East Bay FB poll — 10/12

Here’s the football poll for this week. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (10) 3-2 150 1
2. Monte Vista 4-1 140 2
3. Deer Valley 5-0 125 3
4. Berkeley 6-0 120 4
5. Encinal 4-1 108 5
6. Clayton Valley 5-0 97 6
7. Amador Valley 4-1 96 8
8. California 3-2 73 t10
9. Pittsburg 2-3 69 t10
10. Granada 3-2 59 9
11. San Ramon Val. 4-1 49 12
12. Foothill 3-2 33 7
13. James Logan 3-3 31 14
14. Washington 3-2 21 NR
15. Concord 4-1 19 13

Also receiving votes: Oakland Tech (4-1, 8 points), Ygnacio Valley (4-1, 1), San Leandro (3-2, 1). The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Chace Bryson


  1. renegades10 I know you support us, and relizes we changed our schedule, the best way we could, all we can do is wait and get hated on, like the passed two years by the ncs committee. One ex Monte Vista player, whos dad was a longtime coach with Coach Stockberger, and the asian gentlemen who is also on the committee, who refrees most of DeLaSalles home game, their is major politics with the seeding committee, Jimmy D was in the seeding meeting, its not fair, when all the EBAL coaches team up against all the other leagues. I played in the EBAL, and know it is superior, maybe its time to change these leagues up, where big schools play big, medium size, play medium, and small, plays small, and a open division, play open! stop giving teams respect on what league they in, or their past accomplishments, cause mark my words, Berkeley will shock the bay, in the Playoffs, Lets Wait and see, good luck to everyone, Im running with Rickey G, Cream of the Crop, Player of the Year

  2. i said a few weeks ago that b-high deserves respect for trying to beef up the schedule and that unfortunately they have no control over how good those teams would be when they played but these teams are not the same. Ponderosa did beat Grant in 2007 but this is 2009 and they are 1-6. Freedom advanced to the NCS playoffs last year but they are 0-6. Castro Valley has been consistently mediocore but last year were 2-8 and this year 1-5. And Pitt is not as strong as last year. no doubt they are still dangerous and watch out for them come playoff time and it was a solid win for b-high but they are 3-3 including a spanking by MV. not the same team as last year. it’s not disrespecting the team just pointing out facts. i bet they will be higher this year especially if Pitt wins the BVAL.

  3. fast and physical i am a DLS alum and fan first, but I have a lot of respect for what Coach Carter has done at both Mack and now Berkeley. He has shown a true passion for helping his players move on to the next level in tough areas. Not only that but he produces winning football teams. My guess is this is his best Berkeley team ever. If Pitt wins BVAL my guess is B-High is a three seed.

  4. Pitt is playing well, we will have to wait and see, the out come, cause DV hasnt played anyone with that Pitt speed, similar to theirs, I predict Pitt, they need to make the playoffs.

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