De La Salle vs. Lakeland (Fla.): Live from DVC

Ben Enos

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    Some Scores

    San Leandro 49, Chavez-Stockton 0, Half

    Deer Valley 7, James Logan 7, Half

    Clayton Valley 35, Vintage-Napa 7, Half

    San Ramon Valley 21, Concord 6, Half

    College Park 28, Antioch 20, Half

    Granada 22, Castro Valley 0, Half

    Encinal 20, Alameda 3, Half
    (I guess this is the real score?)

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    Dougherty Valley 13, Livermore 0, Half

    Pitt 16, Berkeley 12, Half

    McClymonds 7, Valley Christian-Dublin 0, Half

    Healdsburg 14, Acalanes 0, Half

    any other updates anybody?

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    Amador Valley 43, Del Norte-Crescent City 0, Half

    Foothill 17, Miramonte 3, Half

    Monte Vista 21, Heritage 7 Half

  • old former meddling coach.

    Whooped em’ again Josey! Encinal 34 Alameda 16 Jet pride!

  • Fan

    Coaches lost the De La game not the players.


    any more scores concord 22 srv 27 great game !!!

    castlemont pride

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  • Prep Fan

    Yeah, I guess De La has pretty bad coaches. Why try to assign blame. It was a great game and De La lost. Last I remember, the coaches and players are all part of what what DLS accomplishes. So a loss shouldn’t just be assinged to the coaches.

  • Prep Fan

    What is Amador doing scheduling Del Norte-Crescent City? It seems like they played them last yeat too. That can’t be preapring them for the likes of Foothill MV and DLS. I would hope the NCS committee wouldn’t give that automatic win much weight when most other EBAL team are playing tough preseason schedules.

  • eastbayscout

    what we learned this weekend in a huge gauge of the season…

    1) SRV is for real and looks to not be one of the bottom dwellers in the EBAL…Bad news for granada as they are going to need to steal 3 EBAL wins to even qualify for the playoffs. I don’t see that happening…

    2) Concord is a good team and will contend for a D2 NCS title.

    3) Heritage finally played someone and no disrespect to Mcgovern because a great football player, but allowing one WR 300 yds out of teams 375 wow. heritage now will have to upset pitt or DV to most likely get into playoff talks…because at 7-3 (losses to pitt/DV) they are going to have only 3 D1 wins. no way that gets you in when everyone else will have much more than that applying for berths.

    4) Washington seems to be very inconsistent. great one game bad the next. i did hear that had 6 guys in street clothes during tracy game so might have played into that. but they must kick into gear..still even at 7-3 (loss to logan) they still have to get in, because head to head they get the nod over cal and would have 6 D1 wins.

    5) Berkeley is a good team and locked up a top 4 spot. the way i see it DLS takes #1, Deer Valley gets #2 if they win BVAL, MV if only loss is to DLS gets the #3, Berkeley gets the #4. Sorry berkeley but an undefeated DV same record and more quality wins. MV 9-1 (one loss to DLS) and beat pitt the one common opponent by much more.

    6) EBAL going to be very interasting.. I predict DLS, MV, Foothill, AV, Cal, SRV, Granada, Livermore in that order…All but granada and livermore make the playoffs.

    7) Some my 12 D1 spots go to (in this order at present time)…
    #1 DLS (ebal winner)
    #2 DV (bval winner)
    #3 MV
    #4 Bhigh
    #5 foothill
    #6 amador
    #7 Logan (mval winner)
    #8 Pitt
    #9 Washington (beat cal)
    #10 Cal (beats SRV)
    #11 SRV
    #12 San leandro (HAAL winner & automatic berth, otherwise probably don’t get a spot).

    whose looking in….College park but will have to win league in order to get in. Heritage – see above comment on them. they need cal or washington to lose some games they shouldnt. granada – need 3 tough ebal wins. newark – must knock off logan or washington to even get a sniff. Antioch – beat CP but gonna need some other wins in tough BVAL to get back into discussion. definately must beat heritage and might need an upset over pitt or dv.

    am i missing anyone that has legit shot?

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    Amador had a contract with them two years ago, because they were a 2A playoff powerhouse, kind of like Ferndale is from way up north. turns out though, no matter how good a small division power is, amador is no match for them, so it turned into 2 routs in a row.

    I don’t think anybody’s going to be scheduling lower division powers any time soon, again, because of the longggg bus ride up to Eureka, and the fact it gets out of hand quickly..

    SRV still has to improve a lot before we call them EBAL average in my opinion. That Defense gave up 21 points last night.. I was not impressed with Concord at first with all those mistakes, but then I was let down SRV almost collapsed and blew it. If they do that against Cal or Granada, I find it hard to believe they won’t succeed against Foothill, Amador, or Monte Vista..

