East Bay FB poll — 10/12

Here’s the football poll for this week. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (10) 3-2 150 1
2. Monte Vista 4-1 140 2
3. Deer Valley 5-0 125 3
4. Berkeley 6-0 120 4
5. Encinal 4-1 108 5
6. Clayton Valley 5-0 97 6
7. Amador Valley 4-1 96 8
8. California 3-2 73 t10
9. Pittsburg 2-3 69 t10
10. Granada 3-2 59 9
11. San Ramon Val. 4-1 49 12
12. Foothill 3-2 33 7
13. James Logan 3-3 31 14
14. Washington 3-2 21 NR
15. Concord 4-1 19 13

Also receiving votes: Oakland Tech (4-1, 8 points), Ygnacio Valley (4-1, 1), San Leandro (3-2, 1). The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Chace Bryson

  • norcalfball

    3 of top qb’s? southwick, nottingham, mannion didn’t, so that stat definately not true…

  • HitStick

    Right now, San Leandro winning league would put one of the 12 D1 teams in the top 15 on this poll out of the playoffs. The only other teams that appear to be in the mix would be Heritage, who has started nicely against a solid-not-spectacular schedule and College Park, who would need to win their league to be in. You have to assume that whichever EBAL team comes in 7th is going to have to be bumped.



    the top 3 was Southwick, John Brown, and Dansika


    i think it was dansika

  • norcalfball

    ok ill buy off on brown being on a top qb list…but dansika? a great player but one of the top qb’s last year. and since when did southwick play defense full time? at times he did, but not regularly.


    but at times he did. I mean it was obvious when he did right? Usually when they needed a baller.


    And just to give a 4th QB to think about: The Samoan kid from Grant High School (LB, FS, P, K, QB).

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Southwick played all of 10 plays on defense all of last year.

    The other top QB that also played defense was Ryan Rodriguez at Freedom.

    Nottingham, Mannion, Southwick, throw in Stompro who is playing at USD now, and Wayne who is at DVC … that’s five of the top QBs, none of which played defense.

    At the schools where the rosters are in the 25-35 range the QB will end up on defense more often, but not at the bigger schools.

    Obviously there are some exceptions… Also, teams that use the QB to run a lot (Brown at Encinal last year, Willis at Logan, etc…) those guys are probably going to be the type of athletes that project well on defense too


    Hey Kyle,
    Because of the teacher strike and schools dropping programs in Richmond, will other teams like Piedmont or Berkeley be able to pick up another game. Will the forfit still count?

  • norcalfball

    yeah thanks kyle i agree…

    in fact there is no reason to play kristoff in any game on defense other than maybe pitt and heritage in spot situations…because if he gets hurt they are barely in the top 15 in ncs…and bottom of the playoffs team thats how good he is. he makes that whole offense go because you are so worried about him on every single play it opens things up in passing game and the other runners.

    so im not saying dont play him on defense but you got to be smart too.

  • BHS doesn’t have the discinpline to beat some of those EBAL teams. They have good atheletes, they aren’t putting any more to college ball than these other schools. The EBAL is putting lots of guys in college ball, especially QB’s and receivers. They do a pretty good job with linemen too. If you’re saying De La isn’t producing, go no further than Sundays. They got lots of talent going down that road. Bye the way, it’s not about the individual, it’s about the team. From the NFL to high school, TEAMS are much more successful than individuals. Check out the Raiders, the proof is in the pudding. I’m sure BHS is going to continue to have a great season. We’ll have to wait and see if they can win a playoff game.

  • Jet fans, watch out coming to John Sweet. New field and the entire town of Crockett going to be at this one. Ripe for an upset.

  • Jet4ever52

    Yo Mama

  • John Angel will have some tricks up his sleeve. He’s back and a VERY GOOD COACH.

  • Dutch B

    Prep Fan…What I meant about Houston. Was that the threat of a De La Salle passing attack. Would help to open up their running attack. The previous starter did not strike fear in the heart of defenses. Thus they were more apt to load up to defend against the run. I do not think. That Ward’s 398-yards and Houston’s start at QB were a coincidence.

