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As you come back from your games tonight, take a minute to check out our photo slideshow of the night that was in high school football. As usual, it’s produced by the great Ray Saint Germain and our talented photo staff.

Photo slideshow

Ben Enos

  • Mike

    what are the strenghts and weaknesses of the EBAL this year? Why does it seem like there are no favorites except defending champion De La Salle? Amador Valley and California look like the second and third place teams respectively because they look the strongest overall. Both are power running teams with good defenses. Cal High is making up for their early losses.

    Monte Vista and Foothill look like completely different teams each week. Neither have defenses to be proud of. Monte Vista allows way too many yards in big games it seems, and Foothill had early problems stopping the run. I doubt they’ve been solved because they haven’t played the strongest running games yet. I don’t see Foothill getting by Cal, Amador, or De La Salle. If that does happen I dont see how they get into playoffs with 5 losses in league. Yet if Mannion has a monster game and the other team can’t get it done, the Falcons might “upset” either Cal or Amador or both. DLS is a loss is a loss.

    If Monte Vista gives up as many yards(or even more) to powerful California and surprising-hanging-in-there rival San Ramon Valley they will drop 2 more games. As touted as their prestige is, Monte Vista has serious defensive problems(which is what you get with an offensive minded coach)

    Granada doesn’t look like a threat anymore and San Ramon looks like they can control their destiny if the keep winning. It’s a shame for Granada, because their senior QB Kearney tore his ACL, but for Atkinson he still has a senior season to prepare for. He better keep looking up because his team won’t do so good against either Monte Vista or San Ramon. This year the Foothill win is a great acheivement, but not enough to make the playoffs.

    Amador Valley is the most solid EBAL team above the rest. barring upsets on the road at San Ramon Valley(didn’t think they’d beat Foothill, but they did convincingly) and at rival Foothill(looks like they’ll be in control after handling similar passing-style-MV)
    The Dons will be a top 4 seed. any other year, they’re EBAL champs(but with DLS not so).

    game of the week is California at Monte Vista next friday oct 30. Cal has done it before, punching the Mustangs in the mouth with their power ball, and two years ago was when they first did it on the road. I dont think Cal is intimidated at all by playing on the road, and if anything this is their “rivalry game”. only because the competition wasn’t even close with san ramon valley until last year, and Cal-MV pits the blackhawk kids against each other.

    I take Cal to win again, but MV won’t let it get away. Likely an OT game or something. Weird picking against the mustangs who have lost 3 in a row, but I really dont think they would have lost to Foothill if they had Greg Johnson.

  • Jamin

    Does anyone know why Greg Johnson was out? I know some of the team, including my brother, was sick with swine flu, but played anyways.


    Mike, first off, you’re scheduling is just a bit off for your game of the week, as Foothill plays Cal on Oct. 30, not Monte Vista. That being said, I do think that is the game of the week.

    Foothill is an enigma to be sure this year. The Granada and San Ramon Valley losses were just poor, plain and simple. But there’s been some changes since those games and they are playing better, as evidenced by last night. Although everyone has pretty much shredded MV’s defense. As always, the MV offense can put points on the board, but WOW, the defense is putrid to say the least. Is Cal recruiting Wilkerson as a linebacker or a fullback, because he sure seems better on offense right now. I wouldn’t give Foothill automatic loses to both Cal and Amador right yet. Should they lose, on paper yes, but if Mannion is on, I don’t care who you have on defense, if you’re not De La Salle, they can beat you and the goes for Amador, which certainly has been on the losing side more often than not over the last 20 years against Foothill. Foothill played better against Monte Vista than Amador did and it was on the road, as opposed to at home. Should be interesting.


    I thought I saw Johnson out there for a while. Maybe he did have the flu — a group of the Foothill kids also were playing sick as the flu has ravaged the Foothill campus in the last three weeks.

  • Mike

    I stand corrected, True insight Whistle. Agree with you about Mannion and the play by all the teams.