    Comes got picked 3 times, the defense probably got a little tired, but the way they came back to preserve the win was extraordinary. Wolves, I hope, learned a lot and keep improving. They’ve done a good job so far, a much more defensive minded SRV team, because Kessler was D-coordinator last year, which is a good sign. That game with West showed they can clamp down on the run and force turnovers, which they did against Concord last night as well. Defense had 3 picks and forced fumbles. Like I said, cut the fumbles down themselves and they are going to be playing their best against Cal High next week.

    I am going to venture a good guess that the efforts on D help them play much better at Cal. Cal got off to a bad start against Washington and played a good team Del Oro they could have beat, like Bellevue last year. It’s scary when the grizzlies have their act together, but they are a split team. If they play like they did against Washington, SRV wins. If Reggie Davis finally recovers and plays a whole game Cal wins. If its evenly matched, then whoever has the ball last probably wins. Good game to watch next week.

    I think the BVAL gets 2 teams in at most. DV & Pitt
    if San Leandro wins the HAAL, it makes it harder for a team like Heritage to get in now without some wins over Pitt/DV later.
    Berkeley is a 4 seed probably going undefeated.
    DV looks like a 2 seed if they go undefeated, but if MV goes 9-1 in EBAL they got to go ahead with the only loss to DLS.
    but if DLS loses again, throw everything out the window.
    Amador has big expectations this year, but they have played a lot of down teams this year. Like Concord, they have a ton of experience and talent, but a lot of pressure when it comes to league and ncs, and I think they may drop a game either like a road game in league or maybe at home against Cal if Cal is on fire.
    The washington loss hurts cal now because washington doesn’t look like the favorite anymore in MVAL.
    Logan probably wins MVAL and goes 7/8.

    no way college park makes it in without winning league because of that loss to antioch.
    i think granada may upset somebody, but that early loss at home to a lower division out of section team hurts and shows their problems handling close games and maybe looking past someone. doubt that happens in ebal, but if they just look at beating foothill or monte vista, they’ll drop a game or two to srv or cal.



  • guru-black

    kemp see u next week get ur donuts ready cuz y’all aint scoring! so i hear u where were down 34-3 in da 4th with 9 minutes to go & runnin the ball guess u gotta get ur back his yards! another year no playoffs sucka!

  • The Truth

    Alameda is no longer a bay area, regional power, they won against san lorenzo, and tied bishop o dowd. If I was a team like “dougherty vally”, I would schedle em, lol all they play is cup cakes, and loook they tried to be slick and play a bad livermore team and got embrassed lol, goood luck to the jets. Now a regional power

  • when was alameda ever a power? they will end the season 4-5-1 book it! why would cunningham want to play 4 them? he’ll never play in the playoffs!

  • ProudPapa

    Logan lost their second 3 point game. Gave up late kick return and fumbled ball on own 1 with 5 seconds left for Deer Valley to kick winning field goal. This after losing to Monte Vista on a TD drop and missed field goal. Hard luck team. As a Logan fan, having played #2 MV, #3 Foothill and #4 Deer Valley, I gotta say that Foothill looks the best of that group. If Logan wins MVAL it will be interesting where their seed would be… 7-3 is a possibility with losses to 3 of best teams in area. I think 7 or 8 would be about right… but maybe as high as 6 if those other three remain in top 5 and other EBAL teams take some losses against each other.

  • HitStick

    Encinal decision-makers should be cautious with kids’ health and futures, Duckett has a scholarship to a Pac 10 school. He took a hard hit and fell to the ground twice and was out for a minute. And he already got a concussion last year in the playoffs. He came back in within the quarter. I can understand a kid toughing out an injury, but when you are talking possible brain injury, that is just crazy to put a kid’s future at risk.

    That said, Encinal power running game and aggressive d is good. Take care of your kids though.

  • groundskeeper

    Cal once again chokes when they get ranked high in the polls. They are getting stomped 42-3 by Oregon. Tedford’s play calling is terrible and Riley is an average QB at best. Time to get rid of Tedford.

  • eastbayscout

    i agree foothill was most impressive vs Logan…but i still like MV in the battle between the teams, they have been lights out since that game…the logan washington winner will probably end up with that 6-8 seed…washington could get higher if they win since would finish with 8-2 record and has the big win over cal…logan eventhough have gone toe to toe with the big boys haven’t been able to pull any off so that will hurt.

    amador, cal, srv, granada are going to make for some intereasting games to see how that ebal shapes up…i think dls, mv and foothill should win most of their games except losing to each other. because of their qb’s, (mv and foothill) got to give them the nod over the rest of the pack after DLS.

  • eastbayscout

    big games upcoming…srv vs cal the biggest in my opinion…could be huge in determining playoffs..as cal will need to win 4 games in league to qualify for the playoffs…if they lose this one..those 4 may be hard to come by.

  • eastbayscout

    granada vs foothill the other big game, we will find out if granada can make a run at a playoff berth. if they can at least hang in there they may be poised to pull some upsets…don’t see av taking down dls or livermore over mv…

  • groundskeeper

    News Flash, looks like MDUSD has until Thursday to come up with the rest of the money for athletics and right now they only have 1/4 of it. Doesn’t look good.

