30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 19): The Big Tickets

It’s another Sunday edition of point/counterpoint from Ben and myself. And for this one we’re actually taking a reader-submitted question that we liked.

What player would we buy a ticket to see if we didn’t have media access?

CHACE: If I had to pick just one from this year’s crop, I’d have to go with Pittsburg RB/DB Erick Dargan. Dargan’s coming out party in the 2008 NCS Division I playoffs was absolutely electric. He seems to have the perfect combination of speed and power. If he hits the hole fast enough, he can just outrun people. But if he does get touched, he rarely goes down on the first hit. The degree of his success this year will be determined by how big of a passing threat junior Julius Mozee can be, and whether another running back and effectively spell him from time to time. And why does he need to be spelled? Because he plays pretty much every down on defense as the strong safety — where he can be very fun to watch as well. He’s certainly not afraid of contact.

BEN:I think for me, the answer is Monte Vista QB Brett Nottingham. I’ve seen him a few times and there aren’t many offenses that are more exciting than the one Craig Bergman runs. Nottingham, much like Drew McAllister before him, is set up to succeed and that often means big plays and even bigger numbers on the scoreboard. Last year, we saw San Ramon Valley turn to Joe Southwick for almost everything and this year, I think Nottingham is going to be that guy.

A couple guys who are also close for me are Pittsburg’s Erick Dargan (I love watching him run people over), Concord’s Forrest Hightower (unmatched speed), and De La Salle’s Dylan Wynn (possibly the strongest defensive lineman around).

Chace Bryson


    I would pay to see Reggie Davis of Cal High,on offense or defense.Cal will win it all this year.

  • Creme de la creme

    Patron Wood…Along with a few others

  • lenny jones from san leandro this guy is a beast

  • yup

    Dont get me wrong, i think Patrone is a great player and fun to watch. What he has done the last few years you cant take away from him, 3600 yards in 2 years is amazing…

    But i dont see him having as much success this year. First off his entire team, but more importantly his OL is waaay down from the previous couple years. And from what i have heard their new HC wants to throw a lot

  • ManDown

    Wow… I dont think that the new coach will just throw the ball all day when you have a guy in the back field like Patrone Wood. Why would you? If he did that would be dumb. “Play at your strengths” and they have that guy in the backfield.

  • YVFan08

    From what I hear Patron is going to get like 10 carries a game with Porchett receiving the majority of the carries. But we will see in week 1 how it goes.