  • Jamin

    There have been some low yardage plays that MV has blown (like against DLS when they had 1st down on the 2 and didnt get in). Wilkerson does a great job when he’s put in for fullback (and should be put in more often), but he has been been pretty successfully taken out on defense by other teams. They know his strength and have worked to get around it.

  • Prep Fan

    From Mike: “I dont think Cal is intimidated at all by playing on the road, and if anything this is their “rivalry game”. only because the competition wasn’t even close with san ramon valley until last year, and Cal-MV pits the blackhawk kids against each other.”

    Cal has played SRV very close or beaten them 4 of the past 5 years. They have beaten them each of the the past 2 years. They mised an extra point in 2007 in the final seconds and lost 10-9. In 2005, Cal’s receiver was stopped on the 1 yard line as time expired and they lost 31-26 in an ending that was reminiscent of the 2000 Rams-Titans super bowl finish. As far as Blackhawk kids, I think they all go to MV,SRV or DLS. I’m not aware of any Blackhawk kids that have gone to Cal.

  • 925

    SRV won something like 7 straight from 01 to 08.

    Cal High has only taken one this year and last year.

    I guess they may have been close, but 38-12 in 2006 doesnt sound so close to me. just grizzlies hyping up their recent competitiveness against the other SRVUSD schools, but where was it before Sanchez arrived?

    I went to all the games between SR and Cal from 05 to this year and it seems only the last two seasons Cal has started out fast each taking the lead. It was 10-0 in 07 until the 4th quarter and way worse in 06.

    Until Dougherty Valley was built, a lot of blackhawk kids went to Cal to be with their friends. nobody wanted to get split up and go to Monte Vista. In fact many more kids went to SR even for sports that should have gone to Cal, I know many including myself. That DV WR Sites went to MV his freshmen year and would’ve been starting like McGovern if there wasn’t boundary reassignment. There’s plenty of kids up in blackhawk who used to go to Cal, im not sure now because of the redrawing, but now Cal only gets kids from central San Ramon, DV gets windemere and some blackhawk, MV gets alamo, blackhawk and east danville, SRV gets downtown Danville and some transfers or exceptions from alamo and san ramon. I don’t know too many people who go to SRV from blackhawk.

    i think they’ve got it right because the enrollment is becoming more equal. Cal High should’ve been good they had 500 more kids than SR for years and it was even worse at MV.

    2100 – sr, cal 2600, Mv 2800.. dv already has 1000 soon to be 1500

  • 925

    now cal has like 2300 and mv 2400 with sr still around 2100

  • 2210

    MV has 2200 kids as shown last night by ESPN also they have been in every game and should have won the AV game but for a (what was the word used above) Putried call by the officals. Even last night they held FH to 6 points in the 2nd and 3rd quarters but go soft on D when they need to pick it up. As for Greg Johnson he had a neck stinger from the week before and re-aggravaited it on his first carry of the night, that kid that played for him “22” did a nice job as a back up. They are a team that could be undefeated but your right the yneed t ostart stepping up on D over the next 3 weeks or they won’t be going anywhere.

  • 925

    I agree with you man. I thought MV would be a one loss team because of all the talent they have, but i think the D is young and is growing so by the time they play san ramon they’ll do much better. as a neutral party, i guess the officials gave that game to the home team because turray came out with the ball in his hands, but it should’ve been a touchdown. if i was craig bergman, i would have just kicked a field goal with time winding down, but instead they got an open look but it ended bad. you just gotta bounce back and keep in mind that crazy things happen and you always gotta be prepared and take care of business. it was a great play by amador to force a fumble, however, so give them credit. and they came back to defeat a cal team that was unbeaten. i dont know who to choose cal vs mv, because it could go either way just the same..

  • Prep Fan

    925, I said 4 of the last 5 have been close or Cal won. 2006 would have been the lone exception, and Cal answered that one back this year.

