OAL football stats — 10/27

Up to date Oakland Athletic League football stats. Still missing offensive numbers for Fremont vs. Lincoln-Stockton on Sept. 25. The only stats I have from that game are Tupouata’s rushing numbers, so his stats are complete.

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech 7 168 1,146 6.8 12
Jakari Johnson, Castlemont 6 130 1,061 8.2 8
Ernest Marshal, McClymonds 7 90 663 7.4 6
Sione Tupouata, Fremont 6 66 489 7.4 4
Randy Harvey, McClymonds 7 59 441 7.5 3

Passing (by yards)
Note: QB rating uses college formula

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD Rat
Robert Brigham, McClymonds 7 28 78 35.9 508 7 6 98.0
Eakalafi Okusi, Castlemont 5 23 53 43.4 346 4 6 120.5
John Landstrom, Skyline 7 30 51 58.8 338 3 5 135.1
Daron Duong, Oakland Tech 7 16 36 44.1 276 1 2 121.6
Greg Pierson, Oakland Tech 6 18 62 29.0 250 2 6 88.4

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
DiAndre Campbell, Oakland Tech 7 19 317 16.7 6
Damante Horton, Oakland 6 14 226 16.1 1
Ryan Norris, Skyline 7 13 176 13.3 1
Darquis Rucker, Skyline 7 12 175 14.6 2
Mikal Hardy, McClymonds 7 10 196 19.6 2
Jordan Green, Castlemont 6 10 77 7.7 2


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech 7 13 0 0 0 78
Jakari Johnson, Castlemont 6 10 0 0 0 60
Dave Douglas, Oakland 6 8 0 0 0 48
DiAndre Campbell, Oakland Tech 7 7 0 2 0 46
Ryan Norris, Skyline 7 7 0 0 0 42

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
McClymonds 7 1,598 508 2,106 300.9
Castlemont 6 1,394 407 1,801 300.2
Oakland Tech 7 1,256 582 1,838 262.6
Oakland 6 916 387 1,303 217.2
Fremont* 6 905 100 1,005 201.0
Skyline 7 806 509 1,315 187.9

*Missing Fremont’s offensive stats vs. Lincoln-Stockton.

Scoring: Oakland Tech 31.0, Castlemont 23.6, McClymonds 20.7, Oakland 17.8, Skyline 14.9, Fremont 11.2.

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Oakland Tech 7 687 314 1,001 143.0
McClymonds 7 1,087 372 1,459 208.4
Fremont 6 667 684 1,351 225.2
Oakland 6 1,011 363 1,374 229.0
Castlemont 6 1,289 603 1,892 315.3
Skyline 7 2,165 505 2,670 381.4

Scoring: Oakland Tech 12.9, McClymonds 15.6, Oakland 17.3, Fremont 24.8, Castlemont 31.3, Skyline 35.4.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • Greetings thanks for the updates… I currently had Ernest Marshall(Mack) @ approx. 718 yards? Also, do u have a stat breakdown for Marcus Peters and Denzal Johnson of MACK?


  • I’ll check all those out later Coach Los.

  • JB

    if johnson played 7 games he would have had the rushing title in his hand. Because Tam would have gotten it !!!



    Like I said before, Castlemont and Fremont are the best two teams in the OAL. Especially now that both of these teams got all of their players eligible. I think Defense and Special Teams will be the deciding factor in trying to get to the Silver Bowl.

  • Mack Family on me. Mack Family on three, 1-2-3, Mack Family! 2009

  • If Jakari were to win the OAL rushing title this year, I’d think he’d have to be the first guy in OAL history to be the winning quarterback in the Silver Bowl one year and the OAL rushing champion the next year. That would be pretty impressive.

  • Panther Fan

    Morning Jimmy. How are the BSAL and EB leader stats coming?


    Go Panthers!

  • I’m waiting to receive the BSAL stats (I don’t actually do them, we have a freelancer that helps out by doing them and then I post them). When I receive those and the DFAL and BVAL stats get posted by the writers who handle those leagues, I’ll be able to get cracking on the East Bay leaders.

  • Panther Fan

    Cool. Thank you sir.

    In the meantime, I would love your top 10 RB list, if you have the time. An unbiased perspective would be good. Plus, you’ve probably seen more of them than all of us.

    Go Panthers!

