West Coast Classic canceled

The Sacramento Bee is reporting that the West Coast Classic has been canceled.

Apparently some schools were concerned after the showcase event was moved from Hughes Stadium to Whitney High. It was supposed to feature three games (Berkeley vs Ponderosa, Pittsburg vs Burbank and Whitney vs Fernley-Nevada).

Berkeley will now travel to Ponderosa on Sept. 5 and Pittsburg will host Burbank on Sept. 4.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • just a fan

    i think berkeley and pitt will both win. i also am starting to think berkeley will beat pitt 9/25. berkeley has a good chance to go undefeated in my opinion. for pitt i know they return some studs but play a tougher schedule so is 7-3 against granite bay, monte vista, and berkeley a logical assumption anyone? i dont know about granite bay this year, but they gave state champ grant a game (22-19) last year. and is monte vista going to have growing pains early on? they host pitt 9/18.. those road games look to favor the home team? is there a stat on how pitt has done on the road against playoff-quality opponents in the past?

  • just a fan

    pitt only had 4 away games last year, all wins,
    Sacred Heart Cathedral-SF W32-21
    Heritage W37-13
    Deer Valley W28-21(!)
    and Antioch W41-0

    Antioch is not going to improve much,
    SHC won the CCS’s lowest division(lol why?), and they play at pitt this year week 1. I have them winning that in similar fashion.
    Deer Valley, even if it improves hasn’t beaten pitt, and Heritage however it improves, has never beaten, let alone at pirate stadium. I think pitt has a great home field advantage. aside from a tight game against a quality team in Monte Vista 32-29 in 2008, they play extremely well at home

    going back to 2007, looking at the 4 away games,
    they lost to Valley Christian-SJ on the road 33-14 in week one
    lost to freedom 26-21 week two(a close game like the Deer Valley one above looked to be)
    beat liberty 35-0 in week six
    and beat ygnacio valley 35-0 in week nine
    *im not counting de la salle in road game losses

    in addition, in 2007 they lost to both the rashad evans-led Logan colts at home, 28-7, in the regular season, and cal high’s best team ever in the first round of the playoffs, 21-7, while hosting.

    i don’t think pitt will play another team even close to those two, but berkeley this year might be the strongest team since…

  • Deep6

    Wasn’t this event planned 6-7 months in advance? How can this possibly happen?

  • dbfish

    What’s the real reason The West Coast Classic was cancelled? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • I think overall poor planning and organization is what doomed the event. From what I heard, there were just a myriad of problems and the latest venue change was the final straw.