ACCAL Football Stats: 10/27

Updated ACCAL stats. Enjoy

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg TD
Rickey Galvin, Berkeley 7 151 1539 10.2 19
Michael Cunningham, Alameda 7 160 1054 6.6 10
Andre Williams, El Cerrito 7 74 638 8.6 6
Michael Ned, Berkeley 8 57 526 9.2 7
Lonnell Whittington, Richmond 8 79 367 4.7 5
Donovan Henderson, Pinole Valley 6 19 360 19.0 6
Carvonte Hill, Pinole Valley 6 66 324 4.9 3
Jeremy Yu, Alameda 7 54 288 5.3 2
Brandon Mitchell, El Cerrito 6 25 278 11.1 2
Tom Ruckman, Alameda 7 66 248 3.8 4

Passing (by yards)
Note: QB rating uses college formula

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD Rat
Byron Thomas, El Cerrito 7 63 124 50.8 1087 7 12 145.1
Tom Ruckman, Alameda 7 50 95 52.6 661 2 5 129.5
DeSeandre Mapp, Richmond 8 35 78 44.9 432 5 5 99.7
Kevin Fortich, Hercules 7 27 80 33.8 393 2 5 90.6
Logan Murdock, Berkeley 8 25 56 44.6 326 2 4 109.9

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
Isaac Goins, El Cerrito 7 26 386 14.9 3
Shannon Edwards, Richmond 8 18 305 16.9 4
Andre Williams, El Cerrito 7 17 371 21.8 3
Qais Shaghasi, Alameda 7 15 217 14.5 4
Keith Murray, Alameda 7 13 129 9.9 1


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Rickey Galvin, Berkeley 7 19 0 0 0 114
Andre Williams, El Cerrito 7 14 0 1 0 86
Michael Cunningham, Alameda 7 10 0 1 0 62
Donovan Henderson, Pinole Valley 6 9 0 0 0 54
Michael Ned, Berkeley 8 7 0 0 0 42

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg,
El Cerrito 7 1290 1158 2448 355.4
Alameda 7 1732 653 2385 340.7
Berkeley 8 2281 326 2607 325.9
Pinole Valley 6 1193 394 1587 264.5
Hercules 7 512 635 1147 163.9
Richmond 8 787 435 1222 152.8
De Anza 8 87 423 510 63.8

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg,
Berkeley 8 648 724 1372 171.5
Pinole Valley 6 669 534 1203 200.5
Alameda 7 1241 415 1656 236.6
Richmond 8 1252 734 1986 248.3
El Cerrito 7 1337 546 1883 269
Hercules 7 1451 492 1943 277.6
De Anza 8 1954 701 2655 331.9

Matt Smith

  • Panther Fan

    I mean 1,054?

  • Hulkster

    In case anyone’s interested… Nice article in today’s paper – Alameda Times Star, about Rickey Galvin; Page B5 sports section.

  • Panther Fan

    Saw that article. Good read. If any of these colleges (including Cal) doesn’t think this guy is D-1 talent – they are blind. I’m a big Bears fan, but I can’t understand why Tedford would not be all over this guy.

    This idea that a kid at 17 or 18 has to be 200 pounds is folly. Smaller backs like Galvin and others (wink, wink, I won’t mention any names) are going to get bigger, stronger and faster by their sophmore/junior year and may end up being better than the guys who are 200 pounds as Seniors in HS. You can’t teach what Galvin has.

    As my friends on this blog say – “Run Rickey, Run!” He will play D-1. Probably as a Cougar.

    Go Panthers and samll RB’s!!

  • old former meddling coach.

    Cal for some reason has to have kids fill a certain size requirement (at least i believe this)And let quite a bit of Talent leave this area. Can anyone explain to me why this is the case? Jonathan Brown (Former Encinal current Boise state)Would’ve been a great addition to their program. I hope that they wise up,Lots of talent in the Bay area. Jet Pride!

  • http://httpn Fast and Physical

    thank you for the support of Rickey’s season. Coach Gould doesnt think he’s a every down back, but thats ok, remember when cal let lamont thompson and fred shavies, get away, and they were in the rose bowl, Dont sleep on the leading rusher, wake up bears, the cougers believe. Run Rickey Run, Go Jackets!

  • All Day

    Tedford has a for some reason does not like to recruit Bay Area Running Backs,the last one was Javid Best out of Salesian,and he was considered a small running back,so i think size has nothing to do with it or school size in Javid Best case. It’s like a tradition every Cal coach has, in getting top flight talented QB’s and RB’s to stay home.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Cal picked up Dasarte Yarnway from Sacred Heart in the City last year. He is redshirting.

    Best in 2007.

    Marshawn Lynch and Frank Summers in 2004.

    That’s not too bad … and it’s not like Cal hasn’t had good running backs. All of them, going back to at least J.J. Arrington are in the NFL, or at least had a shot with an NFL team.

  • All Day

    Kyle, I heard Yarnway is thinking about transfering to University of Washington, is there any truth to that?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    I think that’s a question only he, or someone close to him, can answer.

  • Matt Smith

    With Jahvid likely NFL bound, I would be surprised if Yarnway actually transfered. His choices are to be the second RB behind Shane Vereen, a junior, and get a decent amount of playing time in 2010 (Tedford likes two backs) or transfer, not play until 2011 and be a backup behind Chris Polk, who will be a junior then in a system where Sarkisian prefers to give Polk the majority of the work.

  • All Day

    Thank you and you’re right Cal has had some outstanding running backs in their time going back to Chuck Muncie,who was the best running back in Cal football history. Can you think of any running backs who might have a had a better career? Did Frank Summers goto high school in Norcal? Cal has showed a little intrest in Adonis Smith out of Serra HS.

  • http://ibabuzz.com/prepcorner Jimmy Durkin

    Yep, Frank Summers is right out of Oakland’s Skyline High.

  • http://httpn Fast and Physical

    Who wouldnt offer Beast Mode, and the package deal, that was Larkins, School was tough on Frank, and he had a great career at Laney, and UNLV, Cal is tripping on not offerring Rickey G, there lost! Yarnway’s is unhappy, wait and see on this.

  • http://aol Yo Mama

    Does grades and SAT scores have anything to do with some of these EastBay backs being passed up? Does Cal want to recruit from big time HS programs?

  • http://google.com football’s best anaylst

    grades do count at cal. 4.2 avg to get into cal. but for the athletes it may be in the high 3s but thing is (“best mode”) came out of O tech, n may been help out by their program. also herd roomers about cal giving him “extra help” im not taking anything from him.. you do what you got to do, n he did it to get to the NFL.(big props)…. but with Ricky G. I see him going to Oregon witch likes the small more athletic type n he also fits their program. he is the leading rusher of the Accal but as the league avg gives up 1253.14 yards on the ground and the season is not over. so as you can see with numbers the Accal is not a great defensive league. so dont be surprised if colleges see that Ricky cant run in a D1 school.