East Bay football leaders — 10/22

At long last, here is our first edition of the East Bay football statistic leaders. Enjoy. See the very bottom for note on missing box scores.

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Rickey Galvin, Berkeley 6 129 1,368 10.6 16
Richard Calhoun, Alhambra 7 152 1,268 8.3 14
Michael Cunningham II, Alameda 6 160 1,054 6.6 10
Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech 6 148 1,053 7.1 12
Demetrius Brown-Ryan, St. Mary’s 6 169 996 5.9 11
Terron Ward, De La Salle 6 106 964 9.1 9
Mario Brown, Bishop O’Dowd 6 145 849 5.5 11
Jakari Johnson, Castlemont 5 96 810 8.4 6
Jamar Lea, Antioch 6 91 797 8.76 9
Marquis Waters, Las Lomas 6 94 793 8.44 13

Passing (by yards)
Note: QB rating uses college formula

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD Rat
Brett Nottingham, Monte Vista 6 114 157 72.6 1,846 2 20 210.9
Ricky Lloyd, Concord 6 103 172 59.9 1,462 9 21 161.1
Sean Mannion, Foothill 6 108 187 55.6 1,412 5 11 135.2
Tommy Stephens, Campolindo 7 90 173 52.0 1,382 5 10 132.4
Julius Mozee, Pittsburg 6 76 134 56.7 1,020 8 13 140.7
Cormac Craigie, Piedmont 5 65 137 47.4 1,012 1 11 134.5
Chris Musni, San Leandro 6 56 95 58.9 999 4 14 187.5
Byron Thomas, El Cerrito 6 54 106 50.9 987 5 12 157.1
Quinn Kaehler, California 6 48 91 52.8 985 3 7 162.5
R.J. Cellini, Alhambra 7 69 117 59.0 981 4 10 150.8

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
Bryce McGovern, Monte Vista 6 49 1,066 21.8 11
Cameron Rowland, Foothill 6 41 593 14.5 7
Jeremy Sites, Dougherty Valley 7 39 627 16.1 10
Najee Lovett, St. Mary’s 6 36 706 19.6 7
Andrew Ahr, Campolindo 7 35 646 18.5 7
Robert Jiles, Pittsburg 6 30 445 14.8 8
Justin Berger, San Ramon Valley 6 29 489 16.9 3
Corey Galindo, Concord 6 27 375 13.9 7
Dane Turner, Monte Vista 6 27 305 11.3 7
James King, Miramonte 6 26 553 21.3 5
Michael Hoffman, Campolindo 7 26 374 14.4 3
Colin Kacinski, Foothill 6 26 291 11.2 1


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Rickey Galvin, Berkeley 6 16 0 0 0 96
Jeremy Sites, Dougherty Valley 7 16 0 0 0 96
Chris Morgan, Berean Christian 7 10 3 0 18 87
Andre Williams, El Cerrito 6 14 0 1 0 86
Mario Brown, Bishop O’Dowd 6 14 0 0 0 84
Richard Calhoun, Alhambra 7 14 0 0 0 84
Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech 6 13 0 0 0 78
Marquis Waters, Las Lomas 6 13 0 0 0 78
Demetrius Brown-Ryan, St. Mary’s 6 12 0 2 0 76
Alec Pica, Concord 6 11 0 4 0 74

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg,
Monte Vista 6 882 1,894 2,776 462.7
Heritage 6 1,649 730 2,279 396.5
James Logan 6 1,551 798 2,349 391.5
Deer Valley 6 1,788 500 2,288 381.3
California 6 1,281 985 2,266 377.7
El Cerrito 6 1,258 1,005 2,263 377.2
Alhambra 7 1,578 981 2,559 365.6
Concord 6 719 1,466 2,185 364.2
St. Mary’s 6 1,158 1,000 2,158 359.7
Las Lomas 6 1,390 755 2,145 357.5

