East Bay Football Poll – 9/15

Here’s the football poll for this week. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (9) 1-1 135 1
2. Monte Vista 1-0 124 2
3. Foothill 1-0 111 4
4. Pittsburg 1-1 105 3
5. Deer Valley 1-0 97 7
6. Berkeley 2-0 92 5
7. Clayton Valley 2-0 75 6
8. Encinal 1-0 70 8
9. Amador Valley 1-0 54 11
10. Miramonte 2-0 53 12
11. James Logan 1-1 39 NR
12. Washington 1-1 38 10
13. Concord 2-0 27 T13
14. California 0-2 25 9
15. Heritage 2-0 19 15

Also receiving votes: Granada (1-0, 11 points), Salesian (2-0, 2), College Park (1-1, 1), Oakland (1-1, 1), Ygnacio Valley (2-0, 1). The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Chace Bryson

  • Reality Check

    Folks ought to think before they post. Let’s try to keep it to a modestly respectful level out here.

  • KillerD

    Please gentlmen, may we all keep the peace on this blog, and not insult others?

    It is best for all………..

  • billjohnson

    wats up with the oal? alota talkin in da summer now ALL I HEAR R CRICKETS! big game 4 b-high they win this week they’ll get a bye in ncs plus they should run the table in da accal. if they lose at home 2 pitt don’t expect much from them come playoff time.

  • guru-black

    any predictions this week kemp? you guys r the bigger school please tell me u guys can beat a d-3 school? if u can’t wat makes think u could beat pinole, berkeley or compete in d-2 playoffs?

  • eastbayscout

    ill take a crack at the top 15 before hand…

    #1 DLS – this could be the year they go down, but until they do they are still the team to beat in the east bay.
    #2 MV – a great bounce back game against pitt, even if they played without star RB. offense looked good.
    #3 foothill- tough to keep them below MV since played logan tougher, but until foothill knocks them out of top ebal spot (minus DLS) got to keep them just below.
    #4 Deer valley – another impressive win and play logan this week who MV and Foothill already has, so good gauge.
    #5 encinal – played serra tough and is playing some tougher teams this year, have to reward them for that.
    #6 berkeley – could be higher? but until they play a solid opponent can’t over rate them.
    #7 amador valley – haven’t really played anyone to great, so will have to wait to see in EBAL if this too high or too low. the freedom win doesn’t look all that great anymore.
    #8 SRV – see Amador..big test this week. win and slide ahead of amador, lose and drop to the bottom 12-15.
    #9 washington – back on track against a solid college park team. tough schedule so far and another tough one vs tracy high. if they go 3-1 with that openinging schedule may have to slide up until the above teams play some better competition.
    #10 concord – win and move up, lose and move down…judgement week vs srv to show true strength.
    #11 clayton valley – again haven’t played anyone so can’t give them a free pass into top 10 yet. could be worthy though, we will see.
    #12 cal – big win to get back on track and seemed to dominate tracy west more than srv did. so could be switching spots with them shortly in the first game of ebal play.
    #13 heritage – big test this week, but really unimpressive vs kennedy a d3 school.
    #14 logan – after this week…a forfeit and 3 games vs. my top 4 already…a brutal schedule. foothill got them pretty good after missing on the knockout punch vs. monte vista. guessing will lose this week, so keeping them in top 15 at 1-3 (only win forfeit) is tough but well deserved with the schedule they have played. got to reward good teams from lesser leagues for not scheduling more cupcakes in non leagues as many of those teams do.
    #15 miramonte – lost to WA..but because we dont know all that much about them tough to gauge. El cerrito might have some beef for this spot as well or san leandro as they have played a tough schedule too.

    remember guys this is anyones guess and all in good fun…try to keep from calling out specific people…makes it too personal…coaches and players aren’t paid well for this lets give them a break.

  • Kemp

    @Guru-black: Encinal is a quality program with some great players who work hard. They are not your run-of-the-mill D3 school and everyone on here knows that. We will work hard to prepare and give our best effort. The Island Bowl has a lot of tradition behind that and we respect that and will do our best to honor that. As far as predictions, that is not my game. That’s for unaffiliated folks on the blog to have fun with.

    Take care and here’s to some great prep football through the rest of the season!

  • guru-black

    kemp then how do u expect to achieve ur goal & win league? cuz if u can’t beat encinal how u gonna beat us at berkeley?

  • Kemp

    Every week is a new week. Playing Encinal and playing Berkeley really have nothing to do with each other, aside from just going hard. If you’re with Berkeley good luck this week against Pittsburgh. That should be a solid battle.

  • guru-black

    show ur telling me ur goal is not to win league? we all know to accomplish that the road leads thru b-high?

