OAL football stats

Here’s our first edition of OAL football stats.

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech 2 39 435 11.2 7
Jakari Johnson, Castlemont 2 37 277 7.5 0
Denzale Johnson, McClymonds 2 30 233 7.7 2
Dave Douglas, Oakland 2 18 87 4.8 5
Devante Denard, Fremont 2 15 83 5.5 0

Passing (by yards)

Note: QB rating uses college formula

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD Rat
Eakalafi Okusi, Castlemont 2 15 36 41.7. 211 3 3 101.7
Charles Cobbs, Oakland 1 8 19 42.1 110 0 0 90.7
Daron Duong, Oakland Tech 2 2 2 100.0 98 0 2 841.6
Robert Brigham, McClymonds 2 8 23 35.0 95 5 1 40.3
Greg Pierson, Oakland Tech 2 5 6 83.3 85 0 3 367.3

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
Jordan Green, Castlemont 2 8 57 7.1 2
Damante Horton, Oakland 2 6 88 14.7 0
Ryan Norris, Skyline 2 6 83 13.8 0
DiAndre Campbell, Oakland Tech 2 5 154 30.8 4
Mikal Hardy, McClymonds 2 5 76 15.2 1


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech 2 7 0 0 0 42
Dave Douglas, Oakland 2 5 0 0 0 30
DiAndre Campbell, Oakland Tech 2 4 0 1 0 26
Mikal Hardy, McClymonds 2 3 0 0 0 18
Four tied with 12 points

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Oakland Tech 2 486 183 669 334.5
Castlemont 2 306 259 565 282.5
McClymonds 2 419 95 514 257.0
Oakland 2 305 122 427 213.5
Skyline 2 158 161 319 159.5
Fremont 2 249 69 318 159.0

Scoring: Oakland Tech 59.0, McClymonds 24.0, Oakland 23.5, Castlemont 19.0, Skyline 6.0, Fremont 3.0.
Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Oakland Tech 2 66 160 226 113.0
Fremont 2 74 157 231 115.5
McClymonds 2 271 95 366 183.0
Oakland 2 208 160 368 184.0
Castlemont 2 686 233 919 459.5
Skyline 2 851 281 1,132 566.0

Scoring: Oakland Tech 9.5, McClymonds 12.0, Oakland 14.0, Fremont 14.5, Castlemont 47.0, Skyline 52.5.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Butta

    Im about to wake all of yall up. Hands down ive seen Douglas from O high turn on a third gear. He is a legit 4.4 and the local dentist has to have him on pay rollfor the amount of teeth he loosens when he pops. This kid by himself on both sides of the ball won all the games for St. Liz. And ryan Murphy though good, will testify that Douglas scares him. O high Over Tech. Next Combo!!!

  • ManDown

    Yes I agree. David Douglas is a very special player and is very fast! He has D1 talent and If he never transfered, I believe that St. Liz would be undefeated. Trust me he was the one guy that made that team much better than what they are now. With him they would probably go back to back. Castlemont and Fremont High have both disappointed me so far this year. They’re not really good and have really hit a slump after great success last year. Whats going on?

  • o-high almuni

    oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… wait a min douglas is a good back no doubt but a 4.4 is a no no murphy 4.42 is legit and according to under armor douglas ran 4.8 and also tech has another running back name darryl murray who will be back and speed is what this guy has. also tech has 4 other people who ran 4.5 forties so team speed is what they have. o-high has no match for tech offense and cannot do enough to stop their d.

  • head hunter

    can you believe that oaklnd tech has the number 1 D around. well it is not really a shocker to me. this oakland tech team has really grown up and come together. the are un stoppable with their upcomeing game against YV they do not no whats going to hit them.

  • head hunter

    hey O-high i am goingto hate to see your very long faces wen tech make you eat your words.

  • Reggie Hammond

    Tech Fan,

    Wow. Those are heavy allegations. Sounds like your hating too bro. However, since its out in the open, if those guys will be ineligible that would suck for O-High and you guys will definitley be in the drivers seat.

    O-High Alum,

    Either your paragraph writing is weak or your a traitor. Douglas is what it is a “Scholar” and all the scouts knows is he a 4.4 back baby. TRACK SPEED DONT NECESSARILY MEAN FOOTBALL SPEED. JUST ASK JAVID BEST

  • oakland high player

    man ohigh is the best nd mante is go run back a kick return ed davis go lay ryan murphy out dave go bus a run for 60 yards mafasa go SMACK murray………….sewells head is goin to to put ryan out the game in the first have

  • ohig player

    mafasa go smack ryan dyllon go hit murray sewell is goin to take ryan out in the first half douglas is goin for 3tds nd 200yards mant go run a kickreturn back ed go lay the hat all game

  • head hunter

    what oaklnd high football players must still be high from when they were useing that pipe they was smoken on. this how its gona go murray is gona have 3td’s jamier is going to have 5 sacks n 13 tackles. ryan isgoing to have 4td’s. nd big fred is going to bring the hat to who ever has the ball. \

    yall already know what dre is going to have so many picks nd td’s that they might have to call the game because the score bored cant go up that high.

  • dont trip

    man give it up to techs sophmore quarterback gregory pierson injured but still throwing touchdowns and we see you daron filling in for the quarterback holding it down but on some real stuff o high r mack whoeva aint messing with the buldogs we blowing it up

  • daron duong

    im asian

  • daron duong

    im asian were im from we win lol;

  • Scoobie

    Now we all know thgat Ryan being scared of dave is false. Back in the middle school days these 2 use to go at it. O high is just living off the hype of last year. Now what you need to tell Cobbs, E Davis and Mante is not to chop because Tech Backs love that contact. 4 Oakland High Big Man on campus, Mafasa, Big Fred for Tech has his syrup ready for his Pancakes he gne eat. For the rest of O-high just bring your Pop Corn because at Tech WE MAKIN’MOOOOOOOOOOOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Encinal can whip any of these teams yur guys keep talkin’ about. We got all the talent out of O Town now.

  • HitStick

    I hope the game matches the smack talk!!


    We will worry about tech later. we have liberty tomorrow. O-High never loses at home, and its gonna be just like last year where Oakland Tech will be crying after the game wondering how they lost.

  • chimstar

    lets all wait and see the outcome

  • dream team

    well if u knw that i dnt realy care bout the hype from last year while tech is over playin so many san fransico team we will see on friday whose realy bout what they be talkin bout

  • Tech Fan

    Be Real now. Last year is last year. yea if i was part of the O-high i would want to live off of last year because is going to bring it.

  • Butta

    OKAY…..IVE HEARD ENOUGH The first O high is going to do, is charge everybody double to get in. As for Ryan hes very talented i expect him to show up, but that Douglas kid packs such a mean hammer this thing could get out of hand early. I remember him from the dynamite days as for the O high speed ask Campilindo is Douglas a 4.4, lets call this game THE BRASS KNUCKLE THROW DOWN. Tech bring ya lunch money

  • Scoobie

    It’s bout that time. we gone see if Earl Harris brings it to Ryan or any of the Techs defenders. ohhh yea and Big Pat we comin’ for that stuff u was talkin’ in the morning b4 the game.

  • tech fan

    damn o-high wat happen were was dave douglas @ tonite and what about harris. tech just beat the mess out of yall.21-0 doesnt say much but 43 yards of offence doesnt either. we told o-high tech had the best defence around…………..o yea ryan murphy had over 200 rushing yards and showed that 4.42 speed……….. big fred and that bulldog d showed that their to be mess with just ask dave douglas hahahahahaha…..