East Bay FB Poll — 10/26

Here’s the football poll for this week. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (9) 5-2 135 1
2. Deer Valley 7-0 123 2
3. Berkeley 8-0 117 3
4. Amador Valley 6-1 109 4
5. Encinal 6-1 101 5
6. Washington 5-2 78 12
7. San Ramon Valley 5-2 72 11
8. Foothill 5-2 66 14
9. Monte Vista 4-3 61 6
10. California 4-3 58 8
11. Concord 6-1 50 15
12. James Logan 5-3 38 13
13. Pittsburg 3-4 37 9
14. Clayton Valley 6-1 12 7
15. San Leandro 5-2 10 NR

Also receiving votes: Alhambra (7-1, 6 points), Granada (4-3, 6), St. Mary’s (5-2, 1). The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Chace Bryson

  • minutemen

    anyone know what concord is ranked in division 2. the only poll I found for d2 is from week 3. if someone could give me a link that would be great

  • Spread O

    Really suprised Clayton didnt fall out of the Top 15, First team they played this year that is above average and they got BLOWN OUT, Concord could have scored 100 points if they wanted !!

    Last Year Clayton couldnt get ranked in the Top 10

  • If my math is right, De La has played all ranked teams so far, including the 2 out of state foes. No wonder why they are # 1.

  • pantera-cat

    Big Joe… If it was a top 20 poll you would be right but Granada fell out of the top 15

  • Tony G

    Granada would still be on that list since they were ranked No. 10 at the time of the DLS game.

  • pantera-cat

    Minutemen…The rankings I’ve seen: Calpreps has Concord at #16 for D2 State Bowl which is #2 in NCS behind #12 Petaluma #1 NCS. CalHiSports Bay Area has Concord as a bubble team of the top 20. CalHiSports CIF Bowl rankings does not mention Concord for D2 State Bowl but that was last week before their big win.

  • minutemen

    thanks panyera cat

  • minutemen


  • minutemen

    hey pantera cat I’m having trouble finding the cal preps rankings on their site. Can u give me a link for me to see. that would be great… thanks

  • Prep Fan

    Here is the CalPreps D2 NorCal rankings link:


    Concord is #17

  • Prep Fan

    I have to say the East Bay rankings look pretty accurate as of today (As well as could be expected). A lot of football to be played to sort out the logjam of EBAL teams, as MV plays Cal & SRV, Foothill plays Cal DLS & AV, SRV plays MV and AV.

    At first glance, I was shocked to see SRV that much higher than Cal when Cal dominated them, but SRV has since beaten Foothill and they beat MV. Washington really jumped up there, but then they beat Cal who beat SRV. It is all a tangled mess until all the games are played out, and then there is no gaurantee it will be orderly. Alhambra would be in the top 15 if not for their horrific loss to CP. I’d like to see a game between CV and Alhambra.

  • Prep Fan

    I’m looking closer at those D2 Norcal rankings and see that Mitty retained the #1 spot despite their tie with Bellarmine this weekend, and Del Oro’s big win over Granite Bay last week. #1 Mitty plays #4 St. Francis this week, and #2 Del Oro faces #3 Rocklin in 2 weeks. That should help sort things out. If we can’t have a true playoff system, at least a lot of the top teams play each other.

  • Dutch B

    #3 Rocklin will beat #2 Del Oro.

    Go to Cal Preps. There you will see that Rocklin has played tougher opponents, enroute to their 7-0 record. As compared to the road traveled by Del Oro (7-0).

    So if Mitty wins out and Rocklin goes 10-0. I think Mitty would remain #1.

  • 2K

    Do u guys have the stats for Washington vs. Mission?

  • HAAL fan

    yes, san leandro is finally in the top 15. Thanks east bay poll. lol

  • 2K,
    The box score will run in tomorrow’s paper. We didn’t get it until it was too late to make Sunday’s paper and we aren’t alloted space for high school results in Monday papers. So it should be in there tomorrow.

