East Bay FB Poll – 10/19

Here’s the football poll for this week. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (8) 4-2 120 1
2. Deer Valley 6-0 109 3
3. Berkeley 7-0 103 4
4. Amador Valley 5-1 96 7
5. Encinal 5-1 88 5
6. Monte Vista 4-2 83 2
7. Clayton Valley 6-0 68 6
8. California 4-2 61 8
9. Pittsburg 3-3 58 9
10. Granada 3-3 35 10
11. San Ramon Val. 4-2 33 11
12. Washington 4-2 32 14
13. James Logan 4-3 31 13
14. Foothill 4-2 25 12
15. Concord 5-1 12 15

Also receiving votes: Oakland Tech (5-1, 4 points), San Leandro (4-2, 2). The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Chace Bryson

  • Jet4ever52

    Yo Mama
    I dont think their are any Jet players on the blog so chill lol

  • Panther Fan

    I’m a Panther fan for life, but it ain’t braggin if you back it up. So far the Jets back up all the smack they blog.

    Go Panthers – Shock the World!!!

  • old former meddling coach.

    Jet4ever52, The 05 and 06 Vets didn’t go easy on you guys but they were solidly in the corner of the JV and freshman programs. They wanted you guys to do well. I remember Big Vince,Simms and James Knocking Matt around like a pinball but aways encouraging him and the rest of you guys as well. Yes they did have a great impact on the NCS 08-09 team. Yo mama,If u come to a game,You’ll see our guys play hard,help other players up(after they knock them down) and they don’t taunt. The Coaches would skin them alive But at the same time what is wrong with celebrating a good play.I know some players come to look at the blogs to see what people like you have to say but no current Jet Player posts on these blogs. They always tell me they talk with their pads. Yo mama,last week it was Swett,This week St.Mary’s. You just want my guys to lose right? And lastly,Anyone i coached didn’t have to brag,Their play did all the talking like these guys from Alameda. Jet Pride!

  • Panther Fan

    OFM Coach – I think it’s all fun. That being said I hope you don’t think St. Mary’s is Swett. While I have consistently said beating you all tonight would be a BIG upset – we ain’t Swett.

    Last year my son was a junior. You all put it on us pretty good. But you are right. There were NO instances of taunting or unsportsmanship. You all are doing great things at Encinal. Great things. As a public school kid myself (Washington HS in SF) I am very proud of what you all are doing for your kids. Keep being proud and confident. You have certainly earned that.

    If you see me there tonight with a red #22 jersey – say hello. I will be rooting for my favorite player on SM – my son.

    Go Panthers.

  • Panther Fan

    By the way – I don’t think “unsportsmanship” is a word. You know what I mean… lol. I told you I went to public school!

  • KillerD

    According to my computer clock, it is now Saturday, October 24th, so here goes a look at my predictions for Big Game Weekend Showdowns:

    What a Great Friday night it was!

    ACCAL – Berkeley at El Cerrito:

    Prediction: Berkeley (Yes)

    And a dominant win, which in reality is what it should have been too for Yellow Jackets.

    BSAL – St. Mary’s at Encinal:

    Prediction: St. Mary’s (No)

    Encinal physical and fast, just too much for Panthers in the end, but good strong showing for St. Mary’s. Congratulations to Encinal, they earned a hard fought win, and now must regroup for St. Pats.

    BVAL – Deer Valley at Pittsburg

    Prediction: Deer Valley (Yes)

    Pittsburg had a LOT to prove to east bay football fans and they Did Not do it. They did however show they can play hard vs. the top teams, and keep it close. But Coach Galli understands his team is good, but it is not very, very good.

    DVAL – Concord at Clayton Valley:

    Prediction: Concord (Yes)

    The Concord Minutemen DESTROYED a tough Clayton team, and Concord is now the team to beat in Division II.

    EBAL – Cal High at Amador Valley:

    Prediction: Amador Valley (Yes)

    Cal high punched the Dons in the mouth for the entire first half. But, Coach Sira adjusted at half time, and regrouped, this year’s Amador team is solid. And it shows, because Monte Vista lost to Foothill tonight after being pounded physically by AV last week. No breathers in EBAL play.

