St. Liz’s Douglas transfers to Oakland High

Former St. Elizabeth High star Dave Douglas III has transferred and will play his senior season at Oakland.

Douglas’ father, Dave Jr., was hospitalized earlier this year and said he was later diagnosed with diabetes. The associated costs put a strain on the family budget.

“With the costs of the medication, we could no longer afford the tuition,” the elder Douglas said. “That’s why we ended up enrolling in the Oakland Unified School District and they placed him at Oakland High because we live in that district.”

Douglas, a running back/safety who already owns four scholarship offers, was the leading rusher at St. Elizabeth with more than 1,100 yards last year. As a sophomore, he was limited by injury to just six games but still totaled 867 yards and led the Mustangs to the North Coast Section Class B title.

The younger Douglas said it was tough to leave St. Elizabeth, but he’s excited for the challenge of playing in the Oakland Athletic League with the defending regular season tri-champions.

“I appreciate everything coach (Fred) Sims and the St. Elizabeth family has done,” Douglas III said. “I’m looking forward to tag teaming with (Wildcat stars) Damante Horton, Charles Cobbs and Earl Harris.”

The 5-foot-11, 180-pound Douglas has offers from Fresno State, San Diego State, Cal Poly and Army and has drawn interest from the Pac-10 Conference. The point guard also expects to play on the Wildcats basketball team.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • The truth

    this might just seperate this team from the others in the OAL race.

  • Da Facts

    The race for the best JV team. =p

  • junior

    wait a minute… private schools give scholarships for athletes… at least that is what eastbayscout says.

  • Reggie Hammond

    st. liz a lil different

  • ManDown

    Wow that makes Oakland High an even better football team. Another wespon to add with Horton. We will see what this dude is really made of playing in the OAL. On the other side I wish him and his father the best.

  • junior

    ohhhhhh… so only DLS offers athletic scholarships? guess the diocese doesnt have the money to spend at st liz cause DLS takes it all? ok. got it.

  • The race for the OAL Championship is now going to be between two teams.

  • one srv alum

    would not be surprised to see o-high beat srv given their depth and experience at key positions etc

  • hmmm…. curious to see how the oal race goes now. i admire this kid’s attitude. it has to be tough to switch schools your sr year unexpectantly. good luck to him and his dad

  • East Bay Coach

    I would be VERY surprised to see Oakland beat SRV. Even with this transfer, it takes more than just a few athletes to beat a team. Plus, their O/D-lines were average at best last year. They didn’t look like they were in shape and seemed slow/unmotivated. Great skill players can only do so much.

  • Creme de la creme

    Are you sure you are talking about the right team here??? And what games have you seen to make these points please I am dying to hear this? lol

  • ManDown

    It’s going to be tough for O-High to beat SRV this year. I don’t know if they will be able to get past them but on the other hand, I can see them defeating them also. Oakland High has the athletes but like East Bay Coach said I don’t know about there O and D line. Thats the weak spot on that team.

  • East Bay Coach

    I’m talking about O-High’s O/D lines. I saw them play last year, both JV and V. JV has zero line talent coming up. Varsity has great skill players but their O/D lines were not impressive at all. Now, maybe they have improved tremendously and I’m wrong, but knowing they’re geting nothing coming up, I’m thinking they’ll be slightly below average again.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Well as usual the Inner City Schools get no love. Big suprise.

  • cocosports

    just the fact its a big unknown how well the wolves will come together. they should win. just like people thought las lomas would beat cal high and wouldn’t be shocked, cal high goes on to crush LL last year. so more or less the same consensus here.

  • cocosports

    smaller school vs bigger school with both having winning records, the bigger school should win, plus the strength of program, players, talent, coaching etc all should favor srv

  • just a fan

    OAL FAN, for the silver bowl does that mean the four favorites are still castlemont, oakland, fremont, and tech? with castlemont and oakland the two to decide it?

  • “Just a Fan”, You can’t count out MACK with their new transfers and coaches.

  • E_CULB

    “Just a Fan”, You can’t count out MACK with their new transfers and coaches.”

    Who are the transfers?