  • Mike

    this is the first poll I feel has all playoff teams on it. more or less, this is who will likely be playing after week 10. what order though, anybody’s guess lol.

    Concord is the favorites in D-2 as of now. If they go undefeated in league they are a top 2 seed. Petaluma yes is undefeated, but how strong is their schedule. who would have thought that SRV game could help them out even a little?

    Encinal is the number one seed in D-3. Marin Cath. lost an ugly game to St. Ignatius, who Serra beat. Serra is much better and Encinal had their opportunities in that game. The Jets are still hungry and will beat Novato and MC again LOL

    Alhambra might not make it to a semi or a final against Encinal, but it would be fun to gauge the competiveness between them in such a high stakes match.

    D-4, looks like ferndale still the elephant in the room. St. Mary’s i like as #2. salesian, spsv got beat by them and the panthers are comin to make some noise!

    D-5, st liz is eligible but so is St. Vincent. a rematch of the B title two years ago would be fun, but this year St. V will take that division.

    D-1, im just gonna venture a guess that old de la salle might be in the mix. i mean what, they’ve only played 6 out of the top ranked teams all season lol

  • bhsfan

    in div 5 or class b what ever its called st v beat st liz last year in the ship. this year could b the same thing.

    ferdale looks strong as always

    div 1 its a new sherrif in town
    run rickey run

  • eastbay scout

    Looks like div 2 has a new QB gunslinger that might be the new sherrif in town with 27 TD’s!
    Throw Ricky Throw!


    Kyle – Jimmy: where are your votes??? Ben, come on, I know you got it in you to list how you voted!!!

  • Here you go. My 15 ranked teams are exactly the same as those in the poll, with a fairly similar order, although I’m a little different in the 7-13 spots.

    1. De La Salle — Need I explain?
    2. Berkeley — You really could flip a coin between them and Deer Valley and I wouldn’t disagree with anyone who has DV in this spot. If you’re looking for a nitpicky difference, they had the same margin of victory against Pitt and Berkeley at least had to face Erick Dargan for 2 1/2 quarters, but that’s just nitpicky.
    3. Deer Valley — Could easily flip with Berkeley and for what it’s worth, I agree with most that say Deer Valley will get the No. 2 seed.
    4. Amador Valley — Clear-cut No. 2 team in the EBAL right now.
    5. Encinal — Best East Bay team not in Division I.
    6. Washington — Thought highly of Washington all along and after I took a more thorough look at their body of work, made a push to get them this high. The win over Cal, through varying degrees of separation, gives them an edge over every EBAL team except DLS and Amador. And their two losses are to teams that will finish a combined 20-0. If they win out, beating Logan in the process, they should earn the No. 5 seed in Div. I.
    7. Foothill — This is where things get murky because all these EBAL teams have beat each other, but I’m riding the hot hand of the team that just upset Monte Vista even though I know SRV fans will be upset since they beat the Falcons.
    8. California — Outside of DLS, this is probably the EBAL team who has performed the most in line with expectations. They could easily lose their final three, but for now I stick them here.
    9. Monte Vista — They need to stop the losing streak and get a good EBAL win, but consider how well they played (run defense excluded) against DLS and that they went to OT with Amador.
    10. James Logan — As much as this game is about getting wins, you have to respect those close losses to some good teams. Can’t wait for the Nov. 6 showdown with Washington.
    11. San Ramon Valley — The Concord and Foothill wins are looking really good right now and maybe I should have them higher because of those, but the losing margin to Cal scares me off a bit. What they do the next couple of weeks will prove if I have them too low or not.
    12. Pittsburg — Good team, tough schedule, tough break losing Dargan.
    13. Concord — Had been waiting for them to collect a signature win and ending Clayton Valley’s winning streak qualifies.
    14. Clayton Valley — Tough couple of weeks for the Eagles, who better rediscover their form quickly.
    15. San Leandro — Yes, the Pirates play in what is a hideously-down HAAL. But you can’t blame the Pirates for that. Plus those losses to WCAL teams were closer than the final score indicated.

