BSAL football stats — 10/28

Up to date Bay Shore Athletic League football statistics.

Rushing (by yards)

Player G Rush Yards Avg. TD
Demetrius Brown-Ryan, St. Mary’s 7 185 1,070 5.8 12
Evan Ray, John Swett 7 92 776 8.4 9
Naji Patrick, SPSV 6 78 663 8.5 5
Jonathan Allen, Encinal 7 70 525 7.5 4
Tyrone Duckett, Encinal 7 54 523 9.7 7

Passing (by yards)
Note: QB rating uses college formula

Player G Comp Att Pct. Yards INT TD Rat
Andrew Spivey, Albany 7 82 166 49.4 1,090 6 6 109.3
Francisco Torres, St. Mary’s 7 63 126 50.0 1,053 9 10 132.1
Cormac Craigie, Piedmont 5 65 137 47.4 1012 1 11 134.5
Adam Robinson, Moreau 7 49 98 50.0 726 5 10 135.7
Brandon Brown, SPSV 6 35 68 51.5 637 5 10 164.0

Receiving (by receptions)

Player G Rec Yards Avg. TD
Najee Lovett, St. Mary’s 7 40 754 18.9 7
Levy Wilson, Albany 7 31 383 12.4 1
Brannon Pantoja, Moreau 7 21 409 19.5 5
Robbie Inch, Piedmont 6 20 170 8.5 4
Robert Crowley, Albany 7 20 209 10.5 0


Player G TD FG 2PT PAT Tot
Demetrius Brown-Ryan, St. Mary’s 7 13 0 2 0 82
Najee Lovett, St. Mary’s 7 8 0 2 11 63
Joey Fiandor, Moreau 7 9 0 1 0 56
Evan Ray, John Swett 7 9 0 0 0 54
Tyrone Duckett, Encinal 7 7 0 0 0 42

Total offense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Encinal 7 2,100 484 2,584 369.1
St. Mary’s 7 1,328 1,081 2,409 344.1
St. Patrick-St. Vincent 6 1,369 669 2,038 339.7
Piedmont 6 771 1,115 1,886 314.3
Moreau Catholic 7 1,124 848 1,972 281.7
John Swett 7 1,564 338 1,902 271.7
Albany 7 649 1,085 1,734 247.7

Scoring: Encinal 36.5, St. Patrick-St. Vincent 32.8, Piedmont 32.0, Moreau Catholic 29.9, St. Mary’s 28.4, John Swett 20.0, Albany 18.6.

Total defense

Team G Rush Pass Total Avg.
Encinal 7 1,027 671 1,698 242.6
Moreau Catholic 7 978 914 1,892 270.3
John Swett* 6 1,152 471 1,623 270.5
St. Patrick-St. Vincent 6 1,145 544 1,689 281.5
Piedmont 6 1,097 742 1,839 306.5
St. Mary’s 7 1,407 751 2,158 308.3
Albany 7 1,830 966 2,796 399.4

*Missing John Swett’s defensive stats vs. Lower Lake

Scoring: Encinal 14.9, St. Patrick-St. Vincent 21.0, St. Mary’s 22.1, Moreau Catholic 23.7, Piedmont 26.0, John Swett 30.3, Albany 41.3.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.


  1. I saw Encinal and I was surprised by their team speed. The Jets are extremeley fast and exciting. Encinal would beat Foothill, MV, Granada, Livermore, crush Alhambra, Pitt, definitley.

  2. Yo Mama,Just can’t give us any credit huh? If Duckett Only takes what the defense gives can you please explain the score. There were no dropped TD passes. Although they were thrown in the red zone. Also Our line open holes for him and the other backs to run through. We never said we had the biggest line in the Bay,SPSV had a pretty big line too. I think berkeley probably has the biggest line. We hung tough with a Serra team that DLS Escaped from 14-7 So why wouldn’t we do well in the EBAL? C’mon man. Give credit where it is due.We have a pretty good team in Alameda. Jet Pride!