    The 2005 and 2007 SRV-Cal game were 2 of the closest HS games I have ever seen. You can’t get much closer than being an extra point away from a tie in the final seconds, or maybe a 2-point conversion away from a win had they gone for it. It was 10-0 early because Cal fumbled a snap in their own end zone, but that doesn’t mean the game wasn’t close. And the 2005 game was an amazing finish with time running out as SRV stopped them at the 1. If you were at those games, you know just how close they were. Not that SRV didn’t deserve those wins, but they were very close.

  • 925

    ok I concede. I guess im still a little arrogant and dont like to see it as being close because I remember the W’s and L’s. and when you think of it with the scores, it does look like a rivalry if you want to call it that. in 06 a lot of cal guys were hurt and corbin louks and the receiving corps and rb roy helu jr tore them up. that was the game camden cook also had to be taken by ambulance for a concussion that delayed the game for 20 minutes I’d say. all in all there have been some close matches. I would argue however San Ramon has also had closer games before and since the 07 Cal game though that is probably the closest.

    the 35-all tie against Washington in 07 technically is as close as you can get lol but we missed a field goal to win it from ~40 yards out

    38-34 W at San Leandro last year was a nail biter. lead changes throughout before joe southwick hit brett trimble for the game winner with 40 seconds left 20 yards out

    43-36 W at Monte Vista last year as well was a barn burner. again southwick hit bryce peterson wide open with 2 minutes left to take the lead for good and joe had that pick that ended any comeback by the mustangs. that game was back and forth gaining the upper hand and watching the opponent come back. the most exciting game i ever saw outside cardinal newman in 07.

    24-21 L to Cal in 08 was close I guess. although it was 21-10 cal at halftime and we couldn’t stop leroy green so it wasn’t really close the whole game. like 07, the final looks close, but unlike 05, the entire game was favoring one team more than the other.

    i can’t think of any closer games than ernie collin’s missed PAT, but im thinking of games that were close thoughout. i vaguely remember the 05 Cal/SRV game starting off in cal’s favor, but when you come back and hold off your opponent its not like a missed PAT would’ve cost them the game. likewise san ramon came back from 3 scores down against foothill last year and lost by 5 points 40-35.

    I remember amador valley in 06 31-28 was close too. the last closest game we had with amador.

    anyway, great discussion with you. no disrespect intended at all, im just biased being a 09 graduate and i love talking about all the angles from the great games of the past. hope to debate some more with you prepfan

  • Prep Fan

    That is a lot of close games for SRV in a short period of time. Plus, the MV win over SRV in the final league game of the 07 season was also a classic finish with McAlister faking the handoff and tossing the ball over the top of the pile for the winning score. You’ve got to love prep sports. I’m sure we’ll talk again 925.

  • Paydirt

    Saw MV v Amador and MV v Foothill. The MV squad size is down (50ish v 60+ in past years), and the size of the key players seems down. The MV QB is legit and team skills are on par, but the physical parameters are down. The second half stamina issues for MV have been clear on both sides of the ball (excluding the BS fumble call at the end of the Amador game). It is a tough call to shift 2-way players to defense, and put more pressure on the QB to carry the team, but… That said, McGovern must to play both ways. UCLA has got to be looking at #3 for a reunion in 2011.

  • Paydirt

    SRV and Cal are enigmas. Saw SRV v Concord who has emerged as a legit super-passing team, so SRV’s pass defense could cause problems for MV. Also saw SRV v Cal where Cal ran over SRV. SRV can’t defend the power run, but can play pass defense where 3 and outs limit the defense stamina requirements (much like MV with 65+ on the roster). Cal has THE most balanced team in the EBAL, so if they avoid turnovers, they can compete with ANYONE anywhere (witness the turnover situation v Amador that lost the game for CAL). How Cal lost to Washington can only be attributed to early season issues. If Cal plays Washington in NCS, the result will be the same as last year. Granada could cause problems for SRV unless the Wolves overcommit to run defense.