  • sasquatch

    talk about amador

  • KillerD


    Predictions for Big Playoff Implication “Halloween Weekend” Games: (a.k.a) – battle, action, barrage, blitzkrieg, bombs away, combat, encounter, havoc, contention and onslaught…


    Pinole Valley at El Cerrito –

    This game shapes up to be one of BIG plays and seems to favor Coach Alameda’s Spartans of Pinole Valley invading the home turf of the Gauchos. Think the movie “300”even though Pinole is the larger school and squad. Pinole Must win this game to have any shot at the D2 playoffs – lose to El Cerrito and they will be buying tickets to watch NCS playoff action on the weekend before Turkey Day. But, El Cerrito is hurting after getting ————— by Berkeley, and they cannot afford to enter this game depressed. El Cerrito can afford to lose this encounter, and still get into the D3 playoffs, but they need to show a sense of battle and give the fans some action, especially if NCS playoff committee members are scouting potential teams.

    Prediction: Pinole Valley 29 vs. El Cerrito 14


    Valley Christian (Dublin) vs. Salesian –

    Coach Parella has done a very good job of quickly bringing VC up to speed and being formidable on a weekly basis. Last week’s poor showing vs. a very good Berean Christian notwithstanding, the VC team has excellent speed and some playmakers, and will be tough for Salesian. The Chieftans (led by excellent Coach Nightengale) have put down all comers in their quest for onslaught after getting delivered the bitter taste of defeat by a very good St. Mary’s team in their combat earlier this season. Salesian has played a significantly better schedule than VC and being at home gives the Chieftans a bit of an edge.

    Prediction: Salesian 27 vs. Valley Christian 17


    Encinal at St. Patrick’s –

    The apparent ‘no love lost’ betwixt these two powerhouse programs will be on full display Friday night in Vallejo, and the Bruins are looking to lay down a barrage of unrelenting havoc on the bigger and equally fast Jets from the isthmus known as Alameda, led by solid coach Tenario.

    On paper it would seem Encinal should run away with this based on strength of schedule and last year’s blowout of St. Pats. But not so fast, Coach Blanton of St. Pats has beaten excellent teams at home on that very crowned field, and it could happen again. Why? How? Encinal lost their starting Middle Linebacker and Fullback last week in their hard-hitting dogfight vs. St. Mary’s, and their outstanding playmaking QB is hurting. The BSAL is stacked this year with 5 solid teams, and not a whole lot separating the top 3. Weird happens at home for St. Pats – usually good things, even if it happens to be vs. the highest ranked team in D3. Upsets happen every Friday night and will this time.

    Prediction: St. Patrick’s 24 vs. Encinal 20

    Moreau Catholic at Piedmont –

    Identical records (4-3) bode well for the up-n-coming Mariners from Hayward, and the host Highlanders of Piedmont. Can the hometown team slow down Moreau’s vaunted rushing attack? Or will the A-11 unleash a bombs away aerial blitzkrieg? Each team needs this win to pull away from the lower-half of D3 seeds, if it wants to be considered for the top half of playoff rankings. Coach Cotter’s Moreau team won a barnburner vs. Swett last week, while Coach Bryan’s Piedmont conglomerate was able to rest up as the unfortunate JFK-Richmond situation melted down into them folding.

    Piedmont’s three losses are against teams with a total record of (17 – 4) with one of those defeats in overtime vs. Kern Valley down south. Moreau’s sorrows via the hands of teams’ overall records at (13 – 7), and a lower power ranking percentage combined than the foes of the Highlanders. The total Piedmont and Moreau offensive and defensive stats are within a TD of each other. Piedmont is undefeated at home this year under the lights. Good game unfolding.

    Prediction: Piedmont 30 vs. Moreau 17


    Foothill at Cal High –

    Can the outstanding Coach Sweeney’s Foothill Falcons D stop the good young Coach Bellici’s powerful ground attack, as the Grizzlies look to heal the open wounds of last week’s crushing 2nd half letdown vs. Amador?

