UPDATED: OAL football statistics — 10/6

2:30 p.m. Oct. 7 — OAL stats have now been updated to include Skyline’s stats vs. Rocklin. Special thanks go out to Rocklin statistician Dave Sorenson, who generously reviewed the film of that game to provide stats for Skyline to be included here.

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech 4 97 711 7.3 8
Jakari Johnson, Castlemont 4 72 628 8.7 5
Ernest Marshal, McClymonds 4 35 313 8.9 3
Denzale Johnson, McClymonds 4 38 279 7.3 2
Dave Douglas, Oakland 3 38 276 7.3 7

Passing (by yards)

Note: QB rating uses college formula

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD Rat
Robert Brigham, McClymonds 4 20 49 40.8 337 5 4 105.1
Eakalafi Okusi, Castlemont 3 19 43 44.2 321 4 6 134.3
John Landstrom, Skyline 4 19 30 63.3 238 2 4 160.6
Daron Duong, Oakland Tech 4 11 26 47.8 196 0 2 148.1
Greg Pierson, Oakland Tech 4 12 23 52.2 170 0 5 186.0

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
DiAndre Campbell, Oakland Tech 4 14 250 17.9 5
Jordan Green, Castlemont 4 10 77 7.7 2
Damante Horton, Oakland 3 9 136 15.1 1
Ryan Norris, Skyline 4 8 154 19.3 1
Mikal Hardy, McClymonds 4 7 128 18.3 1


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech 4 9 0 0 0 54
Dave Douglas, Oakland 3 7 0 0 0 42
Jakari Johnson, Castlemont 4 7 0 0 0 42
DiAndre Campbell, Oakland Tech 4 5 0 2 0 34
Ryan Norris, Skyline 4 5 0 0 0 30

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Castlemont 4 925 382 1,307 326.8
McClymonds 4 904 337 1,241 310.3
Oakland Tech 4 792 366 1,158 289.5
Oakland 3 687 178 865 288.3
Skyline 4 348 349 697 174.3
Fremont* 2 249 69 318 159.0

*Missing Fremont’s offensive stats vs. Lincoln-Stockton.

Scoring: Oakland Tech 40.8, Castlemont 27.0, Oakland 26.3, McClymonds 23.8, Skyline 15.5, Fremont 6.3.

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Oakland Tech 4 134 262 396 99.0
Fremont 3 182 351 533 177.7
Oakland 3 362 259 621 207.0
McClymonds 4 654 206 860 215.0
Castlemont 4 992 533 1,525 381.3
Skyline 4 1,360 402 1,762 440.5

Scoring: Oakland Tech 12.3, Oakland 16.3, McClymonds 17.3, Fremont 22.0, Castlemont 43.0, Skyline 44.8.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Mike

    QB Charles Cobbs, WR DiAndre Campbell, WR Damante Horton, RB Jakari Johnson players to watch for 1st Team All-League.

    Dave Douglass at Oakland warming up I predict he’ll get more carries. Fremont kinda imploded I feel sorry for them they were pretty well rated early on. Wonder if they’ll get A win now.. Skyline had a nice surprise over O’Dowd, the Dragons must really be down this year they don’t even look like the runner up in their league.

  • Mikal Hardy of Mack stats are wrong! He should be second place @ worst… Over 200 receiving yard and 2 td’s(not 1). Also, I would like to see All-purpose numbers.

  • Sorry, but Hardy’s stats are accurate according to the stats recorded by our reporters at the games. His season line:

    vs. De Anza — 2 catches, 30 yards, TD
    vs. Pinole Valley — 3 catches, 46 yards
    vs. Valley Chrisitan — 0 catches
    vs. McKinleyville — 2 catches, 52 yards

    That adds up to 7 catches, 128 yards, 1 TD.

    Where I’m guessing you’re confused is that he has 4 carries for 41 yards and a TD. I’m guessing most of those came on passes that were thrown backwards, which count as a run. I know there was one of those during the McKinleyville game I was at. I have him with an 18-yard TD run against Pinole Valley and if it came on a play like that, I could easily see where people watching the game might think it should be a receiving TD but that’s not how it goes down in the stats.