  • Paydirt

    Saw Foothill live at MV on Friday. Foothill won due to coaching excellence and the inspired team play. Sweeney is the best public school coach in NorCal. He consistently wins big games with key plays late in the game. A true 48-minute coach preserving TEAM stamina for the end of the game. To my understanding, the fumble-rooskie play was outlawed because??? Sweeney ran the play to perfection 2 times in mud-bowl NCS games (at Foothill and at Dublin, pre fake fields). This reminds me of the slam dunk being outlawed when Alcindor’s UCLA freshman team beat the defending national champion Varsity Bruins in 1967 in an intra-squad game, and when Bob Gibson / Don Drysdale dominated in 1968 and they permanently lowered the mound. Old school.

  • Paydirt

    BTW, did anyone see the MV kickoff return against Foothill where the returner fell to the ground inside the 10 and got up with no down ball call? Bad ref’ing…to obvious. I was surprise the Foothill coaching staff did not object.


    Paydirt, be careful, you’re dating yourself with the Alcindor (from Power Memorial High) knowledge!!!

  • norcalfball

    and paydirt seriously? on what grounds would washington get beat 41-0 as they did last year to cal in playoffs if played again…sorry u don’t go from losing a game to winning 41-0 vs same team in same year unless for a rash of injuries of sorts…

    would cal beat them, maybe…but in watching that av vs cal high team one thing i did see is that a certain player on cal causes a lot of team issues with his yelling at teamates all game long…especially when he is the one getting beat and again the one all the cal fans said was the reason they lost to washington. he still plays very little rb and has been getting beat pretty consistently this year.

    cal is a great team but they flat out lost to washington u guys need to get over it…there were no bum calls that didn’t go your way both sides had injury issues…did washington surprise cal absolutley but it was a great game that could have gone either way. in fact washington was up 24-7 at one point in 3rd quarter hard to say washington not good when you have that kind of a lead in the 3rd quarter against s very good football team…washington lost to 2 10-0 teams…what makes cal fans think they would have done any better in those games…does washinton get to claim early season woes in those games on an injured QB? no they lost and that is football…if you can’t play with injuries then find a new sport like badmitton.

  • 925

    norcal has a point. i don’t think reggie davis has been the surprise go to go this year, its been the rb alvarez. davis is one of their leaders, but he mostly plays db. on offense cal still has javier the fullback, a strong dude who is perfectly suited for their power run. reminds me of nick rosato when he played fullback.

    i think any rematch in ncs would be at washington, because they will get seeded above the grizzlies if they win mval. i think second time around cal wins if they establish their run early, because that opens up the pass and they aren’t too bad thru the air either. i also think mistakes played a part in that opener, so washington probly won’t get as many breaks

  • 925

    go to guy*

  • chs1012

    NCFB- Firstly, post is slightly confusing. Cal “flat out” loses to Wash then it’s “a great game- that could have gone either way.” Which one was it? I’ll take the latter. It’s old news, no excuses. Cal’s triplets at RB now are multidimentional and debut Coach Billeci has played his cards so well that injuries- inevitable in HS fb- have sorely tested but not slowed a new O scheme. The coaches retained- numbering less than seen at most EBAL contests- have contributed highly to that.
    Secondly, unless directly connected to the squad, how can you state
    “that a certain player causes a lot of team issues with his yelling at teammates all game long” ?
    Only the coaches and players know the contributions made in the locker room, at practices and in games. To purport to know how a single player distracts from his teams goals for a season is pure conjecture. Perhaps you can ask one of his teammates? I care not to ask mine as it his business and the coaches, not us parents. BTW, most players elect to not post as we all are “crazy parents with nothing better to do.” I kind of agree on that one!

    Thirdly, having had two meniscus repairs makes me qualified to state the recuperation period can vary. Stating “all the Cal fans said (this player) was the reason the lost to Washington” is weak. Did those same Cal fans tell you that his competitive nature and commitment to team- with little practice due to the recuperation- compelled him to ask for the ball at RB for the 2nd half? (first half with a soph playing his second year of FB)

    No reason to diss on any player…they are working their butts off out there while we sit here honing our typing skills.

