Rap battles … in Danville? (feat. E-40, seriously)

So Monte Vista makes a rap with the help of, yes, E-40.

Then of course San Ramon Valley needs to respond with a rap of its own.

The Monte Vista one doesn’t allow embedding so here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ag3sS2za9vQ

Here is the San Ramon one:

And just because it's the best, last year's Pittsburg Pirate Anthem:

Pirate Football: 2008 Pittsburg Pirate Anthem from Paul LaCasse on Vimeo.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.


    next to pitt’s version, those are jokes. How do you get no video in either of them. Nice tough with E-40 — very impressive – but other than that, pretty weak. It sounded like they had to wake up a couple of those guys to do their parts. upgrades needed for both…Pitt still rules it.

  • junior

    Nothing better than suburban gangsta’s….

    too bad E 40 cant play d-line and help the Mustangs stop the run.

  • renegades10

    ha does his son start on the frosh team? he brought him out to the DLS camp and the coaches called him E-20.

  • 925

    the SRV one sounds like a video production class thing lol.. and yes they would make one even if MV didn’t do one first.

    Kyle are you going to do EBAL predictions this week? Gonna be tough to call all of the matches actually.

    Cal High may be the second toughest game for DLS if they get a lead on them like Amador did.

    Foothill has history on their side, but Amador looks to put on a show with their dominate run game

    Monte Vista has the air attack, but does San Ramon Valley’s defense come to play this week?

    last but not least Granada has big injuries, but Atkinson still has the ability to carry his team. The last time Granada had injuries, Livermore won in 07 if i recall

    btw how come last year it was the Atkinson twins, and now the majority of the news is about George? Does his brother still play or did he decide to just do track?


    Junior — that’s classic. Great comment – they could certainly use the help.

  • football phenatik

    Are they serious????

  • FalconsBaby

    these suck…Pitt’s clowns on all of them.

  • Matt Smith

    I’m flabbergasted…

  • WolvesNumber1

    The Pittsburgh one is no question the best. And about the SRV one, it was a quick make (less than a day). Of course it’s not gonna have a video in that short amount of time. And it wasn’t meant to be the greatest thing in the world (even though it is pretty good for one day). It’s a response to a rival school making a song, what else do you think is going to happen besides a response?


    I don’t know, something well done?

  • Wondering

    MV one was done for their awards nite

  • Chris

    Both of these are just awful. I’m embarassed for both sides. Pitt has a good one though

  • PutItInTheAir

    First off a ‘Rap Battle’ is when rappers free style from the top of their head about a particular subject matters, battling for who’s the best rapper! The ‘Go Mustangs’ song was blessed by E-40 (which is a huge contribution to our school) with hooks, and chants (((not a featured))) only to be played at the school games as a fight song. A few of MV players rapped over the song for MV banquet night (no PUNT tended towards SRV football team). Just getting it str8…

  • Both of these are embarassing, but the lines in the San Ramon one sound like Binky the clown wrote them

  • Jet4ever52

    Pitts still the best

  • SM

    Pworld killin both those lame attempts at rapping..

  • bigC

    the san ramon rap SUCKS