  • KillerD

    Predictions for Week # 6 Point Margin Just for Fun:

    Salesian vs. Harker: Salesian by 15

    St. Eliz vs. Valley Christian: VC by 28

    Albany vs. Piedmont: Piedmont by 14

    Encinal vs. John Swett: Encinal by 14

    Moreau vs. St. Mary’s: St. Mary’s by 10

    Heritage vs. Pittsburg: Pitt by 14

    Antioch vs. Liberty: Liberty by 1

    Alhambra vs. Acalanes: Alhambra by 14

    Miramonte vs. Campo: Campo by 9

    Clayton vs. Mt. Diablo: Clayton by 10

    Monte Vista vs. Amador: MV by 1

    Granada vs. Cal: Granada by 1

    Livermore vs. Foothill: Foothill by 15

    BOD vs. San Lorenzo: SL by 4

    Fortuna vs. Del Norte: Fortuna by 21

    Ferndale vs. Vacaville Christian: Ferndale by 10

    Novato vs. Marin Catholic: MC by 9

    Tamalpais vs. Justin Siena: Tam by 5

    Analy vs. Casa Grande: Casa by 10

    Healdsburg vs. Windsor: Windsor by 1

    Total Games Picked – 20

  • norcalfball

    encinal by way more than 14..if they are that good they should be beating their entire league by 30 pts a night, because most all those teams are bottom dwellers in any other league.

    cal by 10 over granada…if atkinson can’t get going against AV, then i think more of the same with cal.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Yo Mama, Hope you got enough guts to meet me at mid field to shake hands when we win and admit you were wrong. If we lose(which we won’t) I will do the same. You’ll know who i am. I’ll be on the Jets Sideline. Jet Pride!

  • renegades10

    it’s too early to say how good houston will be. he’s not at the level that matt was at at this point in his career. then again matt had some outstanding weapons around him when was the qb. when you get to hand the ball off to Kevin Simon or MJD and throw to a Demetrius Williams and have an O-line starring Derek Landri it makes life pretty easy for a qb. But in his first start on the road, Houston made two big time throws. we shall see.

  • ManDown

    Yo Mama I hope your guys back up your talk…

  • old former meddling coach.

    Well ManDown i waited on the 50. No yo mama. Nice win for my Jets. I really hope that was not the whole town Yo mama. The crowd was ok but almost as many jet fans in the house. Jet Pride!

  • Sorry, I wasn’t there. I didn’t get off duty until after midnight. OPD is short because of vacations this week, had to work OT. The best thing about Crockett is hitting the Club Tac after a game, lot’s of fun across the bar.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Ok so what happend to your upset? Jet Pride!

  • Got to some game action on every week. Congrats to the Jets on the blowout.

  • Got to have some game action on every week. Congrats to the Jets on the blowout.

  • Would nice to see Terch vs. BHS . They could play for the un-offiical Silver Bowl. BHS might finally get a playoff win if this game actually could occur.

  • KillerD

    From the Info I Have my week # 6 Prediction Results:

    Salesian vs. Harker: Salesian (Yes)

    St. Eliz vs. Valley Christian: VC (Yes)

    Albany vs. Piedmont: Piedmont (Yes)

    Encinal vs. John Swett: Encinal (Yes)

    Moreau vs. St. Mary’s: St. Mary’s (Yes)

    Heritage vs. Pittsburg: Pitt (Yes)

    Antioch vs. Liberty: Liberty (No)

    Alhambra vs. Acalanes: Alhambra (Yes)

    Miramonte vs. Campo: Campo (No)

    Clayton vs. Mt. Diablo: Clayton (Yes)

    Monte Vista vs. Amador: MV (No)

    Granada vs. Cal: Granada (No)

    Livermore vs. Foothill: Foothill (Yes)

    BOD vs. San Lorenzo: SL (Yes)

    Fortuna vs. Del Norte: Fortuna (Yes)

    Ferndale vs. Vacaville Christian: Ferndale (Yes)

    Novato vs. Marin Catholic: MC (Yes)

    Tamalpais vs. Justin Siena: Tam (No)

    Analy vs. Casa Grande: Casa (Yes)

    Healdsburg vs. Windsor: Windsor (Yes)

    Total Games Picked – 20

    Total Number of Games CORRECT: 15 out of 20

  • Fast and Physical

    Monte vista offense is great, there Defense is suspect, team changed against av when, #2 got hurt. AV was smacking Wilkerson, he’s overrated, looks great at combines, but looked slow, and was getting smacked by a average, av oline. Keenan Coogler from Berkeley is the guy to watch, stop believing the internet hype, Coogler over Wilkerson any day! Run Rickey Run, Go Jackets!