    HAAL – San Lorenzo at San Leandro:

    Prediction: San Leandro (Yes)

    Rebels dreams of an HAAL league title squashed vs. the far better San Leandro Pirates, who crushed the Rebels from the opening kickoff to the final whistle.

    KillerD’s Totals From Big Game Showdown Weekend:

    Berkeley – Yes
    St. Mary’s – No
    Deer Valley – Yes
    Concord – Yes
    AV – Yes
    San Leandro – Yes

    5 picks Correct
    1 pick Incorrect

    Gotta love high school football!

  • Jet4ever52

    old former meddling coach
    Yea great impact. They helped alot knocked us down and picked us back up.

    tough win tonight Jets!

  • I was at the Encinal vs St. Mary’s game last night. Never seen a team more have to fight agains the refs then the Jets. I sweat they tried to give them the game. It really wasn’t as close as the score at all. Call after call, & luck after luck went St. Mary’s way. Jets put up 500 yards not counting plays called back which would have put them well over 600 with 2 more TDs.

    I’m not hating St. Mary’s fans but damn your O got totally shut down other then the 14 points & 2 good drives you earned. Minor totally abandoned his game plan & went to the same play over & over for not much Quick hitch to a WRs. Run game shut down. 150 yards of O is all they eanred. 77 yards on one of the luckiest plays ever. Some good plays made by St. Mary’s WRs though. QB played a hell of a game. Minor wore his own team out by trying to No Huddle with 20 players. Stupid.

  • KillerD

    We heard Encinal lost their starting Fullback and Middle Linebacker to a major leg injury and he is done for the year.

    Who will replace him vs. St. Pats?

    If St. Pats beats Encinal, does that mean a three-way tie for first place in BSAL?

  • U heard wrong he’ll be back for the play-offs KillerD. Jets still have more then enough fire power for St. Pats. Last night was a wake up call. That program is know for winning without players. Milton vs Novato. Sashingotn vs Piedmont. Allen & Duckett last year vs Marin Catholic. Amiri last year vs St. Pats. Amiri for all of this year until Piedmont.

    I hear that Matt Meno will be back next week. Starting MLB & RB vs EC, Serra, Alameda.

  • That being said about St. Mary’s terrible job by Encinal finishing out the game. Totally self destructed. Fumbles, Picks in the Red Zone(terrible call by their offensive coordinator). Not a lot of discipine on the Jets team. Samething against Piedmont. It ain’t the plays, it ain’t the defense, it ain’t the Special Teams. Executing plays, Not jumping offsides, & unsportsman like penalties. Take care of the ball & shut your mouths or the Jets are 2nd round & out.

  • I was at the Jets game, very fast and physical, the left tackle Josh is huge, wish him the best, keep hitting the books DBo, and the sky is the limit, just think if he didnt transfer from Berkeley, what an addition he would of been to the current Jackets O-Line. Coach Joe’s Jets are playing well,Duckett needs to get Rickey to the Cougs with him.

  • Jet4ever52

    yea that game was too close but St.Marys run game was shut down and Nix finally turned around against Lovett and picked it off after about 3 times the ball was thrown to Lovett and Lovett was so close to making a catch that would bring them to the endzone. To me it looked like I was watching the El Cerrito game all over again without the penalties because St.Marys just aired the ball out waiting for Nix to pick it off but Nix wasnt turning his head to see the ball and got lucky Lovett didnt catch it so but St.Marys was shutdown this game only reason it was close was because of stupid stupid penalties

  • minutemen

    when do the new rankings come out?

  • New poll comes out in the paper each Tuesday and gets early released here on the blog Monday evening.

  • minutemen

    ianyone have a link to the division 2 rankings

  • neutral man 32

    lets get things straight here first off the Dfal is a tougher league it has better teams like alhambra, campolindo acalanes miramonte and las lomas with the exception of Dougherty Valley. The BSAL has a few good teams like encinal , st.marys and st pats but teams like swett,piedmont,moreau catholic and kennedy(richmond) and albany are all free wins. encinal is in a league of d4 teams.