  • Prep Fan

    Cal is a different team than when they played Washington in the opener. The new coach had not yet “discovered” his electrifying RB Alvarez, who I believe did not carry the ball once that game, aside from maybe kick returns. And Reggie didn’t play until the 2nd half. Cal’s offense against AV was in fine form (aside from the absolutely brutal 4 turnovers) Friday night and in much better shape than when they played the Huskies. If they played again tomorrow at Tak Fudenna stadium, I would pick Cal to win the game, but it would certainly not be 41-0. Washington won the opener on the road fair and square and that is a marquee win for them. Especially the way they atoned for the post season loss the year before. I wish them luck this year in their upcoming big game with Logan.

    That being said, there is no gaurantee that Cal will even get into the playoffs this season. They currently have 3 losses to 3 solid teams. Amador, Del Oro, and Washington. But, they still have to face the gauntlet of Foothill, Monte Vista and DLS the final 3 weeks of the year. If they don’t come out of those 3 games with a win, then they will not be payoff eligible, nor should they be. Should they lose their last 4 games, they don’t belong in the playoffs. They get a revitalized Foothill squad at home this week, and they need to play some quality 2nd half football for a change in order to get back on track.

  • ProudAVFan

    2210, 925, Paydirt..you guys need to stop whining about that MV game. If the game was @ MV’s home and it went their way, I bet you wouldn’t be saying anything how AV got cheated! Come on, MV had several chances to make something happen. They couldn’t..not even in OT. You not respecting AV for the team they are this year.
    925 – You from Cal? Closest game to AV not back in ’06. It was ’08 24-23 Cal. Talk about “refs giving home field advantage”? Was there that night and those refs definitely gave the “home team” that game!!!

  • outsider

    The “ref giving the home field advantage” thing is probably complained about every game that is lost when a team is playing away. There are things the refs don’t see, or see from the wrong angle. There were calls, and also in this case, no calls at the Cal/AV game that definately were in that vein. It is upsetting when it happens to your team but is part of the game.

  • renegades10

    avfan…no one is disrespecting AV or saying they don’t deserve to be where they are. no one disputes the fact they are a very good team. obviously everyone is going to have different opinions about the call in the MV-AV game. but let me ask you this, had the roles been reversed as you said above and MV was the home team and the call went their way, wouldn’t you be just as upset?

  • James

    LOL its funny people still making excuses about that wash game… get over it, you lost.

  • Dutch B

    Tough loss for the Pittsburg Pirates (3-4, 1-1) vs. Deer Valley (7-0, 2-0), 35-33. I hope they can still make the playoffs. I imagine they will be 6-4 (4-1 BVAL). Have now lost by 10-points to Granite Bay (An SJS D-II power); 18-16 vs. undefeated Berkeley and now 35-33 against undefeated Deer Valley.

    Still think that if they get in. That they can win a game or two.

  • renegades10

    Pitt will be a very dangerous team. Plus if Dargan is able to return for the playoffs that makes them even tougher. They have been in every game except for the MV game. They should make playoffs if they win out. No high seed wants Pitt to be their first game.

  • Prep Fan

    Granite Bay has now lost their last 2 games in league, to Del Oro and Rocklin. That hurts Pitt’s strength of schedule, but they have played a solid schedule so it may not be a factor.

  • Prep Fan

    ProudAVfan, 925 said he was from SRV, not Cal. That Cal-AV 24-23 OT game last year was another great game from those two teams though.

  • Dutch B

    Due to the influence of De La Salle. I think that the power running/good defensive type of teams. Will become more prevalent in the E.B.A.L.

    I think it is the goal of every league member. To win the title. Everyone knows that the road passes through Concord now. To win the E.B.A.L. you have to beat the Spartans. Thus their opponents have to become more like them.

