East Bay FB poll – 11/9

Here’s the football poll for this week. Enjoy.


Team Record Points Last week
1. De La Salle (10) 7-2 150 1
2. Deer Valley 9-0 136 2
3. Berkeley 9-0 130 3
4. Amador Valley 8-1 122 4
5. Encinal 8-1 112 5
6. Monte Vista 6-3 100 8
7. San Ramon Valley 6-3 75 9
8. James Logan 7-3 74 13
9. California 5-4 70 7
10. Pittsburg 5-4 55 12
11. Foothill 5-4 45 11
12. Ygnacio Valley 8-1 43 15
13. Washington 6-3 40 6
14. Alhambra 8-1 24 14
15. Concord 7-2 18 10

Also receiving votes: San Leandro (7-2, 5 points),  Oakland Tech (7-2, 1). The East Bay poll is voted upon by the prep sports staff of Bay Area News Group-East Bay.

Chace Bryson

  • outsider

    Why is San Ramon Valley ranked above Cal High?


    Here’s my top 15 (now let’s see the writers)

    1) De La Salle — enough said for now.
    2) Deer Valley — have to respect record.
    3) Berkeley — see Deer Valley, but honestly think they would lose to the next three teams I have ranked.
    4) Amador Valley — amazing showing by the Dons this, but big trap game sitting them in front of them.
    5) Monte Vista — If they get any sort of play from the defense, can play with anyone.
    6) California — Was not impressed in the lone time I saw them play, but any team can have a bad one.
    7) Encinal — I am thinking too high, as I believe and have seen over the years, the smaller schools stuggle with the big ones.
    8) Pittsburg — they have to be capable of beating almost anyone, don’t they?
    9) James Logan — Foothill loss scares me as the Falcons defense has hardly stopped anyone this year, but have comeback nicely.
    10) Washington — Still a real good season.
    11) San Ramon Valley — along with Encinal, the most overrated teams in the poll.
    12) Foothill — Which team shows this week? The one who beat Monte Vista and Logan, or the one who lost to Granada and SRV??
    13) Ygnacio Valley — Nice win over Concord
    14) San Leandro — Honestly think they would beat Ygnacio or Alhambra.
    15) Alhambra — hey, got to give a shout out to my cousins alma mater.

  • ManO’War

    Whistle – your list is better, makes more sense.

  • old former meddling coach.

    THE WHISTLE,Just wondering why you say Encinal is overated? Jet Pride!

  • Motor Mouth

    Whistle, Logan should be ahead of Pitt… common opponent MV whooped on Pitt, while Logan dropped game winning pass in last minute. Both lost very similarly to DV (last minutes, but Logan lost at DV while DV beat Pitt at Pitt).

    I also question Cal higher than Logan as Logan beat washington 28-10 and Cal lost to washington. Throw in the fact that Cal handled SRV and you can make argument for Logan over SRV as well. But Logan loses badly to Foothill, and Cal beat Foothill handly. Maybe that was just a fluke though as Logan lost in last seconds to DV at DV, another really close call against a top team. What a cluster!!!

    Good luck seeding committee! Here’s my take on NCS Division I playoffs:
    1. De La Salle (LC)
    2. Deer Valley (LC)
    3. Amador Valley
    4. Berkeley (LC)
    5. Monte Vista
    6. Logan (LC)
    7. Foothill
    8. Cal
    9. San Ramon Valley
    10. Pitt
    11. San Leandro (LC)
    12. Washington
    13. Heritage
    14. Newark
    15. American

    10. Pitt

  • norcalfball

    i agree with top 6….after that it is a cluster….but at that point i think you have to look at who is left…

    so really comparing foothill who lost to cal and srv and granada but beat logan and mv…but will most likely finish 5-5…

    cal beat srv and foothill handily and will likely finsih 5-5 therefore no way seeded below them…

    srv beat foothill but lost to cal and will most likely finish 6-4, so better record and won head to head vs foothill they have to get the nod over them…

    washington beat cal and didnt lose to any other team in conention, all 3 losses to 2 10-0 teams and 8-3 logan who played a great season other than that foothill game….but we aren’t comparing foothill to logan…so washington finishes 7-3 if two games better than cal and foothill and one better than srv very tough to seed them below them when have better record and head to head only team that hasn’t lost to the other one.