  • groundskeeper

    Any updates on Hayward vs YV?

  • old former meddling coach.

    Hitstick, Please believe That Duckett was and will be looked at very carefully and He wouldn’t have been allowed back in the game if he was not OK. His Mom and Dad were right there and i KNOW that his care and safety was the MOST IMPORTANT THOUGHT in everyones mind( as are all the young men) on the Encinal sideline. Jet pride! (Whooped em’ again Josey!)

  • Fellow Farmer

    Yeah, I’m trying to find out the outcome of Hayward Vs YV too. Anybody?

  • guru-black

    hey kemp i mean hitstick you should be tellin ur players 2 transfer cuz winning ncs will never happen u know it! wat does rocklin coach? you think that herman munster lookin nerd is gonna lead you guys anywhere?

  • junior

    granada has no chance at a playoff birth-they will finish 7th again. matadors are too weak along the LOS-both sides.

    MV will lose 2-3 EBAL games

    AV is going to beat either Foothill or MV this year

    Other than DLS and Cal- EBAL teams play weak non-league games which hurts them come league play. They should be challenging themselves much more than they have been.

  • Lucky5

    Junior, MV may lose 1 or 2 EBAL games, Foothill may lose 1 or 2 EBAL games, DLS will lose a EBAL game. As far as playing weak non-league games, I would not put Pittsburg, Logan, Novato and Miramonte in the “weak” category. Pittsburg and Logan may not be powerhouses this year, but they can beat you if you do not play solid ball as proven from Logan’s performance against MV. Cal played West which may be improving from last year, but not a threat. Is Washington for real, we will find out when playoffs start. I agree that Amador Valley definitely needs to schedule much stronger games. Regarding other leagues, Berkeley will walk through league after playing a beat up Pittsburg squad, Washington may do the same, but almost every team in EBAL has the athletes and potential to upset their opponent. When the seeding is set and the playoffs start we will see how the EBAL’s non-league scheduling affected their performance in making the NCS playoffs.

  • Ash more of the same

    Two Questions??

    Should Newark Memorial continue be allowed to recruit 8th graders from other school districts to play on their basketball team?

    Should ALL MVAL varsity basketball opponents refuse to play Newark Memorial (forfeit) this season because I guess you would have to say they “cheat”?

  • Steve

    who cares about basketball?

  • piratered&blue

    its not basketball season yet… but when it is its time to talk about the haal

  • junior

    Lucky5- so your saying that MV, Foothill, SRV, and AV played 5 challenging (count Logan twice) non-league games out of a possible 12 and that deserves respect? I cant count Novato or Miramonte as tough games BTW-they are in lower divisions. No, those EBAL teams are loading up on soft non-league games.

    They should be playing SJS D1 and D2 teams, teams from the WCAL, teams from Fresno and teams from So Cal.

  • MoellerMan

    As far as non-league scheduling goes, MV and Foothill are in one group, AV and SRV in another. I think the schedules that SRV and AV play are extremely weak. MV and Foothill play challenging teams within NCS, but none outside of NCS. I agree, I would like to see each of them step up their non-league schedule.

  • Mike

    they should be playing schools from socal and fresno.. haha who are you? they are public schools who don’t even pay their coaches anymore. tell that to the AD. they ain’t gonna pay an extravagant amount to go play some team. buddy none of these teams need to travel out of section anywhere because all are strong enough against each other that in league being the champs is good enough. can you believe what you’re saying? like they have a shot at a state bowl or something.. not with de la salle around and not for a while. no wcal team will get a bowl berth anytime soon either. it’s pretty much Grant, DLS, and in place of Novato/CN in NCS for smaller divisions St. Marys-Stockton. because of their divisions they always have it easier and they are the powerhouses around. no need to go overboard being kings of the state when you can be kings of the east bay/section and still be thought highly of.

    all that bowl bs is like college bcs. too many people buy into it when there are still good enough leagues around like the Pac-10 that its teams dont need to go out playing SEC teams for a shot at a nat’l title. Pac-10 title is just fine and the Rose Bowl is a great reward. Forget all that be the best play the best shit because you end up like Bellevue or DLS losing more games and hurting your reputation.


    Why did Alameda try to keep Duckett out of the game. Alameda’s coach bombarded Encinal on their way to halftime locker rooms. They begged for their trainer AD, and the principle to kick him out of the game. This is after a delay of about 1.5 minutes as they cheered up and down their side lines as Duckett went down.

    Alameda, now you have to deal with “The Real Coach Carter”. 4-5-1 has to be a reality at this point. And I wouldn’t take El Cerrito lightly. If I know Carter, they are probably going to score over 50 points against a struggling, sore, bruised up, brutal Alameda team. Especially if Cunningham can’t score. Cunningham will be trying to run through brick walls for the next 2-3 weeks…