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg,
Oakland Tech 6 364 314 678 113.0
Mt. Diablo 6 661 270 931 155.2
Berkeley 7 616 571 1,187 169.6
Concord 6 538 487 1,025 170.8
Ygnacio Valley 6 553 521 1,074 179.0
San Leandro 6 848 275 1,123 187.2
Clayton Valley 6 609 631 1,240 206.7
Kennedy-Fremont 6 476 798 1,274 212.3
Oakland 5 742 340 1,082 216.4
Pinole Valley 5 669 441 1110 222

We are currently missing the following box scores, which may prevent some statistics from being complete. We’re especially short with box scores in the Bay Football League, which is why we’ve been unable to print stats for that league yet. Any coaches that may have stats for these games, please submit them to prepscores@bayareanewsgroup.com.

Arroyo at Del Campo (Sept. 5); John Swett at Lower Lake — missing defensive stats only (Sept. 11); California School for the Deaf at Texas School for the Deaf (Sept. 19); California School for the Deaf at Big Valley Christian-Modesto (Sept. 25); Fremont-Oakland at Lincoln-Stockton (Sept. 25); Dublin at Sonoma Valley (Sept. 26); St. Elizabeth at St. Bernard (Oct. 10); Salesian at Harker (Oct. 16).

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Closer game with St. Mary’s than Encinal anticipated.

  • Some De La highlites and stats from the game. George A. son’s had a tough game tonite with the old man on the Granada sideline- looks like he might be helping with coaching. The running back got all his yds in the second half against 3rd team DLS defense. He still was held out of the end zone. In the 1st half he might have had 25 yds. The DB got cooked for a 35 yd. sideline bomb, receiver had him beat by 5 yds. The half time score was 56-00. The DLS second team had the last 2 tds before half, starters pulled 5 minutes before half with a 42-00 lead. It was surprising that Granada did not empty their bench and allow those kids to play, had starters in to the end, must be trying to pad running back’s stats. The De La 2nd and 3rd teams were laying leather out there against Granada running back. De La is getting stronger. It was nice to pull Ward before half, he would have had another 250 yd. game.

  • Granada could have had George suited up tonite and it would have still been a massacreeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • old former meddling coach.

    Well Yo mama, Yes and No. Yes St.Mary’s Came to play and they played hard but we were our own worst enemy tonite. Many mistakes and many penalties so don’t try to put too much on it. But still we got the win. I guess you’ll be looking for St.Pats to do the thang now huh? Jet Pride!

  • Murphy1

    If Atkinson was the real deal for Granada, the QB issue should be no big problem. 56-0 at half does not bode well for them. Let’s see if MV plays well and shuts them down like most ebal teams have. MV needs to pull out a win in order to stay alive for playoffs. Both teams need to play well and bring their A game in order to earn back some respect. GHS could bounce back at any time.

    Good for AV. They have no respect for a long time. Nice to see a underdog pull out the tough wins and good losses.

    Livermore only hopes to knock of GHS in the big rivalry game. They need to set the bar a bit higher but they sometimes pull of a surprise win for pride.

    Cal and SRV always seem to get the job done in the home stretch to make it into the playoffs. Let’s see how this race plays out.

  • I heard over 200 yds in penalities, but over 550 yds. in total offense. Most coaches would take that. Encinal is still in the driver’s seat. How was the field condition. Lots of folks say the field is an advantage- is that true? Ferndale used to water the field down against opponents for years.

  • jberger4hesiman

    justin berger, wr at srv has way more td’s and yards than that!!!!

  • ryan

    amador 35 cal 24
    amador was getting beat at half 21-7 but outscored them in the seceond half 28-3…..turay was really shut down tonight seems he can be stopped. however cals fb is a monster tough to tackle and fast. but amador pulled it out in the end behind stancil and there defense

  • FHSFan

    Nice comeback Falcons! What a game tonight.

  • ryan

    fhsfan how did foothills defense do against mv?

  • 2210

    FH gave up over 500yds on D tonite. Another bad start for MV then they come all the way back and go soft on D again in the last 2 minutes. They held FH to 6 total points in the 2nd and 3rd qrt.