    pitt is a wildcard likely to finish 6-4 but only good win is heritage, but 3 good losses in mv, berkeley, and logan all ranked ahead of them.

    sl finishes 8-2 league champs with 2 decent losses but no real wins. bhigh of last hear all over again so probably won’t get much respect.

    after this i think it is a given heritage will be 13, newark 14 and american 15…if cp wins they will get the 14 and newark and american slide down one.

    so after breaking that down…i think #7 goes to washington as only team left with better record sl but the big win at cal and 3 losses against top opponents gives them the benefit of the doubt…not saying they are a better team than who is left but with the cards on table and overall resume they deserve it.

    #8 goes to cal – beat foothill and srv good enough for me and no real bad losses.

    #9 srv – beat foothill and finished with better record…

    #10 SL – 8-2 cant ignore record forever, will still get a home game in this slot anyways…could flip flop with srv as well…

    #11 foothill – they beat mv who blew out pitt…since only common opponents i give them the nod, although with one game record could go the other way too. some real good wins but also some bad losses and only 3 div 1 wins if i am not mistaken…thats not good enough…but could beat AV so could slide way up charts if that happens.

    #12 pitt – only one left..beat heritage so no question here…everyone above them has a better win on resume than them other than sl who has 2 game better record and league champs…a scary 12 seed though no doubt.

  • Prep Fan

    Yeah, SRV being ranked higher than Cal is a real head scratcher. Anyone who saw those two teams play each other would have top put Cal higher. And even if they didn’t see it, when teams are in the same league it is easier to look at their league record to see who has done better against the same opponents, including the head to head game. Barring any major upsets this week, for the EBAL teams only, the NCS seeds should be DLS, AV, MV, Cal, SRV, then Foothill. The other teams inthe mix should be inserted around those seedings, but no way SRV should be ahead of Cal even if they beat MV.

  • lopez 59 huskies

    i agree. washington should be ranked higher, depending on how their offense wants to play

  • Prep Fan

    After beating up on an overrated CV team this week, if College Park can find lightning in a bottle again this week and beat YV, they would qualify for NCS and we could have a full 16-team bracket and no byes. But most likely YV rolls them and DLS gets a 1st round bye. Has American already qualified, or do they ned one more win?

  • 59

    americans horrible.

  • Red

    Amador is the 23rd ranked team in Calif and the #4 ranked team in Norcal. So why are they #4 in the east bay poll? They have the #4 power rating on calpreps.com and played DLS close. Berkley and Deer valley are below the Dons in the power rankings. They should be #2 in the east bay and #2 in the playoffs.

  • renegades10

    Yes but for the most part committees like undefeated. I think AV will get the three seed above B-High based on the schedule they played and wins they have but in the end them being seeded number 2 or number 3 or number 4 doesn’t matter other then for the opponents they play because they will be traveling in the semis to one of the other three teams since all will be league champs. That is of course barring any upsets this week. As much as I like my alma mater, I think DLS is in for a tough game this week against Cal. The Spartans were flat last week on the offensive side of the ball. Plus Cal brings balance on the offensive side of the ball so DLS can’t cheat to protect against one thing or the other. And not to mention it’s student against teacher with the head coaches and Cal actually has another former DLS player on its varsity staff. So expect Cal to be very very ready for DLS. Should be a good one.

  • Hey fellows just wait until sunday nite, than make your bias preditions.

  • 925

    Prep Fan, American has qualified by finishing their league schedule at 3-3. they are 4-5 overall and finish with Valley Christian-Dublin at Chabot College(VC’s “home” stadium)… think whatever you will about it, but interesting to see who wins this one: an up and coming not that bad D-IV team vs a really unimpressive D-I team.. last year when Dougherty Valley was D-IV they beat American.. and this year DV beat Kennedy-Fremont so dont let the enrollments fool you..

    however that is all a moot point as American will be one of the very last seeds if they apply. some teams sadly dont apply and that is the only way they can get left out if they are already qualified. look at Albany in NCS last year and Cal High in volleyball two years ago..