  3. #50 Yo Mama pick up your face St. Pats got smacked the game wasn’t even competitive. 35-13 at halftime. You’re weak St. Pats. Blanton shold be fired. He runs the same offense as De La Salle & they shut those chumps down. Without Washington or Meno playing. Coach Tenorio drop a couple blogs for this sucker & for Blanton. Did he shake your hand this year? St. Pats is weak as F*CK! De La get serious. Give Encinal another 1,000 kids then talk about them playing. That means 2 Duckets, 2 Amiri’s, 2 Allen, 2 Murphy’s. Or better yet Cut De La Salle’s weak over rated squad & best athletes down by half. Then play & compare the coaches. Encinal’s offense & defense is way better then same ole De La Salle weak offense & defense that the Jets shut-down & put 450 yards on..

  4. I heard Blanton made a wierd and kind of menacing snarl like mug face when he approached Encinal coaches at the end of the game. You know it was kind of funny when St. Pat’s cried wolf and called for law enforcement on 2 Encinal fans. Very ammussing and desperate attempt at making St. Pat’s 6 or 7 personal foul calls, clipping (chops), and late hits (some called and some not called) on them just fade away. #57 for St. Pats is a dirty player too. I must say, very ammussing.

  5. Murdoc, you seriouly can’t be an adult with the comments you make on this blog. Also, your attempt to speak with ghetto hype and slang is a direct sign of your education.
    Now, for the comments. I never said Encinal didn’t look good, St. Pat’s looked terrible.
    Encinal is not going to beat most EBAL teams, look mat the power rankings from MaxPrep, they are not in the top ten in the East Bay.
    As far as beatind De La Salle and having better coaching, that’s absurd. Their coaching staff looks engaged and had good prep for the Bruins.
    The head coach is not ranked in the top ten coaches in the East Bay, he doesn’t have enough tenure.
    Two seasons doesn’t make a dynasty.
    Also, Marlon Blanton does a good job with a small school, only 325 boys available for sports, what’s he got to do with the comments?
    The Bruins do not run the same offense as DLS, the Spartans run a variation of the Veer and a pro-set.
    If you want Encinal to get it’s due, then certain fans of the Jets need to clean up their blogs a little.
    Old Meddling coach, I think I gave the Jets compliments and said they are a good team, don’t put words in my mouth. If you were at the game, it was a sloppy game in the first half, broken plays contributed to several scores. Duckett is the main man of the team, he’s the reason for a lot of their success. I was impressed with their talent vs. a small team turn-out. The receivers were very sound fundalmentaly, blocking well and made some nice runs after catches. I was not impressed with the defense, espeicially defensive backfield. The EBAL QB’s would have a field day against that group. Thank’s for listening.

  6. For those who have yet to see Encinal in person, you are in for a treat. The Jets have only lost one game in two seasons (to Serra), and they will play all takers. Jets would do fine in the EBAL, that overall league is outstanding, but other than Atkinson at Granada, not one team in the EBAL has the quantity and quality of amazing Division I speed across the board like Encinal. To say otherwise, is to not be honest, or you do not understand Division I athletic speed and quicks.

    St. Patricks is also an outstanding program, they have more than proven themselves over the last decade.

  7. Yo Mama – There are a couple participants on this blog that are either adolescent by age or attitude. Your posts are thoughtfull and interesting. Don’t pay those nitwits any mind. There are plenty of Encinal posts that are intelligent and interesting.

    I agree with you that Coach Joe from Encinal has not been around long enough to be compared to Coach Lad. Lad is an institution in AMERICAN HS football. I am sure Tenario would say that himself. I would say, however, that what Coach has done at Encinal the past 2 years is mightily impressive. He does not have the support or resources that other programs have. I don’t know who would be in the Top Ten coaching list, but Tenario has to be in the discussion.

    I agree with you whole heartedly about the coach from St. Pat’s. He has a great program. I don’t know if they are down this year, or the league is just more competitive. Regardless, they have, to me, a consitently impressive program.

