Two Geeks and a Voodoo Potion

This week, the Geeks seek assistance in breaking the bad luck they’ve been spreading. MANY thanks to the Concord High community, which thought up much of this episode themselves!

Ben Enos


  1. Great piece fellas, maybe go TO Amador Valley nextweek,you can have Stancil and Turay as your guess, the dynamic duo threat. what a great story, that would be, Run Rickey Run, Go jackets !

  2. He looks like stumblin, rumblin Porky Pig…who SCORES!

    I build my house of stone / I build my house of bricks / I’ve had no chance / To sing and dance / ‘Cause work and play don’t mix.
    PORKY PIG quote 1933

    Look out the Porkies comming…

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