OAL stats — 10/13

Another round of OAL football stats. Only game missing in the stats if offensive numbers for Fremont vs. Lincoln-Stockton on Sept. 25.

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech 5 120 798 6.7 9
Jakari Johnson, Castlemont 4 72 628 8.7 5
Ernest Marshal, McClymonds 5 52 491 9.4 4
Dave Douglas, Oakland 4 59 369 6.3 7
Randy Harvey, McClymonds 5 38 324 8.5 3

Passing (by yards)
Note: QB rating uses college formula

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD Rat
Robert Brigham, McClymonds 5 22 55 40.0 447 5 6 126.1
Eakalafi Okusi, Castlemont 3 19 43 44.2 321 4 6 134.3
John Landstrom, Skyline 5 24 41 58.5 279 3 4 133.3
Daron Duong, Oakland Tech 5 15 33 45.2 232 1 2 118.4
Greg Pierson, Oakland Tech 5 15 36 41.7 208 0 5 136.0

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
DiAndre Campbell, Oakland Tech 5 18 315 17.5 6
Damante Horton, Oakland 4 12 179 14.9 1
Jordan Green, Castlemont 4 10 77 7.7 2
Ryan Norris, Skyline 5 10 158 15.8 1
Darquis Rucker, Skyline 5 10 136 13.6 1


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech 5 10 0 0 0 60
DiAndre Campbell, Oakland Tech 5 7 0 2 0 46
Dave Douglas, Oakland 3 7 0 0 0 42
Jakari Johnson, Castlemont 4 7 0 0 0 42
Mikal Hardy, McClymonds 5 5 0 0 0 30
Ryan Norris, Skyline 4 5 0 0 0 30

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
McClymonds 5 1,189 447 1,636 327.2
Castlemont 4 925 382 1,307 326.8
Oakland Tech 5 888 496 1,384 276.8
Oakland 4 836 261 1,097 274.3
Skyline 5 463 396 859 171.8
Fremont* 3 346 92 438 146.0

*Missing Fremont’s offensive stats vs. Lincoln-Stockton.

Scoring: Oakland Tech 37.8, Castlemont 27.0, McClymonds 23.8, Oakland 23.3, Skyline 13.8, Fremont 6.3.

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Oakland Tech 5 266 302 568 113.6
Oakland 4 517 296 813 203.3
McClymonds 5 882 256 11138 227.6
Fremont 4 368 561 929 232.3
Castlemont 4 992 533 1,525 381.3
Skyline 5 1,683 474 2,157 431.4

Scoring: Oakland Tech 12.4, Oakland 15.8, McClymonds 16.2, Fremont 29.3, Skyline 42.8, Castlemont 43.0.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.


  1. oal fan wats up buddy the oal went 11-17-1 in the non-league. u said .500 would be no problem. if tech could’nt beat pinole does that make alameda high the silver bowl champs!?

  2. come on now bill everybody knows pinole beat tech by 2 points and also take had a touchdown called back that would have won the game. tech went 4-1 in the preseason and has one of the best defences in the whole bay area. so to answer yo ? no alameda would not be the silver bowl champs, they wouldnt even have a chance at beating tech

  3. Some OAL teams lookin’ good this year-most not. I reember when Tech took on BHS in ’73, a very dirty game- BHS players came out of that game with cuts from thumb tacks stuck under tape. Bye the way, BHS handled Tech by a wide margin and went on to an undeated season. I believe they were lead by a transfered St. Mary’s QB, had Ruppert Jones as a big time receiver and a staunch defense that scored points.

  4. all i’m sayin is if pinole beat the oal’s best how good is the oal this season? we all know if tech wins 2 games you’ll be on here cryin sayin y aint tech ranked! pinole is a one dimensional team they can’t even throw!

  5. The OAL is very down this season. Tech is the best they offer and they still lost to a not so good Pinole team.what does that mean about the OAL?

  6. Yes, the OAL isn’t having the best season, but every league is entitled to their “down years”.

    The ACCAL is bound to have a “down year” of their own, and then what? We bash the ACCAL and compare them to another league who’s having a better year?

    But I guess it wouldn’t be fun if we didn’t spark up some kind of debate about whose league is better… The season isn’t over yet fellas, there’s still a lot of football to be played.

    I wonder if anybody would have compared Tech to a team in the ACCAL (or any league) back when Marshawn Lynch and Josh Johnson were playing…

  7. #6 They lost to a weak Pinole Valley team that year too. Who guess what? Lost to Alameda. Tech has never beat Pinole Valley. How good is this league anyway? Pinole beat Mac too. If Douglas doesn’t transfer to O-High, O-High doesn’t beat Campo(he balled that game & there is no RB on that team that is better thats why he starts). Castlemont gave up 40 too St. Liz, St. Liz tied Fremont. If Douglas is on that team St. Liz beats both those schools. So this kid transfering meant 3 victories for the OAL. St. Liz has what 200 kids & practice on 20 yards of grass.

  8. OAL the problem with being your own section is you’re as good as you are after weak 5. YV & Campo are your best wins. They’re middle of the pack solid teams. Count BOD too cuz sports writers are always pumping them up & on their nuts. (Sorry too Jimmy, Kyle, ect… but its true). Every upper echelon team this league played dominated them.

  9. the oal completed 6 passes yesterday! it’s 2009 not 1979!