    I believe my teams on the bubble that are still possible to get in are College Park which needs to upset Ygnacio Valley to finish .500 both in league and overall.

    As for the seeding… let it all play out because things will change and nothing is ever as simple as the best team winning because the better team might not be the better team on friday night..

    If SRV does beat MV, and beats them handily, I believe they should be seeded above MV, obviously due to head to head, and the commont opponent Foothill. If Foothill upsets Amador Valley, then throw everything out the window. The EBAL order is really up for grabs as always this last week of the season and what last friday’s standings were won’t matter by this saturday.

    Commenting on the poll, yeah SRV shouldn’t be ahead of Cal, Logan shouldn’t be ahead of Foothill, Washington needs to be behind Logan because Logan showed they were the better team. The Cal High Loss to Washington really was a fluke, the reason an injured team week 0 is no excuse, but do you really think a team that throttled Foothill & SRV and gave MV and AV good games would lose to Logan or Washington again? If they get paired in the playoffs most of us know this is going to be very different.

    Pittsburg also shouldn’t be seeded that low because they are talented. The MV loss really hurts them but I have to say they shouldnt be seeded below SRV or Foothill. I believe the Wolves certainly dont want a piece of that pie again. not for a while, just look at non league scheduling and you’ll see that when SRV isnt figuring on having a strong season or an untesetd team, they go from scheduling San Leandro and Washington to Oakland and Concord(no disrespeect). its just instead of purely playoff sense (again based soley on NCS implications) a loss to another contender really hurts them so out of section and out of division games are not as big a risk.

    I really thought Concord would win the DVAL based on how talented they are, and as a QB fan i wish some teams had as good a rising star as Ricky Lloyd. thats a good sign for next year. Ygnacio is really legit and their QB is also a junior and have some key pieces coming back. My only thing is how does any league champ lose to an OAL team. just based on NCS playoff implications, it doesnt hurt but it really does because a lot of times it shouldnt be a bad game.
    Tech and O-High really looked like good teams in their league, but a O-High roster with something like 20 players against SRV there really is no fair balance there no matter what. Tech does have D-I college guys but to me kind of a bad loss which is why I figured Concord would beat YV..

    Not disrespecting the bay shore conference/oakland in any way. Ive seen games in 2006 when Skyline played SRV, 2009 Oakland SRV, Wilson Prep(under current Oakland head coach Gumbs thats why I mentioned it) Cal High 2007, to me it seemed like Oakland teams dont really stack up that well against Valley teams. Of course there was Mack Granada 2005 under Coach Carter that was the exception. if you include San Leandro, they’ve had a few meeting with EBAL teams, but since 2005 when they beat SRV and MV on route to a 12-1 season, they’ve got burned by SRV the three times they met since, twice by Cal High and once by Monte Vista including playoffs.

    its good when teams like Tech do get a good win because it keeps the intensity alive in NCS vs OAL and a lot of times its written off when there are some really good opportunities each time

  • Matt Rempel

    Valley Christian and American is a strange matchup, but will be interesting. VC has done a pretty good job in their first varsity year, they’ve beaten the teams they should beat, but still not ready to compete with a Salesian. It will be interesting to see where this program goes, they have good coaches and the VC community really seems to be involved. I hope they make the D. 4 playoffs. I’ll be at the game on thursday night at Chabot College.