    TO ALL – You know, it is ok to like your team and belive in your team. I don’t understand why so many on this blog feel the need to talk down about other programs. Man, this is HS sports. How about we praise ALL of these coaches and players for their efforts. They are entertaining all of us. Maybe I’m just too old fashioned and cheezy, but the value of HS sports is in the journey not always the destination.

    To practice what I preach, let me say something about Mr. Evan Ray from Swett. I was so impressed with this kid. His team was losing big and he competed up and down the football team all day. He is big, strong, smart and fast on the football field. I hope he is being looked at by some schools. I cheered for him all day long, because of how he competed. Well done Mr. Ray.

    Go Panthers!

  8. There is no more hating on Encinal. They continue to prove all wrong. I admit they are a good team and they just win games. Since last year they have won games many had them to lose in. I give respect to the jet players and the coaching staff. They get those boys prepared week in and week out. I tip my hat off to them again because they have come a long way from where they were years past.

  9. I don’t think i could say that our team is as good as DLS is at this point but i can say that i think we could play in the EBAL. Yo Mama, i put no words in your mouth,Just made some statements but i just believe you are down on The Jets because of some of your past comments and you seem to always pick us to lose to someone. Why?You can like who you like, but just wondering why? 🙂 Coach Joe is a Good Coach but no he has not been around as long as Coach Lad and i don’t think we could compare the two at this point at all or the programs, but i think we can agree that he is doing a good job with the Jets. Panther fan,I agree with you about Young Mr.Ray,I told him he needs to add some muscle so when he runs though some tackles he’ll really be a monster! Lets just agree to disagree and enjoy High School Football guys. Panther fan, Thanks for being the Voice of reason. Jet Pride.

  10. Yo Mama Your BRuins got destroyed. ha-ha-ha-ha. They got shredded so did the Veer. De La Salle’s coaches are way overated. Put those honks at an inner city school with 1,000 kids then compare them to Encinal coaches. You been to Encinal lately? They have the same Scroe board from when the school opened its not even Blue any more its Green. De La get kids & always have from everywhere. Terrence Kelly Richmond, DJ Williams Sac ect… How can you compare that to a coach who can only get kids from his side of town.

    You’re saying I’m an adolescent. You’re the moron coming on this Blog hating on a team & a coach that just destroyed your weak ass team & a weak De La Salle wanna be & former player Blanton. Wait until the Jets lose a game or have to compete to win then come on these blogs hating. That game was not competetive.

  11. killer D…atkinson might be fast but he is not a football player. he is a track star playing football. not physical. goes down way to easily. speed helps but it isn’t always what makes a good football player. and if you want to talk speed you have to look no farther then DLS. three players who were on the 100 meter relay team that finished third in the state.

  12. Wow! haven’t been on these blogs on this weekend. To the the real ashawndaus woods #1 congrats on your success this year you guys deserve it. I live 2 miles from your campus & I can’t wait for you gus to start playing in the fish bowl soon. Coach Bishop gave me my equipment operator liscense damn 10 years ago at work I happy that he’s back on his feet & doing good things over there your school has way too much talent to be 2-8. I tried to get you guys to our camp this past 2 summers but maybe next year Hayward will come.

  13. murdoc if DLS coaches are overrated why is Lad in the national high school hall of fame. you do know when he took over that program they were one of the worst teams in the bay area. for you to call the DLS coaches overrated shows ignorance. what do you think coach tenorio would say about your comments? and you think that because Encinal shut down a different version of the offense that the Spartans runs that you think Encinal could shut down DLS’ offense? You have got to be joking . that would be like saying that shutting down MV’s version of the spread offense all of a sudden means you can shut down Centennial Corona’s spread offense. two different levels. i have a lot of respect for most of the encinal posters on here as well as the program, but you are saying wait for the Jets to lose or have to compete to win. last i checked they have had to do both this season. they lost to Serra and def had to compete to win against SM.