    Also, Mikal has a 90-yard kick return for a TD and a 45-yard punt return for a TD. But sorry, we don’t have total all-purpose numbers since we don’t keep track of all return yardage. Offensively, he has 11 touches for 162 yards though.

  • One cool thing to note is Mikal has scored four TDs four different ways (rushing, receiving, kick return, punt return). Let’s see if he can complete the cycle and get a pick-six, a fumble return and maybe even throw one.

  • Thanks Jimmy!!!

    What about Robert Brigham? And Randy Harvey?

  • JB

    Jimmy who DO you think will win the OAL After 4-5 games?


  • I’ll start by giving you my projected playoff teams (Castlemont, McClymonds, Oakland, Oakland Tech — that’s alphabetical order, not standings order).

    Right now, I put Oakland and Oakland Tech at the top, although I’m smart enough to not count out a Castlemont team that’s been there the past two years. I also won’t count out Skyline making a run at the postseason because I still haven’t been able to put that O’Dowd win in full context yet (need to see how O’Dowd’s year plays out before we know how good a win that is).

    I think I’ll have a better grasp after I get my first look at Tech tonight and once we see a full-strength Castlemont team when OAL play starts. Strictly based on what we’ve seen so far, I’ll make Tech my pick to win the OAL and we’ll re-evaluate that after OAL play begins next Friday.

  • billjohnson

    jimmy i’ll tell u right now o’dowd will lose to san leandro & hayward. the rest of the haal is horrible. i’d say o-high is the favorite. they have the only quality win in non-league against campo.if tech can beat y.v that could change things but will have 2 wait n see

  • At this point, I’m inclined to agree on all points Bill.

  • Mike

    Agree with Bill and Jimmy. How can Tech fly under the wire any longer. they are doin awesome and have a greta back in jakari johnson. the whole team is great and coaching is helping them win big games.

    O-High tied Liberty, a team they should’ve beat, but im more impressed with Oaklands win over campolindo. they have the names, the talented offense, but is the defense going to stop the other potent teams in league?

    Castlemont is a dark horse, although they shouldn’t be overlooked. they played tough games early, but that will help them come oal play. JB has these kids doin great as well and if they keep growin they’re right in the mix for a silver bowl.

    Mack is my surprise team, but OAL FAN told me preseason not to count them out. they have showed some very bright moments with good team play and coming together with the W’s. I don’t think anybody’s sleepin on the Warriors this season.

    as for skyline, they could be playing the spoiler, but they will keep fighting tough to show that O’dowd upset was no fluke.

    fremont got outmatched against pittsburg that was coming off a bye with something to prove, but i think from here on out the tigers are playing teams they are more evenly matched with. i dont see the losses continuing if they put together the solid effort i know they have, but just haven’t got it all out there yet

  • Tech is on a roll- they haven’t had a team like this since Rickey Henderson played.

  • O-High get over yourselves. If you were any kind of premire team you would have beaten Liberty. They really aren’t that good. You guys are turning into another team loaded with talent & over hyped. Get it done on the field. O-Tech will beat you by 2 TDs.

  • Liberty is in a good league, lots better than the OAL. It’s a good tie for Oakland. Should be a good game between the 2 Oakland schools.

  • BigJoe, I think Marshawn Lynch and Josh Johnson might have a liiiiiitle something to say about that. That team was pretty special to have a RB and QB who are both now NFL starters.

    But I do agree, this is a very good Tech team. With a win over a ranked opponent (I might have to research who the last OAL team to beat a ranked team is), they won’t fly under the radar for long. Their defense is extremely aggressive and ferocious. Having seen them in person finally, I do have to call them a slight favorite next week against Oakland.

  • momo

    hey dont sleep on mack they have a strong game so my predictinons for the oal is mack takes on oakland tech in the silver bowl (oaklands chapionship game) but i think mack has a steady new team under new coaches so jimmy keep mack on your mind