  • norcalfball

    925 while i dont necessarily disagree with you…seeding should never come down to potential and that was the point in my seeding process…committee will be looking at papaer that shows each teams body of work…so throwing everything out the window including injuries, weather, skill leverl, past history, etc.. you have to break down who did what this year and this year only….

    no doubt cal could ver likely beat washington if they played again but that isn’t the point…they didnt the one time they did…washington could very well beat logan if they played them again…mv could very weell beat foothill if they played them again…i mean mv throttled cal in the end and might do same to srv and did that to granada yet foothill beat them…my point is we could play this game all day long…pitt might beat dv next time, pitt might beat berkely next time…but again on the field all things being equal because that is how committe looks at things its irrelevant…everyone could play that game all day long…while i said pittsburgh was a little low based on talent that doesnt excuse the fact the only win vs a d1 playoff team will be heritage…so compared to teams fighting for playoff spots who all have fairly similiar records…washington beat cal, cal beat srv and foothill, foothill beat mv and logan, srv beat foothill. all have better wins then they do,,,only one in seedings you could aruge ahead of is sl and maybe srv…but sl league champs and 2 game better record…and srv beat foothill which trumps a heritage win and plays in tougher league and both ended with same record…potential and talent level has nothing to do with seedings. otherwise in my opinion mv should be the #2 seed, bc top to bottom the 2nd most talented team in bay area. but they haven’t played that way for whatever reason so don’t give them a free pass…otherwise why play the games…lets just seed teams based on d1 d2 d3 athletes and go from there!


    Meddling Coach — much respect to you for always having the Jet Pride. My point is simple. In all my years covering and watching prep football, I have almost always seen the smaller schools struggle when they face the better, bigger schools. It may be a good game for a half, but attrition of the bigger schools always wins out. That doesn’t mean there aren’t some players on the smaller schools who are not as good or better than any big school, it’s just that there’s not as many and in the end, the depth wins. This is why I always fought for two polls. It’s the only fair way. It always fell on deaf ears and evidently still is. This way, Encinal could be No. 1 in the small school and have the ranking they deserve. Best of luck the rest of the way out!!!


    As for the AV-Berkeley seeding, you can beat they both want No. 3, as I think either would rather have Deer Valley in the semifinals rather than De La. Either way, both will be on the road if Deer Valley and De La make the semifinals.

  • American is worse than horrible.
    Irvington challenged them.
    Enough said.

  • Julian Logan #54

    Logan should of beat MV with two missed field goals. Deer valley got a kick off return for a td and recover of a fumble at the end. Foothill logan was not prepared.

  • goutes

    To 925,san leandro may have gotten blown out by ebal teams, but there the only ones to come close to beating de la in a ncs championship. 05 year. ebal teams got blown out by de la in ncs champ game.

  • Friday Nite Lites

    Berkeley is gonna smack someone this year in the playoffs.

    The D brings it and Rickey is gonna go crazy!

    Go Jackets!

  • bhsfan

    @ the whistle
    i think b high players and coaches would like to have that 2 or 3 seed and play dv again, get some get back from last year


    Julian Logan – Logan was not prepared for Foothill?? What kind of excuse is that?? Foothill is one of the top programs in the section over the last 20 years and you weren’t prepared? That’s crap to be honest. If you can’t get prepared for games like that, you’re not going to have good things happen in the playoffs. Big reflection on the players and coaches

  • KillerD

    KillerD’s Updated Playoff Rankings going into Final Week, and Big Game predictions coming soon:

    Division I –
    1. Deer Valley: Business like approach to beating Antioch in prepping for showdown with Heritage forthcoming. 3,200 students form the coalition known as the Wolverines, and their abundance of talent on full display. This team will finish the year 10-0 and earn the # 1 seed and they should because DLS has dropped Two games, and not just one. At what point does the NCS committee Not rank DLS top seed? After THREE losses…Nope Deer Valley gets top billing in 2009 and they deserve it.
    2. De La Salle: Foothill (cannot run the ball) was able to keep this game way too close, and DLS only led by 6-points at the Half. Foothill’s Head Coach Sweeney crafted an excellent game plan, and they had the Spartans befuddled. DLS eventually wore down the Falcons in the 2nd half, but the 2009 Spartans are not the best team in D1 right now, they are however, the runner-up heading into the Playoffs. Coach Lad for DLS is a master at preparing his team for the Playoffs and a first-round Bye will do good things for them this year to get healthy and sweep up the miscues.
    3. Berkeley: They will dispatch a Roller Coaster Pinole Valley team and finish the year 10-0 certainly. The Yellow Jackets have generated a lot of buzz in 2009, and about half of it comes from Very Skeptical boo-birds unconvinced of Coach Zo’s talent-laden team. Berkeley will advance to the 2nd Round of the Playoffs and attack their 2nd major test of the season (prediction coming at that time). They scored well by defeating Pitt on their first test, but Final Exams are always more difficult that midterms.
    4. Amador: This is Coach Sira’s best team in years – and he knows it. Amador still shaking its head after having DLS on the Ropes at DLS, before the Dons misfired, backfired and eventually got fired from the major upset of historical NCS proportions Win Column that night. Dons will be in the semi-final game vs. either Deer Valley or DLS in 2009, depending upon the final seeding by the committee. They will beat Foothill this year but it will be close as it usually is.
    Division II –
    “Seesaw” bracket with many teams rolling the dice and coming up Snake Eyes. It’s shaping up to a Five Team race, for now here is that field:
    Petaluma: The undefeated Trojans thrashed a solid Windsor team last night 55-21. They will continue their march and accomplish an undefeated season by tossing Healdsburg around next week and finish 10-0. True to form, the NCS rewards undefeated teams from good leagues with the # 1 seed…………..IF the other top teams in the field have at least One Loss. Petaluma goes undefeated and they earn the right to be numero Uno.
    Ygnacio Valley: Big YV win over Concord and has enough talent and good coaching to beat anybody in this arena, however, to expect an excellent but Rookie head coach to Win it All in year one is a bit too much. Matchup in the Final vs. Petaluma going to be a great, great game.
    Casa Grande: The Gauchos proved to be up to task on a soggy Healdsburg home turf, and their muddy win last night was to be expected. The squashing of El Molino upcoming will have CG at 9-1 entering the playoffs, and they might be peaking at the right time, with a breather game, they could also get healthy before entering the slaughterhouse known as the Playoffs, which will really help them big time.
    Eureka: Back in the Gold Mining days of yesteryear, “Eureka!” was the cry aloud by gritty hardworking Miners that hit pay dirt. Eureka is supposed to beat Fortuna this week and should finish 8-2. But, their real test will begin in the 2nd round of the playoffs, after they get a Home Game up North in Round One, and crush the weaker lower seed team forced to make the winding-rain-soaked bus ride up there to be sacrificed to the NCS playoff Gods.
    Concord: Big but Close Loss to YV. Minuteman made some key mistakes, but as every good coach knows (and Hamilton is a good one) very good teams make your team make mistakes, and YV was the better team.
    Division III –
    Six or nine teams capable of pulling off huge wins, upsets and memories for a lifetime.
    1. Encinal: Jets have the BSAL player of the year (Duckett) in a league that has more legit Division I collegiate level talent at a variety of positions than any other east bay league. Encinal’s Thunder-n-Lightening assault vehicle on the ground continues to crush opponents.
    2. Marin Catholic: Coach Peralta’s Wildcats will be 9-1 and making their case to be the # 1 seed – but they will not get it. Showdown upcoming in the 2nd round of the playoffs, after they get rid of the unlucky 15th-ranked D3 team that must travel to Kentfield and become the fodder for the Wildcats on a crisp Saturday afternoon at MC.
    3. Alhambra: The NCS committee will be reluctant to give the # 1 & 2 seeds to East Bay teams, if another team (MC) is also suffering from only one defeat. Therefore the Bulldogs will be victimized by the geographic parity mechanism, and even though a coin flip could do justice betwixt MC and Alhambra, the Bulldogs will be seeded 3rd. Again, they will mash the #14 ranked team in the playoffs at home in Martinez, before getting a solid test in the 2nd round.
    4. El Cerrito: HUGE win for the Gauchos over Alameda, and their Overdose on the passing game proved the correct Prescription to defeat the Hornets last night. With VERY big Wins over D2 Pinole and Alameda, and the slapping around of Campolindo, El Cerrito Leap Frogs the surly Novato squad based on El Cerrito’s Strength of VICTORIES, even though both teams will finish 7-3.