  14. renegades10 i will agree, ward gave them an incredible 1st leg and help put them in the lead, i know safety ken egu was on that team also. somebody said earlier that encinal is faster than the ebal teams, well havent seen them on the track to prove it, got to give de la their credit on that part. they have some fast skill guys

  15. Murdoc – Actually that was me that called your comments adolescent. Not Yo Mama. I based that on previous posts. In your latest posts, you actaully make some points worth discussing, in between your personal rantings.

    Now to your comments. Let me suggest a few things.

    1. How can you say DLS coaches are overrated? In life, we are all based on results. They have success that is unmatched around here and in most of the United States. They have produced many D1 and pro players, all of whom have distinguished themselves as players and, more importantly, as men. You can’t ask for acknowledgement for Encinal’s two year run and at the same time, ignore DLS’s 2 or 3 decades. That just isn’t rational. By the way, I know Landrin Kelly (TK’s dad). He is still involved with DLS, because of what they meant to TK and the family, before and after the tragedy. What Lad does at DLS would translate anywhere, becuase kids want to play. He is an uplifting man who cares about kids and teaches them the game. He would do well anywhere. I suggest you read a good book written about their program by Neil Hayes called “When the Game Stands Tall.” It delves into what they really do and you will see why they are successful. I think you will also see value in their program beyond the X’s and O’s.

    2. What Coach Joe is doing at Encinal is even more impressive considering it is a public school. I went to both private and public schools. It is so much harder to do in a public institution. That is what makes Encinal’s accomplishment a source of so much pride for all of us who know that reality and lived it. What I love about the Jet’s program is that they don’t buy into the lack of resources as an excuse for failure. They do the right things to be successful, regardless of all that. I wish there were more Encinal’s out there.

    3. I hope this point does not turn off the Encinal bloggers with whom I have enjoyed communicating. You all enjoy an advantage over a St. Mary’s or St. Pat’s as well. You have a much larger pool of athletes to pull from. St. Mary’s has 600 students (only 300 boys). St. Pat’s is even smaller, I think. This year and over the next few years, that might shrink due to the poor economy. It is all relative. That does not take away from what the Jets are doing – but none of this comparison stuff is perfect. None of it is “apples to apples.”

    4. FYI – Yo Mama went to St. Mary’s not St. Pat’s.

    Go Panthers, Jets, Bruins, AND Spartans! 🙂

  16. MURDOC you have to be a former player. You know way too much about my program. Keep me laughing. A lot of truth to what you say. Yo Mama I can’t believe that you had to the nerve to come on these blogs & down us in any way after we won. No class. You should of had nothing negative to say. We did our talking on the field like I said we would. SCore talks like I told my team.

    MURDOC forgot to mention that we average 45 total kids in our program the last 4 years & no Freshmen team obviously. I don’t think EBAL schools have to deal with that. We average 30 total kids at practice in August thats both levels. I would love to play an EBAL school. I have to play my league. My non-league is correct. Alameda’s tradition, EC a great game for us play-off wise. If we went independent we wouldn’t win league that means no home play-off game. Drop Swett & St. Pats from my schedule but still let us win league & I’ll play an EBAL, a stud North BAy school always had a lot of respect for Cardinal Newman(I tried to get Logan or B-High this year but the NCS wouldn’t let me drop JFK). I love playing challenging games. I’d have my team hating me if I had 5 non-league games to schedule. We’d play good teams every week. As long as the teams who might beat us are way better then anybody in D-III I’ll play them.

  17. Did the Jets just compete to win win or lose renegades10 you De LA Salle nuthugger? No so why hate this week. Panther Fan you & ST. Pats are private schools any kid from any where can go to your school period. Encinal can only take kids from their district. It stupid to comper the 2. Private schools have huge advantages this has already been discussed on these blogs. Lets not go backwards.

  18. Not having home games in the playoffs as an independent doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have home games.

    DLS played nothing but playoff home games when it was independent/part of the BVAL.

  19. Did the Jets just compete to win win or lose renegades10 you De LA Salle nuthugger? No so why hate this week. Panther Fan you & ST. Pats are private schools any kid from any where can go to your school period. Encinal can only take kids from their district. It stupid to comper the 2. Private schools have huge advantages this has already been discussed on these blogs. Lets not go backwards.