  • renegades10

    if wilkerson had some help his talent would show. but the other linebackers don’t pose much of a threat and therefore teams specifically gameplan against wilkerson. that’s a sign of respect and understanding of what he can do in a game when you gameplan against a player. it’s what DLS did and after they romped through the MV defense on the ground I’m sure Amador as well as the rest of the EBAL took notice.

  • Fast and Physical

    renegades10 i do agree, mv in that 3-3-5 gives wilkerson angles to scrape, just seem slow, possible knee injuried. I went to college with his dad, not hatin just observing. mv very talented in the secondary, thats it, they see the Best arm everyday in practice, need to work on that run defense.

  • Mike

    any word on B-High’s offers?

    Coogler should be getting interest how good he’s producing.. i was j/w because cal gave wilkerson an offer last year based on nothin really but projected growth and impact..

  • Mike

    Dam KillerD you on it. Picked MC and SLZ over Novato and O’Dowd. Im impressed! lol they should re-start the pick em challenge but i guess with few writers its harder to coordinate..

  • 925

    taking the top 12 teams as if to seed, right now. not at the end of the season

    #1 De La Salle – king of the hill
    #2 Amador Valley – beat MV, Granada, impressed vs DLS
    #3 Monte Vista – have beat top 2/3 BVAL teams blowouts
    #4 Berkeley – beat pitt, which DV hasn’t done yet
    #5 Deer Valley – still has to play Pitt and Heritage(MV routed both)

    now it gets confusing… a lot of these teams are about the same.. having lost (or projected loss) to top 5..

    #6 Washington 8-2/7-3 – lets hope they win MVAL or this is worse
    #7 California 6-4/5-5 – have to be below washington at this point (even if they beat MV Foothill or AV, or 2/3 or all)
    #8 Logan 6-4 / 7-3 – 2nd place mval? do they deserve to get in. yes. tough schedule, but have lost to DV, MV, Foothill, (& maybe Wash?)
    #9 Pittsburg 6-4/5-5 – beat Heritage but might finish 5-5 or 6-4 idk if they deserve to get in with that many losses..
    #10 Heritage? 7-3 wins vs lower division.. loss vs MV, Pitt, idk if they deserve to get in because they have lost to the top teams. would be rematch so to say
    #11 winner of Granada 4-6 / San Ramon Valley 5-5 .. another case of poor record, deserving a spot? available spots have to be filled, but seeding is a crap shoot here
    #12 San Leandro 8-2 – automatic weakest league after ACCAL

    there’s room for 7 at large teams if 5 league champs qualify. dls, dv, bhs, wash, sl

    from the top 15 poll above, amador, monte vista, logan, pittsburg, cal, san ramon valley, granada, foothill are listed. thats one left out. i say its foothill because they lost to SRV & Granada and still have tougher games ahead.. if you include Heritage, they take away a spot.. likely from the SRV/Granada loser.. whoever wins that game likely gets the last spot..

    basically by the end of the season a lot of teams will have bad records and a lot of them will get in by strenght of schedule, league, etc

    its hard to rank now, because if those turn out to be true, how “fun” is it to go watch 6-4 / 5-5 teams in the playoffs.. its just a down year or everybody’s watered-down or after the top 5 its a huge drop off

  • 925

    for simplicity im hoping the ebal turns out:
    dls 7-0, amador 6-1, monte vista 5-2, cal 4-3, srv 3-4, granada 2-5, foothill 1-6, livermore 0-7

    meaning DLS overall is 8-2, amador 9-1, monte vista 8-2, cal 5-5, srv 6-4, granada 4-6, foothill 4-6, livermore 2-8. granada and foothill get left out..

    in mval washington wins and goes 8-2, making logan 6-4 overall.

    bval deer valley 5-0, pitt 4-1(but watch out for antioch upest), heritage 3-2
    overall dv 10-0, pitt 7-3, heritage 7-3.

    accal berkeley 10-0, haal san leandro 8-2..

    dls 8-2, amador 9-1, mv 8-2, dv 10-0, berkeley 10-0, washington 8-2, pitt 7-3, logan 6-4, heritage 7-3, cal 5-5, srv 6-4, sl 8-2

    1) dls bye, 2) amador bye, 3) mv bye, 4) dv bye

    #5 berkeley vs #12 san leandro
    #6 washington vs #11 san ramon
    #7 pitt vs #10 cal
    #8 logan vs #9 heritage

    that looks more like it..

