AV QB Stancil likely done for the year

Amador Valley quarterback Kean Stancil, who left Friday’s 31-21 loss to rival Foothill with a hamstring injury, is “likely” done for the year according to AV coach Rick Sira.

Stancil suffered a slight tear to one of his hamstrings and will need to be signed off by a doctor in order to play again this year.

Not a good sign for Amador fans as Stancil was really the player that kept opposing defenses honest all year with his big-play running ability. Even if he were to return, you have to figure he won’t be near near 100 percent.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Prep Fan

    That is really too bad, as he is a great player and I hate to see any kids get injured. I hope he is able t get back in shape and be able to play next year in college. AV better hope their offense is still in good enough shape to take down a College Park team that has finished the season on fire with decisive victories over Clayton Valley and Ygnacio Valley in the final 2 weeks to sneak into the playoffs. They also beat Alhambra early in the season and could stir things up if AV doesn’t answer the bell without Stancil.

    It changes things on that entire side of the bracket, as teams like Cal, Washington, Pitt, SRV & Deer Valley suddenly see a less formidable path to the finals to get to DLS. That is not to say that AV won’t still get past this adversity and win out, but the loss is a big one.

  • ManO’War

    Kean is a fine young man and tremendous player, too bad he cannot finish out a great year behind the center in style, with such a frustrating injury. His slithering running ability particularly is a sight to behold, he’s a gem to watch and a major reason of course for AV’s amazing success this year. Credit to him he wanted to try it against Foothill even though not 100%. Injury goofs up his scheduling a little, but he’ll be great for some truly lucky team that gets him next year at least….

  • chs1012

    That’s a shame. Kean Stancil, a great kid, comes from a fine family. He’s a heck of a baseball player so I hope he is ready come spring to lace up the spikes. Those of us that have had the chance to coach him and some of his AV teammates in his sports know the kind of leader he is. Along with Kyle Kearney of Granada, this year has not been kind- injury wise- to these very talented EBAL QBs,and team leaders, who started competing against each other when they were 13. I think I can speak for many when I say I hope they have speedy recoveries….

  • Mike

    is there any way we can get injuries updates for all playoff teams if possible? this makes a big difference in how affected a teams play is. best of luck in recoveries for all those injured.

  • Donfan

    yikes…… hes a good kid. thats too bad.

  • ManO’War

    Good point though, lots of other injuries and it could be worse, even for Stancil. And, a lot of players (e.g. Johnson of MV, Quon of Foothill, Kearney of Granada, more?) hurt for a long time with different injuries and didn’t get the best chance to show what they can do.

  • James

    Here’s a big break CP, make it happen. =p

  • Fan of Dons

    Cameron Seems, starting LB, is also out with a broken ankle. Not good for AV. College Park will pack the box and dare AV to throw. AV might have enough talent to beat CP without Stancil and Seams, but beating Cal (next likely foe) is unlikely.

  • PayDirt

    Stancil was a front-runner for EBAL player of the year, and NCS player of the year, he is that talented (just ask MV – never mind…). He is a true leader. All the best for his recovery. CP should not benefit, but Deer Valley will have an easier path to the final. Here’s to the health for all NCS playoff football participants. Good luck and play well.

  • The Whistle

    Great kid, great player — it stinks he will be out for the playoffs. Best of luck and a quick recovery to Stancil.

    MIKE — Really, injury updates on high school?? There’s no wire, nor rules which mandate injury updates from the schools. And because of that, no one tells the truth very ofter relating to injuries. For instance last week, those close to the Foothill program knew Rowland was going to play, but those outside the school thought he was done for the year.

  • norcalfball

    any word on stencil’s backup is a similiar run/pass qb?…that is really tough to see an injury right before playoffs…

    well we all hear about the great EBAL DEPTH…so they will have to show it here…

  • Vic

    Nocalfball : Stancil’s Back up Patrick Gibbons, is more of a pocket passing quarterback, he doesnt have the same mobility as stacil, but he can still run okay, i do think he has a better arm then stancil, but needs to show better accuracy, maybe working with the 1st team this week he will step his game, Even without stancil, AV has too much depth for a first round exit against a up and down team…

  • Dutch B

    Without Stancil….AV’s goose is cooked.

  • Vic

    dutch: thats most likely true but not in the 1st round maybe not even the 2nd, people are forgetting about the talent outside of stancil, starting with the all league RB turay, and going on with osterholt, and banahan…and that strong d line….

  • Prep Fan

    If AV gets by CP and Cal gets by Washington, you can bet Cal will be coming to AV next week with revenge on thier minds. They were ahead 21-7 with the ball on the AV 10 in the 3rd quarter with Stancil playing, and let it slip away. That was not an easy victory for AV, but it was a good one as it allowed them to take 2nd place in league. I don’t know that you can just assume they will slide past the first two rounds without two of their top players.
    Lets see how both AV and Cal play ths weekend, and ten we can try to assess what may happen in rounud 2. CP has been up and down this season, and may surprise some people tonight, but the wet field will be the wild card.

  • renegades10

    paydirt: Stancil was a forerunner for EBAL player of the year until the 2nd half of the game against DLS when they lost. Remember EBAL traditionally gives award to a player on league champ. EBAL all-league results not have come out publicly but are finalized and i told my source that i would not share the names, but i can tell you the tradition held true this year.

    Whistle: Rowland himself said he was done in the televised game against DLS only one week before the AV game. They interviewed him during the game and he clearly said he was done because of the concussion and would hope to be healthy for next year. Maybe he was trying to pull a fake out on the Dons. I’m sure he was cleared to play by a doctor, because I can’t see Sweeney ever letting him get back on the field without a doctor’s approval nor do I think the school would allow it to happen.

    AV should win but I think it will be a close game. Momentum usually means a lot going into playoffs and CP has been a team possessed the last few week. It will be a close game and it will be interesting to see how Turay handles a bigger load this week with Stancil out.

  • renegades10

    do want to add Stancil is very talented athlete and hope he recovers well for baseball. also a tremendous competitor who brings a lot more to the field other then just athletic ability.

  • Vic

    congrats to the Lady Dons Volleyball team for winning NCS against Granada tonight in 4 sets…good luck to them in Nor-cal, and State…

  • ProudAVFan

    Renegades10: why would you say stancil WAS a forerunner until the 2nd half of DLS game. Shouldn’t he still be a forerunner based on where they ended up in league? Is he the only QB to ever fumble or get picked off? Come on, helping AV get to 2nd in EBAL should get him some pats on the back and to those who decide should look at that! That was the first league game for AV and shouldn’t be the determining factor in taking him out of consideration! Hope he recovers well.

  • fast and physical

    What a pleasure to watch, true team leader, great competetitor, Get well soon from the Jacket Fam, Run Rickey Run, Go Jackets!

  • renegades10

    ProudAVFan it had nothing to do with his performance in the game but it had to do AV losing the game to DLS and well they lost it in the second half. Read my post I said that the award is traditionally given to a player on league champ. When they lost to DLS they no longer were going to be league champs. That is why I said he lost it in the second half of the game versus DLS. Maybe I should have said it as he lost it when AV lost to DLS. But let’s face it they were up two scores at half so it really was the second half.