Major change to NCS playoffs

As first reported by Ben Enos in the Two Geeks chat not long ago. the North Coast Section made an announcement today regarding a major change to the playoff brackets. The change now allows, at the discretion of the seeding committee, for any bracket to include up to 16 teams, provided the committee believes there are other eligible teams worthy of making the field. That could play a major role in this year’s NCS football brackets, where only Division III was scheduled to have a 16-team field. Off hand, I can think of a few teams (Valley Christian, Harker, Justin-Siena) in the Division IV field who just moved from bubble teams to probables, although it will be hard to gauge how the committee decides, in closed session, what makes a team worthy of making the field and increasing the size of the bracket.

The NCS’s rationale, the announcement says, is because “Often times, there is very little if any separation between the last team selected and the team(s) excluded from the Championships by the committee. By allowing the committee to increase the bracket size, this will allow qualified teams to compete on the field/court rather than on the chalkboard.”

On the surface, I see the merit. But it could open a huge can of worms when decided whether or not to increase the bracket size. Let the discussion begin.


Chat with the Playoff Prognosticators

Join myself and Kyle Bonagura today at 6 p.m. for a feature we’ll start bringing you each Wednesday where we will chat strictly about postseason possibilities. Who will get in? Where will teams be seeded? If you’ve got questions, join us from 6-7 p.m. each Wednesday until the playoffs begin.