon’s waiting for his visit Colorado wouldn’t even call the kid back. He just got left a message saying they don’t have scholarship for him. Dude never even called & said we need an answer now. Watch out for the Colorado they shady man.

    This was my experience if Cal is honorable & are going to do what they said then great. But they don’t have to give him anything. Tyronne Duckett has already been offered by Washington St. but nothing guarenteed until they have him out for a visit. Then its pretty much a lock that he’ll have a scholarship waiting for him.

  • Coach Tenorio makes some excellent points. I think an offer can change at any time but I am happy for Freddie and I know he knows that once a school shows interest in you, especially this early, they are looking for you to get even better, and he will continually improve. Freddie is a big guy and he also plays basketball and has excellent grades, I am sure that is why there is interest in him so early.

  • Reggie Hammond

    Wow Coach Tenario,

    Colorado is shady, that sucks. Sounds like they are dumb too. Brown signed with a BCS team if Im not mistaken. Whoever is recruiting at Colorado must be on the hot seat now.

    Washington St. could really bounce back if they hang around the Bay Area. I dont know what the Washingtons was doing last year but they better figure it out this year.

    I heard Cal Berkeley didn’t want Brown or Milton last year. Yet they offer a kid with 0 varsity experience. I know this kid must be good, but he must be the truth also. Cal not picking up Brown or Milton or Horne is like The Oakland A’s not drafting Jimmy Rollins or Shomari Beverley.

  • Still in the learning process here so correct me if need be. Do you have to have certain classes and a decent GPA 3.5 or higher for Cal B and Stanford?

  • Reggie Hammond

    not Cal

  • ManDown

    Cal didn’t want Brown, Horne, or Milton? Now thats crazy. They were easily three of the top athletes in the bay area last year why wouldn’t Tedford pick those guys up? I heard Tedford was an a** hole but thats just crazy. What didn’t he like in those athletes? All three dominated, put up great numbers, and most importantly all three were winners. Tedford lets good talent leave the bay area year after year. Matter a fact he let all those guys from last year leave. Diante Jackson, Southwick, the DB from Pitt., Butler(De La Salle), Wr from Concord and from Clayton Valley, just to name a few. That should never happen. All the major colleges own there area but Cal. But hey I am sure that the all will do good wherever they are.

    Duckett has an offer from Washington State? Thats good for him. He deserves it. Hellava player and he could be teaming up with D. Horton from Oakland High in years to come! What pos. is Washington St. recruiting him to play? QB? Or defense?

  • The truth

    I second coach T and mandown

  • Old meddling former coach

    Duckett will probably end up as a safety. Maybe we’ll end up having a rep at Encinal of providing hard hitting safeties because that is what Brown is now and we got quite a few Hitter at Stargell Field.

  • New Wolf

    This blog is going to be better than Comedy Central this year. Amazing.

  • Creme de la creme

    Yea Washington State seems to be back in the bay area…

  • ManDown

    Thats good that Washington State is back because Cal is slippin on the talent out here. If CAl wont take these great players then someone else will.

  • LB69

    F*** all the haters, Freddie deserves tha scholarship haha. I playd jv with him last year an no matter how hard you hit him it’s like a brick wall. Hes doin pretty good at practice with var too this year n he’s guna b great so come watch us at Salesian play cuz we’re underrated!!!