  20. actually encinal have always had kids that live in oakland go there. i know an a/c transit bus driver thats drives them from oakland to the school.

  21. I was told by our AD that league champs were given first priority over top seeds. Don’t know the deal that De La had to go independent but still host. I think their league just agreed that they would host of they went indi so they wouldn’t have to play them any more.

    As far as top coaches in the Bay. I have a lot of respect for De La & Ladoceur we run based parts of our program off what they do. But its what you do with the talent you have. We have good athletes we should be good. De la obviously has great athletes & NFL players.

    I think that Coach Brackett from Novato is the best right now & has been for the last few years. I didn’t realize it until I got on the field with his team last year. They had no size. And no real speed like we’re use to in the East Bay(Oakland, Richmond, athletes). Their QB was tiny & could barley throw 35 yards. But man they were good. He is so innovative with his offense. I think he’s doing an even better job this year. Plus he’s at a public school. Next best guy I think is Cronin from Cardinal Newman. Innovative. Very small squads a lot of 2 way players. Not very immpressive athletes.

  22. Murdoc – I don’t think you are considering the full picture. I’m saying there are advantages that you all have (large enrollment) AND advantages that the private schools have (resources and, as you say, pulling kids from outside area). That is why I say it is not apples to apples.

    Also, consider this. Even though private schools can “pull” from anywhere, it doesn’t mean the players they could possibly get, can afford the tuition. SM is a perfect example. You may not know this, but SM does not give “full scholarships” to very many kids. At all. Their philosophy is to give some help to as many kids as possible, as opposed to a lot of help (whole tuition) to just a few. And it is NOT ever based on athletic prowress of a kid. It is purely based on economic profile and need. You may find this hard to believe, but it is true. I have sent 2 kids to SM. My daughter was a very good starting point guard for SM (no tuition relief) and we all know who my son is (zero tuitioin relief). It is $16k a year. It is HARD. We do it because we live in Richmond and I just can’t send my babies to Kennedy, Richmond or De Anza, because I want them to have better than I did.

    I believe Encinal could compete with ANY team in the Bay Area. I don’t know if they could beat any team, but they are good enough to compete for sure. In the end, none of our blathering matters. What matters is that programs like Encinal, St. Pat’s, DLS, MV, etc… keep educating our children.

    You know, MURDOC, Coach is right, You are nothing if not entertaining. You actually make some salient points, in between your verbal jousts. At least you keep the convo lively. Just give a little credit to other programs sometimes. It makes your team look that much better.

    Go Panthers!

  23. For reals bhsfan? Name them. We are open enrollment. So we can get kids from out of district. But haven’t got a lot lately since budget cuts administration is strict. Everybody that plays for B-High live in you district? B-High is closed enrollment.

  24. coach didnt mean to ruffle ur feathers, just making a point to this murdoc person, but i believe that ur school has had major cuts, i recall that it was a thought that all sports and extracuricular activities were going to b gone from alameda schools, that would not have been good, and yes they would want to live in the district, they are getting very strict, doing home visists. good job ur doing though, and i agree bout ur comment on the good coaches, both teams have been doing very well over the past years

  25. bhsfan tyler anderson also was on that team along with chase wheeler who graduated last year.

    murdoc i am not hating on the jets. they are a good team. you have been doing the majority of the hating on this blog. they played serra tough and gutted out a win when it sounds like they were not playing at their usual level. good teams are able to do that.

  26. hey panther fan do u guys bring up the enrollment when u played acalanes or albany? all the sudden encinal joins the bsal that’s all ur fans & st.pats talk bout? wonder y st.pats never had a problem playin albany wit a 1328 enrolment?

  27. Guru – I know it’s tuff for U playa. Let me help U out yet again.

    I have no problem with school size of Encinal. I am thrilled they are in our league. It brings the whole league up.

    My posts ealier were to dispute the extreme of both sides. I always believe the truth lies somehwere in the middle of 2 extreme views.