    So conditioning must become an emphasis. As well as ball control/time of possession. Opponents need to keep the DLS “D” on the field, to wear them down. Then later in the game, pass on them (Hopefully by then their pass rush will have become more fatigued).

    Amador Valley were able to stay close. Because they were not airing it out. Instead they were grinding it out. True Monte Vista did only lose , 28-21. But if their “D” had been more stout. They could have won. Instead De La Salle gashed them for over 400-rushing yards. Only because of the Mustangs outstanding QB and WR, were they able to play “air it out”. But in most years. That kind of game will not stay close to De La Salle.

    Whereas a style like AV or Cal. Will be viable against DLS.

  • 925

    I respect AV a lot. I even predicted they’ll beat SRV on the road next week. Yeah im a SRV guy. I saw what happened at Cal High this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if AV kicked our butts like that at home. AV hasn’t beaten SRV in three years, but I feel this year they’re going to win decisively. The wolves don’t really have an answer for Stancil and Turray. If they get lucky, the secondary will do well, but AV doesn’t pass all that much. We had problems as De La Salle also, they were way more physical and outclassed us.
    A good game i’ll be attending this friday.

    Prep Fan, does that really mean Cal won’t be eligible for NCS? Even if they did lose out, they deserve it because they’re a lot stronger than Newark Memorial or Heritage. Criteria are .500 record overall, .500 record in league, or .500 record against Division opponents. I think Cal is at least .500 in one of those categories. i’ll double check, but

    Cal has played all D-I teams this year. I think Del Oro counts as D-I. they’re listed 1/2 for some reason on calpreps.com.

    if they lose the next three(i doubt it, i really think they can handle foothill at home, because san ramon was able to at home. and they look like the 07 team that went up to MV and handed them a loss. after losing to foothill, MV has shown some vulnerabilities against the pass as well. Cal can exploit that. 395 yards to mannion. his wr busani had a awesome game. i didn’t expect that from new wr’s. they lost nathan hinke 1st team all leaguer in 08)

    but following the scenario they somehow lose the next 3..
    overall Cal is 4-6.
    in league.. 3-4
    against Div 1: 4-6 (or 4-5 if Del Oro isn’t counted)

    wow.. i didn’t even see that. I was completely unaware that could even happen to them. it doesn’t seem a team as solid as Cal could miss out if they collapsed.

    that does mean that San Ramon and Foothill will both qualify no matter what they have 5 wins and at worst finish 5-5..would be weird teams they beat(san ramon) and are ahead of in league(foothill) make it but not them..

    but all they need to do is win their last home game and they’re in. i’ll say if they beat de la salle on the road, they deserve not only to be in because they’ll have qualified, they should be the number one seed.

  • 925

    Dutch B, that is true. That is why San Ramon has never been able to hang with DLS these last two years. They’ve not had a solid run game since 06 when they had Roy Helu jr to complement the passing game. when SRV did meet DLS in the semis that year, they lost by 16 points 41-25. they played more effectively because they had a run game to turn to after Corbin Louks threw a pair of INTs early on. that game wasn’t as close as the final score however, DLS pulled their starters at the half, where Kravitz left the starting offense in to score points. When it became a 2 possesion game (going for two each time) DLS put their D back in and shut the SR offense down. Thus the fourth quarter highlights ended..

    On another topic, Pittsburg will definitely make a 12 team NCS playoff. where they are seeded, I haven’t a clue. the losses to berkeley and monte vista and deer valley hurt more than granite bay, but the win over heritage puts them into the conversation over heritage who is also qualified. Pitt has winnable games left on the schedule, so should finish strong. If Dargan does become available, they will reach the quarters at least. I think any first round game they will win, because the top 4 get byes and unless Pitt is 8th and has to play the 9th seed, it should be more in Pitt’s favor likely being the stronger team and the possibility of playing at home.