  10. Hahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on now Lets stop downing tech. there very well coached and hav the heartof anybody. this is the reason why the o.a.l has been weak is becuase they can’t contend for state title so most of the athlets go to surrouding schools like berkley and alameda high. these schools just have Oakland talent thats all. nothing more. for proof watch pop warner teams like the east bay warriors and how they dominate alameda and berkley teams. even the contra costa teams. our athlets are getting watered down and taken away. And by the way the o.a.l has better D-1 athletes. ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  11. PERKIN:

    I see you’ve failed to take the time to read my post. I spoke strictly of leagues having “down years”. No where in my post did I compare an ACCAL team to an OAL team.

    So you’re random babble about who beat who this year has no relevance to me.

    You might want to read it first before making an aimless comment that has nothing to do with my original statement.

  12. You compared Tech to any team in the ACCAL not knowing they were one of the 4 wins that Pinole had that year even though Tech had 2 NFL players. ACCAL was down last year bad & still beat the best team in the OAL who had the best year in years.

  13. Berkeley would smack Tech, a bunch of great athletes going after it for four quarters. B High 28- Tech 7. Let Berkeley play Amador, thats whats up you guys on Amadors nuts and one bad call changed that whole game with fumble on one. Terrible call

  14. Now, once again, you have failed to properly read my comment. You’re narrow-mindedness has you blind to the purpose of my statement.

    I was clearly stating that every league has the right to a “down year”, a year in which the entire league is not “up to par” with other leagues in the bay area. A rebuilding year of sorts. If you haven’t already realized, every program and league will go through this period eventually.

    And yes, I brought up the Tech team, the Tech team from 2002-2003. Not the current team. It was just an example as to how frivolous this discussion has become. I was just stating a fact.

    So your aimless pursuit to try to win an argument with current team rebuttals has failed, because this wasn’t an argument to begin with.

  15. Pay Attention: For the record the loss to Pinole Valley by Tech was nuthin more than a fluke, aside from the obviously terrible call made by the refs that called back a winning touchdown,the Bulldogs’ place kicker Southworth who is over 97% percent for field goals was injured and unable to do his job, so all in all Henderson and PV pulled a lucky card and played it jus well enough to win by just TWO points

  16. I think Castlemont took a major step in the win verse MAC on the road !!! Shuting out the league number 1 off. With 9 new starters on def !! Now Grades are out now we will see how good the Castle will be.

    Knight pride !!!

  17. How about that 2005 McClymonds team, al1 28 players, 9D1, from the school of champions, est. 300 students would’ of beat anybody in the East Bay. Banjo, fans just need to understand that even though the leagues, schedules, are not so good, dont take away from the present, Berkeley wiil acheive their destiny, and keep winning, soft schedule, weak league, no passing attack, all that, Run Rickey Run Go Jackets!

  18. Fast and Physical brings up an excellent point. McClymonds has excelled for years in the East Bay but has a student population similar to an elementary school.

    It’s amazing that there are people who overlook what the OAL has done in the past. Sure, the OAL isn’t having the best year overall, but who’s to say they won’t have a great one next year? I guess only time will tell.

    You can talk all you want about who has beaten who this year, and how that team lost to this team, and how many times this team has beaten that team in the past, but when it comes down to it, you can’t truly compare teams unless they’ve actually played each other head-to-head.

    I don’t know about you… but I’m curious as to how many people in Oakland expected the Raiders to beat the Eagles… get my drift?

  19. Come on #20 all that stuff OAL people were talking about all summer? Where’s Kenny Edwards or OAL fan? Or all these O-High coaches & fans who thought they won state after what they did at Contact Camps? OAL was taking big time during the summer now they’re just getting the business. Trust me if they would have won all their games we wouldn’t be able to shut them up.

    So JB who you got coming now that grades are out?


    Knight Pride !! 1 DOWN 6 TO GO


  21. Great job coach. It’s nice to hear kids excelling both the classroom and out on the field.

    And PERKIN, I wasn’t here during the summer debates so I can’t speak for those individuals. But to comment on your statement about teams not being able to shut up if they won… come on, seriously? ANY team in the STATE would be riled up and excited if they won all their games.

    So yes, it’s easy to point out the OAL since we’re in an OAL thread, but I guarentee if you look at these other league threads (HAAL, MVAL, etc.), you’re going to find people on there high with confidence and talking about their teams winning. It’s just the nature of competition.

    But we’ve strayed away from my original point. Once again, all I said was, the OAL, like any other league, will have “down years”. Chances are, a lot of the teams are rebuilding and they’re winning some games in the process. So instead of bashing them for not beating this team or that team, it’s only fair to give the coaches and their athletes props for all the hard work they’ve done up to this point.

  22. Get out of here with that soft talk Banjo. Fact is that the OAL sucks right now. We did horrible in the preseason besides Tech. Who cares? Now its all about the OAL as a league and who is gonna win the silver bowl this year because its up in the air now. But trust me the OAL will be back!

  23. Haha. It’s funny how a person can consolidate everything I’ve said into one straightforward paragraph. Well done.

  24. doesnt even matter who wins the silver bowl? last year castle won it the where ranked 15 in the end can’t see this year’s winner cracking the top 10. skyline, castle & tech win this week they pretty much in da oal playoffs that tells u all u need 2 know bout that league.

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