    All of the complaints about who is playing who and who has an unfair advantage to me is a waste of time. Play who is on your schedule. Take every game as a challenge to play to your optimum level (as individuals and as a team). That’s it. It really is that simple.

    If I can help you to understand any other written posts let me know. I am glad to do so.

    To my other Jet blogger – take good care of Guru for me. He is a special kid.
    Go Panthers! And Go Reading Comprehension!

  28. Nice to see some educated fans on the blog. By the way, I didn’t pick Encinal to beat SM or SPSV. I thought both games would be closer.
    Earlier in the year I felt some coaches made some very poor remarks about some other programs. I hope that isn’t so anymore, at least from coaches. Players should not be on the blogs, they should be doing homework.
    As far as SPSV goes Mr. Murdoc, Marlon Blanton was all-northern california, gained over 1400 yds. in one season and got a full ride to St. Mary’s College. He has a teaching degree also. That is what success is all about. He is a teacher first, coach second.
    It is interesting that one person’s opinion can draw out some very strong remarks from people like you.
    I sat in the stands with 2 other adults, we have all scouted high school and played college in the past, their opinion was close to mine. In fact, 2 out of 3 ran track for the Berkeley Striders coached by Willie White, both sprinters, we should know something about speed. Sometimes track speed doesn’t always equal football speed, Granada is a good example, but usually it can be taught to be effective on the gridiron. Encinal is a very good team with good team speed, the defense needs work if they go against a strong pro-style passing team, which they might not have to, including the playoffs. I don’t believe MC or Alhambra pass a lot. I would not go as far to say they have Div. 1 type speed except Duckett and the running back. The Encinal coach has obviously done a very good job with his kids and their limited participation from the student body. He helped put some kids into college ball last year, I believe his top star went to Boise State.
    One more thing, I am not going to cow-tow to anyone on this blog about discussing football and that goes for coaches too. Coaches, you coach your team and leave the discussions to us fans.
    By the way, Mr. Murdoc, what’s a honk? Is that someone with a college education making over 6 figures a year?

  29. Reggie B what s up playboy. You guys are doing it. Looks like you’re hitting stride & in play-off form for the play-offs. Man, I hope you guys go all the way & bring a D-I championship to this side of the hill. We’ll be watching you guys. I’m heading out to Fremont vs O-high this week before our JV game see how my patna’s are doing in the OAL. Maybe we’ll see some of you guys out there. Probably see Jerome he’s at all the O-High games I’ve ever been too.

  30. fast and physical i saw the big lineman u was asking bout from encinal, the kid name josh, he is HUGE, looks like he can be isiah henderson twin. wow coach t u got a big man,

  31. Honks are you Yo Mama. If you think that Lads such a God have him take over at Fremont High or Castlemont & get 60 kids in the weight room in January, February, or March. Not happening. Honks couldn’t succeed over here.

  32. well i can confirm that castlemont isnt that bad at players coming to the weight room in the off season and they do a pretty good job of keeping up with grades, when jb gets on the blog he can give u actual numbers and gpa, murdoc i agree with u but pick better schools to use as an example, fremont is a good choice though, kennedy in richmond too,

    keep up the good work james barnes

  33. Bhsfan you got sh*t for brains? Coach Green from that school was on these blogs earlier this summer saying how kids at their school won a chamopionship & won;t show up in the off-season. Castlemont’s whole problem winning games is that they have had grade issues. Keep up on current events buddy.

  34. well they can happen sometimeswhen a team win something they never have, but i have talked to the head coach many of many times, so u know what u get a big CHILD PLEASE, castlemont is leading the oal. what team u reprent i wonder, u talk a lot of smack on here, do a lot of hating

  35. Talk of Ladoceur being overrated are nothing short of ridiculous. You do realize that DLS had NEVER had a winning season in their history before Ladoceur arrived, right? It’s not like he inherited a strong program upon arrival.