  • billjohnson

    wats up wit o’dowd? they havent played the tough opponents their not missing players, is it the coaching? peronon is gonna ride brown til the wheels fall off!

  • Since we’re bringing up the past St. Pats. In 2006 when Duckett was a Freshmen the JV team beat St. Pats JV team by 45. So every player there really knows how to lose to Encinal. In 2005 when Blanton was talking bad about the ACCAL & 2A football he challenged us to a game. We beat them 41-0 on Varsity at the Nail. JVs I was the Head Coach Jon Brown & Dominique were both out with injury we still beat St. Pats 12-0.


    Alameda must be pretty good this year. They didnt let BOD beat them. Looks like they are running the ball pretty well. That Cunningham kid is awesome. This week should be telling

  • guru-black

    yeah they were real excited bout that tie! will c wat cunningham does these next 3 weeks if he does well props 2 him but i gotta c it! either way kemp will pade his stats when they play de anza richmond & hercules just like he tried with he’s brother. my nephew cameron brown would run the ball the whole drive then the ball is on the 2 he’d put in the back up q.b in put he’s brother at rb give him the ball so he could score.

  • scoutabout

    How solid is Encinal compared to the rest of their league?

    Who in that league can actuall beat Encinal if St. Patricks cannot do it?


  • Kemp

    Come on Guru. It’s funny when people have creative imaginations and memories. Camaron Brown led the team that year with 12 rushing TDs. Wes Moyer was second on the team with 7. They were both damn good players and continue playing to this day.

    Brother, at least if you are going to try to talk smack, at least be accurate with your facts! As we all know, you are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts.

    Good luck this week against Pitt bro! You won’t see me trying to douse you or your organization with haterade, please consider returning the respect.


  • Kemp

    Finally, before I give these boards a rest for this week, the statement that Wes was a “back up QB” is disingenuous at best. Anyone with any knowledge of the reality knows he was an every down player and impact player. He played QB, TB, FB, LB, LS, etc. and played with heart. He was first-team All-ACCAL Utility and that doesn’t just go to anyone, he woulda been first team QB in his first year ever playing QB (our projected starter went down with a torn hamstring the week before our scrimmage), but a special kid named Jonathan Brown rightfully took that home that year, Coach Tenorio can back me on that, as he was there during the vote. Please don’t put down hard working kids who love the game and play with passion, that just makes you look bad and it is not needed.

    Take care and I’ll talk to folks with basic level of respect next week. Good luck this week to all hard working folks who respect the game and understand the work the kids and coaches put in with little thanks.


    Wes Moyer was cool. I’ll give you that. He’s at Yale now learning how to make that money cant be mad at that. I hear next year he will be starting at Yale and that they are excited about him right now.

    Dont wear them boys out against Encinal that doesnt mean anything to you guys. You have got to beat Berkeley. Be smart.

  • MoellerMan

    Three weeks into the season, it is surprising how little we have learned about the top teams in the area.
    DeLaSalle appears vulnerable to an extent not seen in many years.
    Pitt also looks to be having a down year.
    Cal High is nowhere near the ‘dominant’ team that many posters were asserting over the summer. And where are those people now?
    The entire HAAL is apparently down this year.
    So we have some idea of teams that are not doing as well as hoped, but not much indication of who is going to rise above the rest and take control.
    Encinal showed well against Serra, but certainly far from dominant.
    Washington came out strong, then did not show well against Deer Valley.
    Pitt has two losses.
    Logan has a tough preseason schedule, but two losses to show for it so far.
    Berkeley is getting a ton of hype, but has not played a strong opponent yet.
    Amador Valley and San Ramon Valley have not gotten any hype, but have dominated their mediocre preseason opponents.
    Monte Vista and Foothill are unbeaten, but have shown signs of weakness.
    Some questions will get answered this weekend, but could it be that we are seeing more parody in Alameda/Contra Costa high school football?

  • ManDown

    Yes watch out for that RB from Alameda High. I hear he is a good fast one. I don’t know much about the kid but I hear he runs good and his stats so far are backing it up. I don’t know if Encinal will let that kid run wild like Smith did against them.

    I don’t know whats up with the OAL so far. We have been playing really bad this preseason but at the same time there has been alot going on in the OAL off the field too. For Oakland High we just stunk it up out in San Ramon. No excuses.

