30Q-2-KICKOFF (No. 23): Wolverines taking off under Kristoff?

Deer Valley finished 8-4 in 2008, but they made very few of those wins look easy — especially on offense. That offense will take on a new look this year as Kristoff Williams slides from the WR/DB  role to the QB position. And that has us asking:

Can Kristoff Williams give the Wolverines a more potent offensive attack in 2009?

When it came to watching a Deer Valley football game in 2008, there wasn’t much question that the most exciting moments for the Wolverines came when Kristoff Williams had the football in his hands.

So it’s no surprise that coach Rich Woods is looking forward to Williams taking over at the quarterback positions this season. Williams is not a stranger to the quarterback position. In fact, he competed for the starting job last summer, but Cruz Castillo won the job and Williams proved more valuable to Deer Valley at the other positions.

Woods has been encouraged with Williams’ work behind center over the past couple months. The coach claimed that his passing skills are still a work in progress, but he’ll have a chance to run the ball just as much.

But Williams touching the ball on every down won’t be the only thing going in the Deer Valley offenses favor. The Wolverines will also have two running backs returning to the fold after missing their junior seasons, among them is Sean Combs. Combs could end up being the x-factor if he stays healthy and eligible for an entire season.

Chace Bryson

  • Pats

    Ben and Chace, how’s Heritage looking? i’ve heard a lot of hype, some even saying they’ll make the playoffs entering as a new D-1 team??

  • JS Taylor

    Expect good things from the DV offense this season. Kristoff is Big, Strong & Fast. Defenses will have to stay home because his got definate Scramble Ability.