Update on injured Lakeland (FL) player

There was a scary moment in Friday night’s nationally-televised showdown between De La Salle and Lakeland (FL). With 10:59 left in the game, Lakeland defensive end Tedward Hamilton was the recepient of a crushing block delivered by Dylan Wynn.

After the hit, Hamilton appeared to roll back and forth in pain for a few seconds before going motionless on the field. A 20-minute delay followed in which trainers from both teams stabilized his neck and used a stretcher to get him into an ambulance. I was informed several hours after the game by De La Salle athletic director, Leo Lopoz, that the injury was a broken sternum in his chest.

Lopoz sent me a text early Saturday morning saying that Hamilton had been released from the hospital and was travelling home with the rest of his teammates.

Chace Bryson

  • Steve

    Much better outcome than first feared. His family must have been freaked having this happen to their son while playing 3,000 miles from home. Hope he makes a full & quick recovery!

  • Tedward, you are in our prayers.

  • Sam Butler

    Truly scary indeed, but a class act when on TV you could hear the DLS student body reciting the Lord’s Prayer as they put this young man on a stretcher. Best wishes on a safe trip home Lakeland!

  • cory

    So scary watching him motionless on the turf. Every parent’s nightmare, his poor parents back in Florida. Thank God he is OK. What a tragedy it could have been for everyone.

  • John

    It’s nice they were reciting the lord’s prayer to show their support, but too bad the lord isn’t real.

  • Franshwa

    I am so glad that he is doing well. I was flipping through the channels and seen what happened. I automatically started praying for him and his family. Thank God he is okay.

  • Grid Iron

    to John: Thats totally disrespectful and that shows how ignorant you are.

    Best of luck to that kids future. It showed alot of class for the DLS students reciting the prayer. Hell of a game.