  • Steve

    It’s okay ManDown only the OAL fans thought they had a chance against SRV but everyone else knew other wise. =(

  • Eastbayfbfan

    the team miramonte played was very good. had excellent depth at every position. lots of size speed and especially football smarts. the refs took away one of miramonte’s touchdowns in the first quarter when king went up for a ball in the endzone. people are saying it was a horrible call and was definitely a catch. there is a lot to be said about how well miramonte played that team. it seems that they should have won. lots of talent and athletiscm on glacier peak as well. only 4 point loss with that early touchdown score would have been at least tied

  • guru-black

    kemp i said u put the back up q.b in and put ur brother at fullback and gave him the ball. yes cam had 12 should have more but u had to give u bro the ball. good luck winning anything significant at that school!

  • guru-black

    kemp please don’t compare ur bro to brown not even close. cuz wen they were on the same team your brother played tight end & came along for the ride while brown played q.b lead his team 2 a championship something u guys at alameda know nothing about! plus niko was the best player on that’07 team.

  • the truth

    I love kemp, are you the head coach at alameda? And you berkely guys make me sick lol for real, you guys are a 4a (divison 1) playing againsts ec and d.a, and you call your selfs good,.

  • the truth

    And big green so far soo goood. For your program, and ST. Pats, lol you guys think your de la, RELAX. Your encinals female dawg ( use your imagination)

  • Yo Mama St.Pats JVs got blown out by 45 points in 2006 & your talking mess about winning on Var? you had to of know about it since you were there. Come on that var game is ancient history Encinal has become a NCS champion since then. But the JV game man. All your seniors were Freshmen then. Its looking bad this year for you.

    I’m totally sure that your a De La Salle guy who rememers a D-III game from 3 yeara ago or coaches actions. What a moron you are. Your gonna get St. Pats whorided on these blogs.

  • Yo Mama so what happened in 2005? Got zeroed on both levels?

  • KillerD

    Some Predictions for this weekend:

    Berkeley vs. Pitt: Berkeley by 17

    Deer Valley vs. Logan: DV by 21

    Pinole vs. Oak. Tech: Tech by 4

    Alameda vs. Encinal: Encinal by 17

    Salesian vs. St. Marys: Salesian by 10

    Piedmont vs. Kern Valley: KV by 3

    Heritage vs. Monte Vista: MV by 10

    Foothill vs. Miramonte: Foothill by 10

    Alhambra vs. South SF: Alhambra by 20

    Concord vs. San Ramon: Concord by 4

    Hayward vs. Ygnacio: YV by 5

    Mt. Diablo vs. Kend. Sac: Mt. Diablo by 30

    De La Salle vs. Lakeland FL: Lakeland by 17

    American vs. Tennyson: Tennyson by 11

    Del Norte vs. Amador: Amador by 21

    Ferndale vs. John Swett: Ferndale by 30

    Tamalpais vs. Burton SF: Tam by 20

    Justin Siena vs. Marin Cath: MC by 28

    Skyline vs. Bishop Odowd: BOD by 15

    Tracy vs. Washington: Washington by 2

    Palma vs. Cardinal Newman: Palma by 14

    Fort Bragg vs. Upper Lake: Fort Bragg by 30

    Analy vs. Santa Rosa: Analy by 10

  • Irvington Alumn

    Irvington is losing their AD after this school year (thank God) and should really shop around. They must have somebody in mind or at least be thinking of somebody? Can’t do much about Pete except a slap on the wrist (unfortunately). They need to find someone who wants to be an AD and who won’t take any crap. How about that buff guy at kennedy they keep screwing him over and obviously don’t want him there. I here coaches talking about how they would coach for him when I’m at the games. I don’t know this guy but at least its a start.

  • My point again is not Encinal’s ability, the point is the coaches should not make predications, remarks(especially negative) about opponents and leagues and show some dignity. I am sure the BSAL commisioner does not want to hear from the encinal coach on a blog, especially comments about Catholics and parents.
    Again, if you teach school you don’t let yourself fall into that trap. I would not have commented again because one reader said peace, however the Encinal coach again came back with a comment about opponents and I must foward it to the BSAL commisioner if he continues to run his mouth. It’s your choice coach.

  • I thought you were a De La Guy? You fell for it sucker. It will be pay back time in Vallejo St. Pats boy. I hope we don’t get a lead. Ain’t no mercy rule for cry babies St. Pats. Man. Its Alameda week & I’m getting fired up for Vallejo. I’ll calm down. Its like waiting to get out of jail. Nailhouse release release date is October 30th. Tune in Jets Fans.

  • Blanton your a weak ass coach! I was at the St. Pats Piedmont game last year he ran a draw on his own 10 no timeouts under 1 minute in the game. Retire Blanton. Or run & hide in the BFL with Salesian from Encinal. You only won one game against Encinal then got blown out every other time on every other level. What chance do you think you have? Become a water boy for Ladoceur.