  • OK, I’m not going to rank them 1-10, because I haven’t seen all of them and it’s too hard in some spots to differentiate, but here’s who I would consider amongst the East Bay elite.

    Rickey Galvin, Berkeley — This is the only spot I’ll rank since I believe he’s a clear No. 1)
    Terron Ward, DLS — MV’s run defense maybe very suspect (I’d like to see Galvin run against it), but nearly 400 yards is remarkable against anybody
    Richard Calhoun, Alhambra — I haven’t seen him play, but his numbers are off the chart
    Patrone Wood II, Ygnacio Valley — This change in offense is holding his numbers back, but he still has to be considered among the best
    Demetrius Brown-Ryan, St. Mary’s — Great coming out party this year for both Brown-Ryan and the Panthers
    Jakari Johnson, Castlemont — How many players are both the best running back and quarterback on their team?
    Ryan Murphy, Oakland Tech — I think his future is as a strong safety, but he’s got speed and is a load to bring down
    Mario Brown, Bishop O’Dowd — Great back on a team that is just having a real tough year
    Jon Trodder/Jonathan Allen/Kimani Washington/Tyrone Duckett, Encinal — It’s running back by committee with the Jets, so no real reason to separate them because they all are capable of a breakout game. Trodder in particular will be fun to watch the next couple of years since he’s only a sophomore
    Michael Cunningham II, Alameda — Heard great things about him before the season and he hasn’t disappointed

    Honorable mention guys would have to include Fremont’s Sione Tupouata (but he’s a defensive guy at the next level), John Swett’s Evan Ray, San Leandro’s George Roberson (who is probably hindered by his team blowing out HAAL competition so much) and Oakland’s Dave Douglas (without Cobbs at QB, it easy to stack the box against him). I’m sure I’ve left off some good names. With apologies to FOX, I haven’t seen Salesian or their season number, so I can’t comment on Aaron Prier.

  • Panther Fan

    Jimmy D – Well done, as always. Fair, balanced, thorough and thoughtfull.

    A. Prier is a legit RB to watch, and has been so since he was in Pop Warner. Try to see him if you can. He is only a Jr., so he should be on your radar for next year as well.

    Thanks for indulging me on this list.

    Look forward to the comments to follow.

    Go Panthers and Jimmy D!

  • Btw Panther Fan, I just got the raw copy of BSAL stats, which is just an Excel file that has the offensive stats of all the teams. I won’t be in the office for a couple more hours, but my first priority when I do will be to code up the stats and get them posted.

  • Panther Fan

    You’re the best. Muchas gracias.

    Go Panthers!

  • Jimmy D wouldve done the same, but added Willis, from Logan, Stancil, from Amador, and Atkinson, Granada

  • Yeah, I’d agree with those as well.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    -Turay is the RB from Amador that would be in the mix. Stancil plays QB and gets most of his running yards on broken passing plays and designed QB runs.

    -Willis plays QB too and gets his yards in a similar fashion.

  • same as lockett, but on the next level, and because of their systems are good running backs. Stancil run that pistol offense, and those are read runs, and called, like the wildcat offense.

  • Darien wood from castlemont high school football team in one game at safty had 13 takles and now he plays corner vs concord and held there best recievernumber 1 to two catches 7 yards and skyline reciever ruckers number 17 to two catches 8 yards and leading the team with 45 takles in this year talk about him some times the best db in the nation to me.


    Be honest with yourself guys, Jakari could never win the Oal rushing tittle because of Oakland Techs Ryan Murphy. This young man is a down hill runner and also has the speed and agility to make people miss in open field

  • YVTV (google) is now showing Oak Tec & Hayward vs Ygnacio Valley ’09 (entire game. Enjoy!

  • you guys talk about ryan murphy a lot. But he was shutdown when they played caselmont. Jamier had to carrier the load. and put them in position to make the tochdowns.

  • unknown

    u call 145 rushing yards shut down. what you smoking ryan a beast just ask oregan state

  • Tech Fan

    Swiper no swipin swiper no swipin… Awwww man… Ryan Murphy against castlemont was the clear leader. if it were’nt for his presents Jamier would’nt have never been notice. but nayways we came up with the win. also he would have had a rushing TD if it hadn’t been called back. Now here’s a reason for Murphy to be starting and not Jamier because this guy was a WR at the beginning of the year.

  • Tech Fan

    O yea they didn’t kick it too Murphy at all.