30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 20): Ride the Bus

This seems like a timely topic to discuss given the recent chatter on the comment board. Join me on a trip to Oak Grove Road in Concord.

With a new offense being installed as we speak, what will Patrone Wood II do in his senior season at Ygnacio Valley?

I’ve had multiple people ask me what’s going on at Ygnacio Valley. My answer? I have no idea, and neither does anyone else. And that’s exactly how new coach Chris Turner wants it.

Here’s what we know. The Warriors will run some sort of pro-style offense. Wood will be the focal point, as he would be at any other school. You just don’t get that combination of size and speed and call him a system running back.

Here’s how things could change though. Wood will play linebacker this season, in addition to his duties as lead running back. He’s also likely to catch more passes, because I’m told that he has hands we just haven’t gotten to see over the past two years.

One thing Turner is certainly cognizant of is the need to limit Wood’s touches a little. He carried the ball 30+ times in a couple games that I saw last year, and for him to play on both sides of the ball, that won’t fly this year. Luckily, they have a good compliment in Steven Porschet. Porschet did a good job in the double-wing last year but I think in a more open offense, he could really be a good weapon.

I think the condensed answer is that you really shouldn’t expect YV to suddenly become a team that airs it out 40 times a game and forgets about Wood. That said, the comment about the offensive line is an astute one because they did have some maulers last year that need to be replaced. The Warriors’ success won’t have as much to do with Wood as it will how quickly that line can come together, both as run blockers and as pass protectors.

Ben Enos

  • High School Sports Junkie

    with your 30QtoKo series how many of the 30 are going to be Contra Costa teams and how many might Alameda County teams get so far it is 17-2

  • YVFan08

    Well since the name of the paper is Contra Costa Times you would think that most of the coverage would be from CCC, or is my logic just out of wack?

  • Joey

    Your logic is wack, poor you… =(

  • High School Sports Junkie

    YVFAN08 check your cigs, if they look a little green that would explain your comment

  • Alameda County Fan

    There is nothing on the west side of the East Bay hills that seem to matter anymore. OAL, HAAL and MVAL coverage has been a joke on here and I think it will be obsolete in the future. They should just take off ”covering Alameda County” on the page and be done with it already. Why fake it? Hey High School Sports Junkie, I’m with you all the way. This is the only place I know for high school information. Are there any other places online out there?

  • prepfan

    It’s true that there has been more Contra Costa stuff on here than Alameda (and by the way YVFan08, this isn’t just the Contra Costa Times. It’s also the Oakland Tribune. The two papers are merged and worked together). But the difference isn’t quite as dramatic as Junkie displays. If you count the fact that No. 14 was a two-parter, with one part going to the HAAL and one to the MVAL, there have been five focusing on Alameda County (I’m including the post on the ACCAL as Alameda since the main focus is Berkeley). Then there are five I’d classify as nuetral, meaning they are about a broad topic or mention both CC and AC teams. Yes, there are 13 that are exclusively Contra Costa so it’s still fairly imbalanced, but more like 13-5-5. But it is what it is. There’s a lot more writers that work in CCC than in AC and so you’re going to read more about them. My guess is once the season gets going, you’ll see plenty on here about Alameda County because Bower and Durkin tend to blog quite a bit.

  • HAAL Fan

    The writers in our area are Bower and Durkin. Waterhouse is also one hell of a writer who also used to cover the area (BRING HIM BACK!). This 30 Questions segment is the brainchild of the CCC writers, if I’m not mistaken, and was once on the sister site to prepcorner. Once the season starts we’ll hear more from Bower and Durkin and then we’ll get our share of information, seeing as how they do such a great job. Don’t expect it to come out of the 30 Questions segment.