    I will say Pitt could beat San Ramon and San Leandro if they met in the first round. San Ramon isn’t very potent offensively and Pitt could outscore them without having a great D, but they do have a pretty good D. San Leandro isn’t really tested, and when they fall behind they get mistake prone and pass a lot more. Pitt could contain rb Roberson, and the secondary is talented with Jiles and Clark playing both ways. Logan and Foothill would be more of a toss-up because each team it seems has gotten stronger and had some very bright moments throughout the season. I still give the edge to the Pitt D, but Logan’s do it all QB Willis is like a Kristoff Williams who just gave Pitt all he had in that DV win. Again if Mannion can tear it up like Nottingham did, and Foothill can get some effort with the run and on their D, they can keep any game close.

  • norcalfball

    meant washington flat out won..meaning no excuses they won…not meaning they dominated cal, because by no means did they…should have state better

  • Prep Fan

    925, I think you have it pretty well down. But like I said earlier, if a team loses their last 4 league games, they have no business being in the playoffs. Monte Vista also only has 4 wins right now, but if they somehow lose to Granada, Cal and SRV, they would finish 1-6 in league and should then just be shot. 🙂 Granada has 3 wins and still plays Livermore, but they’ll need to beat either MV or SRV to qualify.

    As far as SRV or Foothill qualifying with 5 wins, yes they would qualify for NCS. However, only 12 teams can get dance tickets and there will be a crowd at the gate. You have to figure the following 5 teams will be automatic as league champions: DLS, Deer Valley, Berkeley, San Leandro and the winner of the Wasington-Logan game.

    That leaves 7 spots and potentially up to 10 teams vying for those coveted spots: AV, MV, Cal, SRV, Foothill, Granada, Pitt, Antioch, Heritage and either Washington or Logan. A lot depends on how these 7 teams finish out the season.

  • ProudAVFan

    Outsider..ever watch that game film again? Some calls ?? and in Cal’s favor. My opinion helped determine the outcome of game..in Cal’s favor. Oh well, too bad, right. “Part of the game”.
    Renegades..yeah, I’d be upset, but people make more of a fuss because it’s AV. The hype is all about MV, Cal, etc., but when AV pulls it out, the attitude is not so accepting. You guys sound shocked by it!
    Looks like MV & AV closest to DLS right now. Others?

  • 925

    haha about Monte Vista collapsing and going 1-6. I hope that happens when they visit San Ramon lol

    Well you got to figure amador and pittsburg are likely to get in being 2nd place possibly in their leagues.

    antioch won’t qualify if they lost to both heritage and pitt i believe. logan/washington is a definite 2nd place finisher as well.

    as you know it comes down to EBAL teams, and including DLS, the most they have ever gotten in is 5. so depending on how the season goes, anybody you mentioned could get in. good point Prep Fan. very interesting to see the rest of the way.

    ProudAVFan, what do you think about San Ramon? I’m just wondering because they’re aren’t nearly what they were last year. I don’t doubt for a minute if you guys show your second place mettle and take care of san ramon livermore and foothill, people won’t be surprised anymore. As the Don community knew, they had two great returning playmakers. I think a lot of people overestimated Monte Vista and thats upset the bias some may have had for the Mustangs. LOL I hope that doesn’t continue I would love to see SRV knock that perception down as well. Good luck to you guys next week , the team that wins will have played a great game. Also, I hope you guys get it done and reclaim the Pleasanton trophy, because I do think you guys can do it this year. Foothill coughed up a couple losses to teams you have beat and are more talented than. I am glad to see you guys have a great year because it’s deserved. Just like when other schools have had their runs, its your time now. See you at the game on Friday.

  • ProudAVFan

    925..it’s always on to the next game for the boys. Each game just as important as the previous. Not leaving anyone out. Boys just gotta do their JOB! Remember there’s 11 guys out there on the field and they all have a hand in the outcome of the game.
    Thanks for the “kudos”. Gotta admit, feel good for the boys, they the ones doing it.
    Here’s to another great Friday Night Lights!