    5. Novato: Coach Brackett’s Hornets have two good wins but not Great wins, defeating Foothill of Palo Cedro near Redding, and Tamalpais from their own watered-down league. It will be tough sledding for Novato to look the committee in the eye (literally and figuratively since the meeting is behind locked doors and coaches are not allowed) and to convince them that both of the teams they beat are better than Pinole and Alameda (whom El Cerrito beat). Novato is not accustomed to being seeded so low (for them) and it will be interesting to see how do against the 12th ranked team in prepping for the 2nd round?
    6. Piedmont: It will be hard for Tamalpais (7-3) after getting beat by MC this weekend) to justify they are ranked below the Highlanders, but IF Piedmont defeats St. Patrick’s this weekend in a hard battle, they will also finish 7-3 in the tough BSAL, and that league is better than Tam’s. However, if Piedmont goes down in defeat and finishes 6-4, they will drop a spot, but Tamalpais is not a Top 7 team in this year’s crop.
    7. Healdsburg: The Greyhounds gave CG all they could handle going down in defeat. They will lose to Petaluma this weekend and finish 6-4. A very good record for a D3 playoff team, and their schedule speaks volumes. Yes, wins count more than losses do, and their six victories are a lot considering the teams below them.
    8. Tamalpais: 7-3 is a very good season, and new head coach Goyer has done a bang up job. But, they have a weak schedule and no big wins at all, and this 8th slot gives them a Home Playoff game, a huge boost for their program and kids.
    9. Fortuna: Like Tam, the Huskies 7-3 record (if they lose to Eureka) is a very nice tally. But their loss to Ferndale (a very good D4 team) and terribly bad strength of schedule makes the 9th slot the highest possible ranking they can attain heading into the postseason, but if Campo goes 6-4 and beats Las Lomas, Fortuna will drop one more notch. A couple of angry teams below them will bemoan the committee’s choice of Fortuna, but Analy’s annual late season meltdown hurt them dearly, and a 4-6 JFK Fremont team won’t jump them either.
    10. Campolindo: Out of the Abyss, the Cougars from Moraga beat a stunned Acalanes via the air. Their battle this week vs. Las Lomas could go either way (predictions later this week on Big Games), but regardless, they are assured at least a 5-5 record with a win over Acalanes. After Miramonte gets drilled by Alhambra this weekend, Campo will be sitting in ‘Catbird Seat’ and that’s exactly where a Cougar likes to be.
    11. Acalanes: Solid Coach Ivankovich’s Dons had their hearts broken in their loss at Home to Campo. It did deliver a punch to the Gut, however it did not Dash the Playoff hopes of the Dons. Finishing at 5-5, assured a playoff spot, and with a much needed week of rest before the playoffs, the Dons can rest up, scout potential playoff opponents this weekend and get ready to maybe surprise people with a First Round upset on the road if they can control the clock and keep Piedmont’s A-11 off the field.
    12. JFK Fremont: Old Coach Michaletos is teaching the coaching fraternity that experience counts, but even though he is a very good and storied coach, most of the time Talent counts more than coaching, and their close but unforgiving Loss to American killed their chances of a top 10 seed. The Titans will be on the road up to Novato if this ranking of D3 teams holds true, and Novato’s D will swarm the Titans into a team-wide coma.
    13. Bishop O’Dowd: Coach Perenon is a very good coach, and understands the ONLY thing that counts is getting into the Playoffs, from there, anything is possible. BOD moving up the ladder is due to their strength of schedule (IF they win this weekend to finish 4-5-1), and the collapse of Analy helped them a lot. BOD gets in and their Elephant Gift this holiday season, is to visit El Cerrito and lose in a shootout, where the game’s over/under might be 80 points.
    14. Miramonte: After spanking Campo into submission earlier this year, Coach Wade’s Matadors seemed to be ready to finish 7-3 or 6-4, but they faltered. Their upcoming loss to Alhambra this weekend will get them a final reckoning of 4-6, and then a Rematch with Alhambra again in Round One. Alhambra has too much size and speed for the Mats, and it will be back-to-back losses for Miramonte because beating them after seeing them a week earlier is impossible.
    15. Moreau Catholic: Closing out the season vs. Piedmont, St.Patricks and Encinal would be hard for any D3 team, physically, schematically and mentally. But, the Mariners will finish (4-6) in the cast iron BSAL after getting hammered by Encinal Friday. They will make a playoff journey over to Marin Catholic, after having faced the D3 Top Seed (Encinal) to close out the regular season. Zero mercy goes the fate for the Bottom Two Seeds in this year’s unforgiving D3 loaded field.
    16. Terra Linda: After losing to a very down Justin Siena this weekend they will end the year at 4-6, a nice turnaround but not a winning season. However, in week # 2 they beat Sonoma Valley, and now their reward will be to travel to Alameda, suit up their kids vs. Top Seed Encinal, and watch in horror, as the Jets pound, sweep, counter, lead and play action their way to a 50-point win over Terra Linda.

