Live from De La Salle-Lakeland tonight at 7

Just a reminder that I’ll be set up live from the press box at Diablo Valley College tonight when De La Salle takes on Lakeland (Fla) at 7. We’ll also have our usual Twitter updates from around the East Bay, and the live scoreboard will be rolling on the home page. If there was ever a night to check in on the blog, this would be the one with so many good games dotting the landscape. I’ll be up and running for a little pre-game, hopefully around 6:45. See you then!

Ben Enos

  • Prep Fan

    Hey Bower, how come Washington Huskies had a game against Tracy last night? Did their game against somebody get cancelled? and also, Tracy beat them so what does that mean? It looks more and more like that win over Cal High was an upset that’ll affect ncs

  • Michael Bower

    Tracy was on the schedule all along for Washington, Prep Fan. Tracy is a very solid team and a loss isn’t that surprising at all. It was definitely a winnable game, though. I don’t think the win over Cal High was an upset that day for Washington. I think if Cal High had Reggie Davis in the entire game, then the Grizzlies probably beat Washington. It’s hard to tell how much impact that game will have on the NCS seeding meeting because it all depends on how well Cal does in EBAL play now. Should the Grizzlies struggle then it really doesn’t mean much. Should the Grizzlies finish top 3 or 4 then that victory for Washington will shake it up.

  • Prep Fan

    Thanks. There was something wrong on calpreps b/c I thought they had scheduled somebody else. Yeah Tracy was a good team and I heard they play West, and West wasn’t the strongest team in Tracy