  • 925

    berkeley would host and win

    washington would host and get upset

    pitt would host and get upset

    logan would host and win

    #1 dls vs #8 logan – DLS

    #2 amador vs #10 cal – AV but can they do it twice

    #3 monte vista vs #11 san ramon – MV again twice

    #4 deer valley vs #5 berkeley – rematch 08 B High

    #1 dls vs #5 b high, 07 rematch much closer

    #2 av vs #3 mv, another rematch tight as hell

    #1 dls vs #2 amador, another rematch(!) amador finally wins in a parallel universe LOL

  • 925

    yeah that was all pretty much for fun and arbitrarily i thought some upsets would happen and set up big rematches, but none of that is likley to happen at all and the real thing will definitely be radically different and NCS will probably give DV and B high top 4 seeds for being undefeated except AV would be as well if not for DLS so strength of schedule hurts at the top, but at the bottom helps(why i chose ebal upsets)

  • James

    berkeley has yet to win a playoff game… so I wouldn’t favor them against anyone. =p

  • James ur just a straight hater stop speaking on B-high cus u always come wit some horrible fake comments come watch on friday night against EC then comment until then leave B-high out ya comments

  • cash flow

    its the 2009 Football season…The past is the past NOBODY has won a playoff game this season…Let the season playout

  • James

    You’re right Cash… “my prediction” is B-high wont advance in the playoffs. Well maybe… if they get that first week bye but then they lose following week.

    What does beating EC prove again???

  • What team ru cheerleading for james u HATER.B-high must of beat the team ur cheerleading for so that’s why u have Pom Poms out rooting against B-high. Run Rickey Run

  • Fast and Physical

    Every year is a new year, Berkeley is a good team, give them credit,wait and see in the playoffs, amador is too slow and none athletic enough to hang with Berkeley, hatin on the Yellowjackets, with discipline urban school kids, valley boys beware, the killa jackets are here!

  • E_CULB

    JB big win on Fri. what happened how did you guys pull it off? I must admit I was a little shocked to see that you guys won, me thinking that the home field would be the biggest difference.

  • Fast and Physical

    berkeley is 10-0 should be #1

  • E_Culb

    I thought they where like 6-0? I’m sure they are taking it one game at a time.

  • Fast and Physical

    E they 7-0 had that zero week, hardest weeks to get ready for DeAnza, and Richmond, been preparing for El Cerrito for two weeks now, they do alot popping and no way the real coach carter wont be ready for them, they disrespected the jackets by scheduleing the jackets for their Homecoming!

  • James

    combined records for all the teams berkeley has beatin this year 8-29-1. that’s super impressive! I’m not hating just stating facts… there only decent win is against a bad Pitt team. =( Be happy with your rank spot, think it’s to high.

  • renegades10

    actually the records of berkeley’s opponents played so far this season are 10-35-1 and they have their toughest stretch coming up when the combined record of their last three opponents is 10-7 with two opponents having winning records. fast and physical i am not doubting that b-high has a talented team this year but you can’t make a comment that they should be #1 when their best win is against Pitt. they should be top four maybe even three but remember the seeding committee looks at the schedule played too. berkeley’s resume just isn’t that impressive this year. they are going to run the table in the regular season and get seeded pretty high but not 1.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    The schedule definitely matters. B-High was 9-1 last year and go the No. 8.

    Cal was 6-4 and got the No. 6 and SRV was 7-3 and got the No. 7.

  • jacketfan

    kyle B-high schedule teams to improve on the vote. could it be possible that b-high is playing better,and everyones favored teams are about the same,b-high has exposed many teams. they didn’t take on any oal teams,saint marys,d-2 or d3, they took on d-1 teams that were playoff bound the past years, ponderosa beat grant in the 2007 playoffs. B-high has for the last
    three years has ask to be moved to the haal. Some things are not in there control. Many of the schools
    in the ebal, bval,their head coaches are either teachers or ads, this brings some stability to those progams. most oal, accal teams are coached by off campus coachs and are subject to school district budject’s. carter took a down program and turned it around. so give what he and his kids have done the respect they deserve.JUST THINK WHAT TYPE OF PROGRAM
    BERKELEY HIGH FOOTBALL WOULD LOOK LIKE IF COACH ALONZO CARTER HAD THE DISTRICT BACKING THAT THE EBAL, BVAL coaches have .Dls beat every team in playoffs by 40. league champion and overall record shoul be the bases for seeding. yes 9-1 8th seed how disrespectful regardless of the results, that was last year.