    Panther Fan already pointed out that it’s not just a matter of finding the most talented players in the Bay area and having them play. I don’t think anybody’s underplaying the challenges associated with being successful in a public school (funding at the mercy of a school district, much lower percentage of parental involvement, apathy (in some cases) among a greater portion of the student body for extracurricular activity and a larger fraction of students who have to work and don’t have time to participate), but it’s kind of silly to dismiss Ladoceur and DLS, too. As some people have said elsewhere, can’t people be positive about the schools and kids they root for without being negative about kids and their programs?

  36. like the way u put fund at the mercy of the school district, funny but so very true

  37. Bhsfan I’m not downing Barnes I’m actually giving him a lot of respect. I think a lot of bright young coaches in the East Bay go through struggles with kids that Priavte Schools & Valley schools don’t have to go through. First & foremost is getting players to dedicate themselves & being in a situtaion where coaches can’t do anything about it with so few numbers.

    I’m tires of people on these blogs riding schools nut sacks when they have huge advantages like De La Salle. Parents paying for their kids to attend De La are going to maek sure they attend Saturday practices in February. On the same note players like Terrence Kelly who are given scholarships & are shuttled to & from school will be threatened with their being kicked out of school for not being at off-season practices.

  38. Coach T, my man, keep smacking everybody, like at B-High our sayig is “THEY IN THE WAY” Keep that machine running, all the way to LA. Bhsfan, their freshman year, we called them DeBo and BoLo, they were the future, we have Mark Hardin in his place, on the right side, and he’s better than both of them, though. Run Rickey Run, Go Jackets and Jets !

  39. Didnt Kevin Macy try at Tech, before coach Delton, come on give me some stats, high school Mel Kipers. Honk, Honk, The Real Coach Carter at DeLa Salle, it would be worse, cause, you fans, would be crying, ninja, ninja, cause he would take all the kids then,even more so, but it would be in Spartanville, so it would be okay. thought fo the day, Get Your Minds Right, Run Rickey Run, Go Jackets!

  40. murdoc never disagreed that most of the private and public schools on the other side of the tunnel has better resources, would love to see one of those coach go to a kennedy richmond or something like that, not only to prove a point but would love to see things more balenced for the kids, but it is what it is, that why i say people on the blog should really layoff the coaches, most of their staff is volunteer coaches.

  41. murdoc understand that the kids choose to make the commitment. plenty of good football players at DLS stop after their freshman year because they can’t or don’t want to make the commitment necessary for the team. thats what Lad requires. he doesn’t force someone to make the commitment. The kids choose for themselves. TK would not have been kicked out of school if he did not play football. Do you even know why he went there? He wanted to go to St. Mary’s or Salesian with his friends. But his grandmother, who raised him while his dad worked, sent him to De La Salle.

    I bet you have never met Lad or even heard him speak. Back when I went there I had him as a teacher. the guy can motivate people because he challenges them to be better not only on the field, but in the classroom, and most importantly in life. if Lad was at a public school he would demand the same commitment. if you want to be on the team you make the commitment no questions asked.

  42. Lads commitments dont have to raise 1 or 2 infants, cook dinner every night, find a meal to eat, light candles because the lights are off, lock all doors and windows at night and when they leave the house, harrased by cops, people wanting to close his school down, wear ankle braclets…

  43. Lads commitments coach at St. Pats and complain about everything: players being too big, schools bigger than his, opposing team’s fans, being beaten by a lot, players not shaking hands, and giving the bird… ha ha ha ha…

  44. Lads commitments are looking in the stands while St. Mary’s is picking off screen passes and letting Big Baby return it for touchdowns.

  45. i don’t deny that the majority of the kids who go to the DLS have significant economic advantages over the kids in the richmond and oakland areas. but people on this board blast a coach for what he has no control over. you do know when he took the job at DLS that was the job no one wanted. so what one guy from Lad’s program turns out to be a jerk and all of a sudden Lad is overrated give me a break. and i don’t know what the SPSV coach is like all i hear about is from the encinal point of view. come to think of it the last two weeks all we hear from most of the encinal supporters is about how the other team’s coaches are poor sports, SM and now SPSV.

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