  • Fast and Physical

    The Real Coach Carter = student-athletes going to college, who cares if a team is said to be good, who’s getting scholarships, over 65 D1?

  • ManDown

    Is it really that serious guys? Its a blog. Why would people threat to bring things up to a commisioner. It’s not that serious. Who cares what people on here think and have to say. Thats why it’s here. For people to voice there opinions and say whatever it is they want to say. Haha. You people are the hilarious.

  • jacketfan

    guru-black, fast and physical,and yellowjacketfan,
    from the summer to today b-high has to prove they have what it takes to be some body. they do not give any of the schools they have played any respect. just the fact it is b-high brings the best out. ponderosa-good team with a great rb. freedom reworked there offense
    hard week of practice showed in there play . castro valley is better than what people think and they will have a great season.if you are not part of the ebal or bval you are a nobody. b-high is working hard to play at their best.pitt has a great program and it will be a great game.we do not have to defend these jackets.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Yo mama,You come on here, Start a ruckus,And talk about going to the league. You can’t prosecute for entrapment and this is all in fun anyway. Where is YOUR MIND? Stop making Threats and trying to create a problem in the first place. This is The CIF, Not The NFL. You talk about falling into traps and you TRY to set one. Just chill and stop hiding behind the Keyboard. Jet Pride.

  • the truth

    hahahahahahahhah! I am going to tell the principal! (Bsal commish) Lmao hahahahahahahahahh!!! You private school loser, welcome to the real world. Ahahahahahahhahahahahahh GET out of here if you can’t argue with the heavy weights.. Acting like a lil kid.. I HOPE. Encinal BLOWS you guys out. Every year. You bruin parents always wanna complain, encinal. Please keep the pedal to the medal. Not like last year where u guys coulda easily one 57 to 6.. Keep the big boys in


    Yo mamma,

    You a big dummy. Your telling the commisioner what you square bear? Cry and complain about the Jets whats the big deal? You act as if you never lost before. Suck it up dude. Do your research dont you know the Jets beat St. Pats back in the day for a championship (80’s). This is an old rivalry game. I know you never thought you would have any rivals but I think the Jets just made you one on their list. What if the Jets made it an away homecoming game? Now that will spark some cheer…

    And you aint running the Veer right my friend. Bruins your going down.

  • BruinRuin


    Never seen a head coach of a championship program talk trash on public blogs before. What gives with the Encinal coach jabbering like a total ———– for everybody to read?

    Either it really is the actual Encinal Coach saying those things or somebody else?

    Hopefully it is not the actual head coach for Encinal doing so much trash talking on here?

    That would be shameful for him and his program.

  • the truth

    Private school loser above me, what makes you think a coach can’t talk on the blogs? You just hella mad cause encinal owns the league and ya don’t wanna get embrassed lol get F*** outta here, loser. Ur a private school loser. Encinal runs the true VEEr..

  • First of all, I have no students at St. Patrick’s-so I am not a parent. Don’t know coach Ten and don’t have any problems with Encinal- very good team. Have an opinion on a coach, especially one who comes off an undefeated season shooting his mouth on high school blogs. I am sure he is a very good coach, but he’s not proving it by trash talking. How long have you been a varsity coach and where, other than a few years at Encinal. An apology for making those anti-Catholic remarks will do, and by the way, the BSAL comm is a teacher at SPSV. Are you a teacher at Encinal?
    The Encinal principle can’t be happy with a coach making those kind of statements. Instead of everyone talking trash for him, if it is really the coach, let the coach be a man and stick to football, not race and religion. If anyone started insulting the coach’s background, race and religion, it wouldn’t be OK, right? Then how does he have any right to do so? It’s a two way street, let’s keep it like that.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Yo mama, The Issue died. Lets let it stay dead please. Jet Pride!

  • #191 Are you serious Mama? Your name is the worst kind of sh*t talking in the world degrading people’s Moms & you want somebody to apologize to you? Get a life.

  • He’s not apologizing to me, it’s the blog that needs clearing. I am willing to clear. You should stay out of it, it doesn’t concern you and my email name has nothing to do with your mama or anyone else’s. How’s that for setting it straight? Ole Former Coach says let it die, so unless you’re the coach, take his advice.

  • NovatoDAD

    Yo Mama,

    You must have the Veri Chip. No no no… I will be tunning in. “Don’t awake a sleeping giant”. Like SPSV Fan said, “It takes more than a little talent to win a ball game”.

  • Yo Mama, do us all a favor & eat sh*t & die.

  • Perkin, you’re a young foul mouthed kid, , wash out your mouth with Your Mama. Remember son, Mama Said!