BSAL football stats — 10/28

Up to date Bay Shore Athletic League football statistics.

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Demetrius Brown-Ryan, St. Mary’s 7 185 1,070 5.8 12
Evan Ray, John Swett 7 92 776 8.4 9
Naji Patrick, SPSV 6 78 663 8.5 5
Jonathan Allen, Encinal 7 70 525 7.5 4
Tyrone Duckett, Encinal 7 54 523 9.7 7

Passing (by yards)
Note: QB rating uses college formula

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD Rat
Andrew Spivey, Albany 7 82 166 49.4 1,090 6 6 109.3
Francisco Torres, St. Mary’s 7 63 126 50.0 1,053 9 10 132.1
Cormac Craigie, Piedmont 5 65 137 47.4 1012 1 11 134.5
Adam Robinson, Moreau 7 49 98 50.0 726 5 10 135.7
Brandon Brown, SPSV 6 35 68 51.5 637 5 10 164.0

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
Najee Lovett, St. Mary’s 7 40 754 18.9 7
Levy Wilson, Albany 7 31 383 12.4 1
Brannon Pantoja, Moreau 7 21 409 19.5 5
Robbie Inch, Piedmont 6 20 170 8.5 4
Robert Crowley, Albany 7 20 209 10.5 0


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Demetrius Brown-Ryan, St. Mary’s 7 13 0 2 0 82
Najee Lovett, St. Mary’s 7 8 0 2 11 63
Joey Fiandor, Moreau 7 9 0 1 0 56
Evan Ray, John Swett 7 9 0 0 0 54
Tyrone Duckett, Encinal 7 7 0 0 0 42

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Encinal 7 2,100 484 2,584 369.1
St. Mary’s 7 1,328 1,081 2,409 344.1
St. Patrick-St. Vincent 6 1,369 669 2,038 339.7
Piedmont 6 771 1,115 1,886 314.3
Moreau Catholic 7 1,124 848 1,972 281.7
John Swett 7 1,564 338 1,902 271.7
Albany 7 649 1,085 1,734 247.7

Scoring: Encinal 36.5, St. Patrick-St. Vincent 32.8, Piedmont 32.0, Moreau Catholic 29.9, St. Mary’s 28.4, John Swett 20.0, Albany 18.6.

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Encinal 7 1,027 671 1,698 242.6
Moreau Catholic 7 978 914 1,892 270.3
John Swett* 6 1,152 471 1,623 270.5
St. Patrick-St. Vincent 6 1,145 544 1,689 281.5
Piedmont 6 1,097 742 1,839 306.5
St. Mary’s 7 1,407 751 2,158 308.3
Albany 7 1,830 966 2,796 399.4

*Missing John Swett’s defensive stats vs. Lower Lake

Scoring: Encinal 14.9, St. Patrick-St. Vincent 21.0, St. Mary’s 22.1, Moreau Catholic 23.7, Piedmont 26.0, John Swett 30.3, Albany 41.3.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • guru-black

    yo mama encinal has out coached & out played st.pats the last 2years sh1t in my eyes their veer is better. blanton is a coward he has no interest in playing good teams. he has good athletes but he just wants to play scrubs like berean christian. i hope piedmont slaps them up like last year!

  • Panther Fan

    Murdoc and Guru – I am wondering why you all are blasting DLS and coach Lad as well. It comes off as petty and envious. Your views also have a tinge of hypocracy and inconsistency as well.

    As adults shouldn’t we be excited about any and all coaches in our communities who help young people to grow and develop?? That would include your coach, DLS coach, St. Pat’s coach, etc… I don’t see you alls’ point.

    Every kid faces issues. Kids who grew up in the ghetto (like me) face unique issues. Kid’s who grow up in the ‘burbs face other issues. Aren’t they all worth our best? Aren’t they all crucial to our future as a society? Don’t we want all of them to get every chance to succeed as possible ? This life we all struggle to get through is a challenge no matter where one is from. In the words of the great philosopher Rakim Allah (might be too ole skool for you all) “It ain’t where you from, it’s where you at.”

    Encinal is one of many GREAT football programs with a great coach and great kids. It is one of many. I would be all over a post that tried to hold up DLS at the expense of Encinal. They are not mutually exclusive. Both can exist and be lauded.

    Lad is a good man. He affects young peoples’ lives in a positive way. Isn’t that a good thing?

    Go Panthers!

  • renegades10

    well put panther fan. saw your post about DBR congrats to him.

  • Well said Panther Fan! and I digg the Rakim Allah reference…don’t see that in too many sports blogs…outstanding.

  • Panther Fan

    Sean M – Ryte on brother. I didn’t know if anyone would get that. That’s dope. I gotta stay true to my roots and culture. Even though I’m a corporate thug now, I gotta pick my spots to “keep it real.” LOL

    Fox and Renegades 10 – Thank you all very much for your interest in and congratulation for D. It’s very early and unofficial, but multiple contacts have been made. Very exciting. I am very new to all of this, I will just leave it at that. I assume there are protocols for all of this and I don’t want to do or say anything I’m not supposed to. I will just let it play out. But, really, thank you both for the kind words. It was very nice.

