Two Geeks and a Homecoming

This week, the Geeks rekindle Ben’s spirit by letting him visit his old stomping grounds. Warning: There is unnecessary singing in this episode.

Ben Enos

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    whoo EBAL race the best coming down to the stretch?

    How about the DVAL? Concord showing their class and establishing the name they have made for themselves. Well Done Minutemen!!

    positioning still to be determined in the BVAL and MVAL. It looks like Encinal, Berkeley, San Leandro and Alhambra are taking care of the BSAL ACCAL HAAL and DFAL respectively. road to the playoffs begins there.

    big games left to see:

    Washington at Logan 11/6. truly feels like a end of the season rivalry game!

    Ygnacio Valley at Clayton Valley 10/30. tied for #1 YV vs tied for #2 CV square off in a huge city, league and division rivalry.

    Concord at Ygnacio Valley 11/7. The top team in the city of Concord will meet the top challenger. another big division two game.

    Heritage at Deer Valley 11/13. First place Wolverines host the Patriots for the first time as a game that means big things for the winner in the league and division one standings.

    in the EBAL Foothill at California 10/30. important because the winner has an easier road to the division one playoffs.

    California at Monte Vista 11/6. again who wins determines division standings. another chance to improve for both teams.

    San Ramon Valley at Granada 11/6. the winner has an edge to likely be the last EBAL team to make the playoffs. if SRV wins, they own victories over Granada and Foothill. if Granada wins, they have the advantage over San Ramon and Foothill. Granada is having a good year but lost their QB. Game changer belongs to them in dynamic RB Atkinson. Will San Ramon have an answer?

    November 13, the rivalry games

    Amador Valley at Foothill

    Monte Vista at San Ramon Valley

    California at De La Salle

    Granada at Livermore

    depending on the games preceding this week, the winners have a legitimate case to present for themselves. this is the final day to determine exactly the order in this league. three of these eight teams won’t make it to NCS. excluding livermore, it comes down to how all these teams play here. Win and you’re likely in. Will Foothill be at a disadvantage by this point having more losses in league than the rest? How about Granada, does their season continue? Will San Ramon make it in somehow, for the 8th straight year?

    Seeding talk heating up, pretty soon Selection Sunday will be around the corner it seems!

    Thank you Jimmy, Kyle, Ben, Chace and everybody who makes the newspapers as fun and informative and enjoyable as they are. High School sports and the football fridays would not be the same without you all. You all do the best job around and we are thankful for it! Keep it up and we are always happy and anxious to see what comes next! 🙂