    Foothill QB Mannion is going to chuck the football around for about 300 yards, and 3 TD’s regardless of the defense out there against him. Foothill has zero running game to speak of this year, so the play fakes are simply to give the D an appearance of a rushing attack. If Cal Grizz can run the ball effectively, that means Foothill’s hot-slinging QB must watch the game from the sidelines, as the clock winds down. Cal’s defense vs. Mannion, and Foothill’s D vs. the big and powerful attack in San Ramon. Sweeney’s teams have been known to defeat Cal high over the years, but their less than good showing vs. San Ramon, and Cal’s thrashing of San Ramon seems not to be an accident. Experience counts however, and Sweeney has more tricks up his sleeve than a Las Vegas magician.

    Prediction: Foothill 28 vs. Cal High 27

  • Dutch B

    Would Amador Valley beat Washington by 21-points on the road. Tracy beat Washington, 42-21.

    Amador Valley now #24 in the Cal Hi Sports statewide rankings.

  • ryan

    i think so. but i think that amador could get beat by foothill just because it seems foothill always beats amador even though amador has the better team this year

  • TheProfit21

    I dont know what the game would be like if Amador playes Washington but I would give the edge to Amador they are a great team. That being said the Tracy score is very misleading. Wasington lead 21-14 at halftime. Then trailed by 7 with 6 minutes left and was going in for the tying score when they fumbled the ball at the 2 yard line. Then the game got out of hand. Anyways closer game than the score indicated. Scores dont always tell the picture look at the Amador Cal game which Amador won by 11 that game could have gone either way.


    Thanks Jimmy — let me tell you one thing, don’t put too much stock in the SRV win over Foothill. Honestly, trust me on this one.

  • panther4

    I watched the San Ramon beat Foothill and until the final minutes, San Ramon dominated the entire game on defense, and was able to run the ball fairly effectively. By your statement are you implying that Foothill just had an off night?

  • old former meddling coach.

    Killer D,Your gonna get the Encinal/St.Pats Prediction wrong my friend. 🙂 Jet Pride!

  • Panther Fan

    Killer D – I think you write the best posts on this blog, but I have to agree with OFM coach. I just don’t see how SPSV can beat Encinal. I say that with the utmost respect for St. Pat’s, but there is just too much size on the Jet’s team.

    That being said, if the Jets come in and are overconfident or play the same brand of football they did last week against us, they could have problems.

    It should be an entertaining game either way, as both teams have play makers. I think Naj Patrick of St. Pat’s is under rated.

    I hope both teams play well and boost up our league even more.

    Go Panthers! and Go BSAL!

  • Killer D,

    Nice analysis of the upcoming games. But as a Mariner fan of course I will object to the 13 point spread. You say both teams stats are close but Peidmont is undefeated at home. Let’s see they played Drake 2-5, Dougherty Valley 2-5, Albany 1-6 at home…hmmm. Moreau will be the first team they play at home with a winning record. Moreau has played better against the pass than there stats indicate…if you take out the pass yards against St. Mary’s you cut there total pass yards given up almost in half. Both are fighting for a playoff spot and I expect a good game but Moreau comes out on top. Go Mariners!

  • Dutch B

    Amador Valley now 24th in the Cal Hi Sports statewide rankings.

  • KillerD

    To: Oldmeddlingcoach and Pantherfan about your reply to my picking St. Pats to upset Encinal Friday night –

    My sources each say the Jets lost the heart of their defense and their starting fullback, the same great player occupies both spots, and rumors abound about the injured knee of their starting qb that also plays safety for them, but he is braced-up and playing. Injuries to key playmakers affect smaller-sized roster teams at the D3 level and lower D4 & D5, than it does teams at the D1 & D2.

