East Bay Football Poll – 10/5

Here’s the football poll for this week. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (9) 2-2 135 1
2. Monte Vista 4-0 126 2
3. Deer Valley 4-0 112 4
4. Berkeley 5-0 108 5
5. Encinal 3-1 88 7
6. Clayton Valley 5-0 87 6
7. Foothill 3-1 82 3
8. Amador Valley 3-1 81 8
9. Granada 3-1 67 15
t10. California 2-2 50 11
t10. Pittsburg 1-3 50 9
12. San Ramon Val. 3-1 22 10
13. Concord 4-1 20 12
14. James Logan 2-3 17 NR
15. Ygnacio Valley 4-0 15 13

Also receiving votes: Miramonte (2-2, 11 points), Washington (2-2, 8), Pinole Valley (4-0, 1). The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Ben Enos

  • Fast and Physical

    Cash flow we have to play one game at a time. DLS has a great D- Line, it would be exciting and a thriller, lets hope and pray, that we get that far, cause we have to win one first, a playoff game, then we will see. Thanks for the respect, my man Jimmy D is a believer, just keep supporting the underdawg. Run Rickey Run, Go Jackets!

  • cash flow

    I totally agree……Run rickey run

  • EBAL FAN #2

    Valley Christian beat Harker

  • junior

    –“but we will see if DLS gets out of the EBAL”

    man the suspense is killing me- how will the Spartans survive the EBAL???

  • HAAL Fan

    No clue Junior. Let’s just pray the 18 years of good luck, bad calls, and poor timing keep going their way. I’m through dealing with the “hating” of DLS on here.

    As for the Valley Christian game; I happened to watch the first half of their game against Harker. Good lord! Their fullback is unbelievable. They also have a pretty speedy scat back in #3. But, their fullback, #4 Jeremiah Walters, is a monster! I watched the kid just flat back player after player after player. Then they decided to give him the ball at tail and his first play was somewhere along the lines of a 30 – 35 yard run. He couldn’t stay at tail because he was also the starting left defensive end as well as there being so much depth with #3 and #11. The kid is only a junior. I thought it was a great game played by Harker even though they were clearly the lesser athletic team. Great job by those kids and their coaches.

  • PhatPat

    The Moreau – St. Mary’s game will be a battle, seems like St. Marys has every game at home this year? How did that happen?

    Does Moreau stand a reasonable chance, appears like the top 5 teams in BSAL can play each other well? No?

    If St. Marys beats Moreau, sets up for the league title showdown the next week at Encinal. What a game that will be, the talent, size and speed on that field will be unparalleled at Division III level in Nor Cal.

  • PhatPat

    Question, was Piedmont’s QB out vs. Encinal?

    Did he sit out?


  • TT

    San Leandro 20 lge game win streak and still underdogs in lge????? No respect…

  • old former meddling coach.

    Yeah the started Craigie was out for the game. Jet Pride!

  • east bay

    San leandro gets no respect but will end the season 8-2 and beat hayward by 46 points….

  • ManDown

    PhatPat… I hope St. Marys are is good as you are hyping them up to be. I give St. Marys props for the wins they put together this year and I hope more success to them in the future. Honestly what makes you think that St. Marys will beat Encinal? You say that Piedmont exposed the jets but Piedmont still got killed in that game.

    San Leandro might not be the team they used to be but they still run the HAAL. Why not respect from the league?

  • AllowedToHaveAnOpinion

    biship o dowd is the 2nd best team in the league and was should have been beat by mt. eden who was beat by san leandro 55-0, Hayward could make a run at second they look extremely unorganized but they have playmakers which always help Bottom Line: San Leandro will not come close to loosing in league. Their talent level isn’t much greater then every team in that league but their coaching from freshman to varsity is heads and toes over any staff in that league

  • AllowedToHaveAnOpinion

    sorry i meant biship o dowd should have been beat not was

  • TT

    Calpreps prediction last week..Hayward 26 San leandro 24….

  • Souz

    BOD is not that great. They just have a really fast RB

  • AllowedToHaveAmOpinion

    BOD is still good enough to be 2nd in league they destroyed Tennyson whom some thought was going to challenge for league this year. I just don’t see them losing to anyone else this year except Hayward.

  • AllowedToHaveAmOpinion

    and Hayward is a long shot because of their youth but overall ahtlethism makes up for alot

  • lKatty

    SAN LORENZO!!!!!!

  • TT

    SLZ is playing good football @ 2 and 0 in lge….

  • phatpat if playing moreau is goin to be a battle like u say then how you guys gonna win on the road at encinal? moreau is very weak my friend.

  • Allowedtohaveanopinion

    Slz is kind of an enigma to me. How did they beat CV and almost loose to Tennyson? Seems like a very inconsistant team, I guess we won’t see who they are until they play a contender.

  • TT

    I hear castro valley jus got a big weapon back..Reciever supposed to be pretty good.. could make a late run…

  • groundskeeper

    Allowedtohaveanopinion, SLZ plays a contender this Saturday against BOD.

  • ccoosby

    some of these comments are crazy a late run for CV they will win 3 games at the most 2-8 or 3-7