    Getting more and more excited about the playoffs. In the words of the great Jim Mora – “PLAYOFFS??” LOL.

    Go Panthers!

  • I just came on this blog. Murdoc is way out of line, so is Guru-Black. Stick to the facts, wins equal success, gpa and the class-rrom equals success and going to college equals success. If some of these other programs are full of these life problems for the kids, then I suggest you go over there and lend a hand.
    Have you ever volunteered? I wouldn’t blame the police and society, I would blame the community for not doing sometime about it. The ultimate blame falls on the parent(s). If you want to improve your situation, you can. How about you 2 lending a hand?
    Ever work a soup kitchen or food pantry, I have. Where’s your game. Bye the way, Murdoc keeps refering to some coaches as honks. Do you mean honkies? Wow, a racist and revoluntary all in one. If anyone is supporting a racist like Murdoc on some of this hate, we’ll have to assume they feel the same way. Was Murdoc a product of a program in the past, if so, he’s doing a good job running that program down. I hope his coach isn’t amused by this.

  • Guru-Black and Murdoc. If you were just 1 % of what Coach Blanton is all about we would not be having the comments you continue to spread. Blanton grew up tough from Pittburg, lost both parents, Vic Galli(Pitt) took him under his wing and gave him an opportunity to change and improve his lifesytle. Blanton gave back to the community, he now serves Vallejo. He has helped lots of Vallejo youths, public and private and turned some kids around. Blanton does not read blogs, nor do most of the classier coaches, it’s for guys like you and me. Your comments don’t get to anyone in the coaching community except the few that have nothing better to do. If you enter to learn, you leave to serve. Teaching is an admirable profession, usually appreciated by most people. Blanton’s a teacher first, coach second. There is no reason for any of us to continue to attempt communication with either of you. You should humble yourselves a little bit, catch more bees with honey than with vinegar.

  • Panther Fan

    Big Joe – Good post. Really. But I can’t agree with all of your points.

    The problem that inner-city public schools face has many layers. Actually, society and police do play a big role in what goes on. Our society is sick. Our society has ignored generations of people in economically depressed areas. The tragedy at Richmond HS, shows how entrenched the sickness is. But it is a failure of society as a whole, not just the inner-city community. This country has created these conditions. Make no mistake about that. Remember Katrina, and the underbelly of American society that was uncovered. It made people uncomfortable because most people chose not to believe those conditions existed in our great Nation. Well they did and do. The police that are placed in inner-cities are often the worst profiles to perform effectively in these commmunities. And the histsory between law enforcement and those of us in these communities is long and strained. Of course, their are some wonderful law enforcement officers, as well, but the damage done by the “bad seeds” has been lasting. The parents’ are, obviously, the starting point. But if you never LIVED in these areas, you really can’t even begin to understand that reality. If yo were not in the “ghetto” in ’85 / ’86 when crack cocaine was dumped into our communities by the CIA (not a conspiracy theory, it has been admitted) then you have know clue as to how that ravaged families. It altered the community in a way that is really beyond description. I am not trying to come down on you for your opinion, but it unless you have lived it, you wouldn’t understand.

    That being said, you are right. What are all of us doing about it? If one grows up in an environment like that and you don’t reach out to the young people who are coming up there, you are not doing your part. People like Coach Joe from Encinal are doing a great service. But kids in the ‘burbs need good, strong role models as well. While they are not facing the “same issues” they face issues and need guidance and to be challenged.

    I get what Murdoc is saying, but I think he is simplifying it a great deal. With all due respect, I think you are a bit too. If you are from the inner-city you can’t be a racist. You can be prejudice, but not racist. Racism involves the ability to hold someone back or influence their ability to access opportunity based on them being a minority. These terms are not interchangeable. Kind of like the term Hip Hop and Rap. If you know the culture, you know there is a vast difference.

    But your point about getting involved is crucial and , to me, the most important. All of us need to be mentoring the young people with whom we come into contact. The only true revolution is “Each one – Teach one.” That is why most of these HS and youth coaches are so aweseom and amazing and deserving of all of our appreciation and respect.

    Just some thoughts for you mind. (Sean M – that’s a Jeru quote). 😉

    Go Panthers! And Go Revolution!

  • HS Football Fan

    Way too much Haterade in these comments. It’s sad that people need to run down coaches who are trying to help young people instead of just thanking them. Where is the love?

  • Agree or not, those two hate certain people- low class bloggers. SMCHS NEVER taught that, it’s the differance between a good education and inferior, however, no education is really inderior, their atytitude comes from up-bringing. No excuses, no matter where you grew up, I was south of Sacramento in West Berkeley. Time for those two to pull up the boot straps- it’s not what your country can do for you- it’s what you can do for yopur country. JFK, Martin and Bobby.