    * Somoma Valley Note: The most distraught head football coach in the NCS this off-season will be Analy head coach, Daniel Bourdon. His Analy team completely dropped the Anvil on both of their bare feet, crushing not only the bones in each foot, but their 2009 playoff hopes with it. Analy finishes the season at 5-5, a decent record for sure. BUT, their OOPS head-to-head loss to Sonoma Valley last night, and a lower standing in that league than Sonoma, combined with Terra Linda’s Win over Sonoma Valley, will sequester the Analy coach in a lonely place, mumbling to himself in the bleak, cold and unrelenting winter, as he watches the NCS playoffs and utters, “It should be us, and not Terra Linda vs. Encinal.”

  • InTheKnow

    Julian #54 should watch how he words things, I don’t think he meant unprepared… Logan was prepared for Foothill. They play them every year. Logan just came out flat and got beat by a very good foothill team. No excuses other than it was Logan’s one and only poor performance of the year to date.

  • Panther Fan

    Killer D – No D4? 🙁

    Go Panthers!

  • old former meddling coach.

    Whistle, I hear where you are coming from. 🙂 Jet Pride!


    Fair enough InTheKnow — fair enough. If I was coaching I would ban all of my players from getting involved in this message boards…nothing good can come from it.

  • InTheKnow

    Whistle… I agree. I cringe every time I see a player on this board, or a coach for that matter.

  • SoftToss

    Is there a bigger fan of prep football than Killer D? I doubt it.

  • 925

    No denying San Leandro had a great team that year. They would’ve finished 1st in EBAL because they whooped SRV and MV that year MV was also 10-0!. I have always been a fan of Scottie Cordier and Jamel Hamler their QB/WR duo, but since those days I havent gotten to see either play that much. Cal Poly Cordier’s team I’ve seen them play UC Davis and maybe SJSU once or twice. Fresno State Hamler wasnt eligible and never started to my knowledge but still holding out hope they’ll play each other one day again. lol

    I grew up in San Leandro, so I do have favoritism to them a little bit. I wish the Pirates had a better stadium like TAK or Logan’s because as the only HS in SL they deserve a quality field. That will change someday.

    To NorCal, you are absolutely right. I think that is exactly what the comittee will do and looking at Kyle’s seeds it is the only fair way. I was only providing the sentiment that most feel Cal had a bad game. Not a Cal fan, but I do live in SR and like to follow them sometimes. When they are good, it helps the rest of the EBAL step their competition up. NCS will settle a lot of regular season things and will make the round of 8 very interesting. best of luck to all

  • Matt Rempel

    American isn’t great, but they did beat Kennedy. The problem with these teams in Fremont is that they just don’t have any depth. My high school was only 500 kids and we had over twice as many guys out for football than these schools of almost 2,000. Even if American finishes 5-5, just can’t see them sneaking in the playoffs. Would really like to see San Lorenzo make it into the D. 2 playoffs, lots of heart.

  • ebal1

    American is already guaranteed a 3-3 record in their league (their final game on Friday is out of league)which is all that is required to make the playoffs this year. If they apply at the NCS seeding meeting on Sunday 11/15, they will be in. Likely as the 15th and lowest seed though.