    Being said, if St. Pats is healthy and Encinal has a few players out or hampered, it will make a difference. Fair is fair on the gridiron. Also, apparently there is a ‘Hatfiled & McCoy’ hatred between the Encinal and St. Pats programs, and it will add plenty of Kerosine as Fuel for the fire…

    And To; Sean M. replying to my picking Piedmont over Moreau –

    Scouts clearly say Moreau is for real, good, and speedy and gusty. Their zing-bang victorious affair vs. an up-an-coming John Swett was a good win on all measures. Your bravado on behalf of the Mariners is duly noted, and Moreau’s score vs. Albany comes within striking distance on offense, to Piedmont’t win vs. Albany too, but therein lies the rub – Moreau gave up 21-points to the Cougars, while Piedmont surrendered only 3 points to them. Other common opponent was St. Mary’s, Moreau manufactured 14-pts. vs. them, and Piedmont generated 28 points vs. St. Mary’s.

    If the Highlanders cannot stop Moreau’s veer it will be a long Hallow’s Eve for them, and if Moreau gets bombarded by that aerial circus, it will be an equally long night for the visiting team.

    Late Posting on a Big Game that I missed Predicting, and my Apologies up Front to Ygnacio Valley and Clayton Valley, cause this is a big game:

    DVAL –

    Ygnacio Valley at Clayton Valley –

    Gunslinging new YV coach Chris Turner has proven to be the correct tonic for a YV program that recently was far to predictable and boring in that old Double Wing, never punt the ball and 2.98 yards and a Cloud of Dust offense – not because that is a bad offense, but because it was not giving YV the best chance to win a championship in recent years vs. teams that could load the box and virtually ignore the passing game. Turner’s ‘more balanced and west coast type attack’ has rejuvenated the Warriors, and the kids are playing hard.

    Outstanding Clayton coach, Herc Pardi’s ‘winning ugly’ Eagles got a lesson in WAC & Texas Tech style air raid football via the spanking hands of Concord last week, in a 56-20 rout every bit as lopsided as it seems.

    Pardi has been around the block longer than new YV coach Turner has been alive…BUT, the Eagles of Clayton Valley are Not last year’s championship team, although they play with incredible desire and heart.

    In the end, YV’s has too many playmakers, and it will be a close game in the first half – but midway through the 3rd quarter, a few holes in the Clayton secondary will be ebbing with the YV receivers catching hitches, fades and crossing routes en route to victory.

    Prediction: Ygnacio Valley 29 vs. Clayton 19

  • Panther Fan

    Killer D – As I wrote, your posts are by far the most prepared and detailed on this blog. No doubt. The injuries to Encinal are to very key players. I know Washington is out, but I have not heard about Duckett. Losing Washington is a big deal. As I have written before, he is a great two-way player. If Duckett is banged up that is very bad news for Encinal, as I believe he is the league MVP. He almost single handedly beat SM. He seems like a very tough kid though, and if he can go – I am sure he will. However, as you and I both know, games are won and lost in the trenches. I was very impressed with St. Pat’s line when we played them, they fire off the ball very quickly. They have a very good and, to me, underrated back in Patrick. But I don’t think their lines match up well against Encinal. Killer D, those boys are huge! A lot bigger than any other BSAL team by far.

    That said, anything can happen. I would remind you that you thought we would take the Jets too and we almost did. But as my dear old mother taught me “close only counts in horse shoes and hand grenades.” Lol. That was right after she explained to me the universal truth that “sh#* happens!”

    Anyway, I love your posts and wish our game against Swett was interesting enough for you to post a comment. But I realize it does not have much interest for anyone outside of Swett and SM.

    Can you take a shot at the top ten RB list for the East Bay? You seem to have a lot of knowledge. Jimmy D made an interesting list and I would love to hear from you as well.

    Thanks Killer D.

    Go Panthers!

  • KillerD

    Pantherfan……if I did a Top Ten Running Backs, it would be without enough info to give it justice, but Yes, your kid is a playmaker no doubt.

  • Panther Fan

    Fair enough. Thanks Killer D.