  • NCS

    Well Concord is for real after there dismantling of Clayton valley 56 to 20 (Concord have scored 100) and not only is now the Fav in the DVAL but has to be a strong contender for a high side in NCS

    Clayton Valley just lost too much talant from last years team(Levine & Cole, etc) and will struggle the rest of the year, limp into the playoffs and be 1 and done

  • Prep Fan

    AV’s defense didn’t beat Cal, it was their offense and a lot of key turnovers. Cal’s offense was its own worst enemy. Cal moved the ball at will against them. Cal was ahead 21-7 and moved the ball to the 11 yard line, when they fumbled the snap and AV took advantage of the TO. The next time Cal got the ball, they moved it inside the 30 and again fumbled the snap and AV pounced on it. Neither time did AV force the fumble, but they sure took advantage of the opportunities. The next time Cal moved the ball into AV territory again, and had 2nd and 1 from about the AV 40, but an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty (something said getting up after the tackle?) moved them back 15 yards and derailed that drive. AV’s offense came alive in the 2nd half, and they avoided turnovers, while Cal gave them the two fumbles along with 2 INTs. The first INT was a tipped ball that should have been caught by the Cal receiver that the AV defender made a nice grab of, and the last one at the end was forced by the AV defender hitting Kaehler as he threw after Cal had moved the ball to about midfield.

    The game reminded me of the AV-DLS game, only in reverse. AV was down big at the half and came back. Cal took the lead again, only to have AV take advantage of TOs to score 2 late TDs and make a close game into an 11-point win. It was a great game. AV deserved the win, but Cal outgained them in both rushing and passing yards. AV won the all important TO battle and the game.


    Welcome Back Rickey! Run Rickey Run!!!

  • ProudAVFan

    Like they say, at the end of the day that a WIN is a WIN! Boys did an awesome job of coming back and refocusing in the second half. Another great game to watch under Friday Night Lights. Underestimate the Dons?? It’s about time they get some respect.
    Stop whining about the MV game. MV had ample chances to come back with the “go ahead”, but couldn’t do it especially in OT!! Good luck Amador for the rest of your season!

  • old former meddling coach.

    Yo mama,The field was for the most part dry and not too bad. At least by our standards 🙂 Jet Pride!

  • Prep Fan

    Why do people feel the Dons were underestimated? They came in ranked #4 in the East Bay, were favored at home against Cal and beat them. Kyle B. had them ranked very high in league in his preseason predictions. They played great games against both DLS and MV, and have pretty much earned everyone’s respect. Who is underestimating them? Just because they have not fared well the past couple of seasons doesn’t mean people don’t think their present team isn’t solid. While I didn’t think they would play right with DLS or MV, I knew they would be a good team this year as they had Turray and Stancil coming back.

  • Panther Fan

    Yo Mama – the field was fine. Encinal doesn’t need to water a field down to slow down an opponents D – their defense does that without gimmicks.

    Go Panthers!

  • Dutch B

    Hypothetically speaking. Who would win between Amador Valley and Tracy ? They are ranked #4 and #9 respectively among D-I north teams.

    What is a shame is that these teams, despite being only 25-miles apart. Will never play each other in the post-season.

    I think a playoff system needs to be implemented. Get rid of the sections. Create a NorCal playoff.

    Have 4-regions, within each region have 4-districts. With each district having 4-playoff qualifiers. This can be done for each enrollment classification.

    SoCal could have a similiar format. Then the champs of the NorCal play the SoCal champs.

  • bhsfan

    i can agree with somewhat of the format

  • bhsfan

    the real problem is adult egos and not wanting to think about the kids. california have too many restrictions, they need to look at how texas do thier playoffs, and plus they also start the season like a week or 2 earlier. ncs ccs and all these sectoins make some much money off the kids with the section championship and would not get any with a similar way of play offs like texas.our kids deserve it. this bowl thing is like the bcs it has many flaws and it seems to have favorites.

  • i played ball in texas 17-5A
    u cant have the same system cuz
    the good teams r concentrated in one area if u
    win regionals i n texas u deserve 2 be there out here
    it could be some school in shasta some where playing farmers LOL