As We See’Em – Playoff Week 1

Here we go….

NCS Division-I

Game Bonagura Bryson Durkin Enos Gonsalez Hammon Smith
16 American at 1 DLS DLS DLS DLS DLS DLS DLS
8 Foothill at 9 Logan Foothill Foothill Foothill Logan Foothill Logan
13 Heritage at 4 Monte Vista MV MV MV MV MV MV
12 San Leandro at 5 Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley Berkeley
15 Newark at 2 Deer Valley DV DV DV DV DV DV
10 Pittsburg at 7 San Ramon V Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt Pitt
14 College Park at 3 Amador V AV AV AV AV CP AV
11 Washington at 6 California Cal Cal Cal Cal Cal Cal

NCS Division-II

Game Bonagura Bryson Durkin Enos Gonsalez Hammon Smith
16 Rancho Cotate at 1 Petaluma Petaluma Petaluma Petaluma Petaluma Petaluma Petaluma
9 Card. Newman at 8 Windsor CN CN Windsor CN CN CN
13 Pinole V at 4 Eureka Eureka Pinole Eureka PV Eureka Eureka
12 Alameda at 5 Ygnacio V YV Alameda YV YV YV Alameda
15 Carrillo at 2 Casa Grande CG CG CG CG CG CG
10 Hayward at 7 Las Lomas Hayward LL LL Hayward LL LL
14 Mt. Diablo at 3 Montgomery Mont Mont Mont Mont Mont Mont
11 Clayton V at 6 Concord Concord Concord Concord Concord Concord Concord

NCS Division-III

Game Bonagura Bryson Durkin Enos Gonsalez Hammon Smith
16 Sonoma V at 1 Encinal Encinal Encinal Encinal Encinal Encinal Encinal
9 Campolindo at 8 Fortuna Fortuna Campo Campo Campo Fortuna Fortuna
13 Piedmont at 4 Novato Novato Novato Novato Novato Novato Novato
12 Miramonte at 5 Healdsburg Healds Healds Healds Mira Mira Healds
15 Terra Linda at 2 Marin Cath. MC MC MC MC MC MC
10 Analy at 7 Acalanes Analy Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes Acalanes
14 O’Dowd at 3 Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra Alhambra
11 Tamalpais at 6 El Cerrito EC EC EC EC EC EC

NCS Division-IV

Game Bonagura Bryson Durkin Enos Gonsalez Hammon Smith
9 Justin Siena at 8 Berean Chris. JS JS JS BC JS JS
13 Harker at 4 Middletown Middy Middy Middy Middy Middy Middy
12 Valley Chris. at 5 Cloverdale Clove Clove Clove Clove Clove Clove
10 McKinleyville at 7 Fort Bragg FtB FtB FB FB FB FB
14 Willits at 3 Salesian Sal Sal Sal Sal Salesian Sal
11 Clear Lake at 6 St Pat/St. V SPSV SPSV SPSV SPSV SPSV SPSV

NCS Division-V

Game Bonagura Bryson Durkin Enos Gonsalez Hammon Smith
8 Calistoga at 1 St. Vincent St. V St. V St. V SV SV SV
4 St. Bernard at 5 Tomales Tomales St. B Tomales Tomales Tomales St. B
7 Point Arena vs 2 St. Elizabeth St. Liz St. Liz St. Liz St. Liz St. Liz St. Liz
Hoopa d. Anderson V (forfeit)

OAL Playoffs

Game Bonagura Bryson Durkin Enos Gonsalez Hammon Smith
Fremont vs Castlemont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Fremont Castle
McClymonds at Oakland Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech

Agree? Disagree? Let us know!

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Man I heard on the wire that bhsfan is a San Leandro alum is that true anyone cuz they say last night he was rooting for the pirates.Where does he coach at.bhsfan just wanna know do u coach r u a fan and where do u coach at and what position.

  • I would realy like to know which Jet coach is posing as me. I think a phone call to the AUSD office in the morning might but a damper on this since I dont see any way to report abuse here. Iam sure Joe need these head aches like a hole in the head. Hey pussy who ever you are I will be at the game on Friday you know who Iam so have some balls and show up like a man or hide like the bitch you are.

  • and for the Record I agree with Bleacher coach any team from any league getting into the playoffs is a joke it is about the money for the NCS. 30 point blow outs are not good sportsmanship and then add to that coaches like the ones from San Marin and Piedmont who refuse to play with a running clock in the second half is a bigger joke. What about the safety of the kids and not the egos of the coaches.Did the Piedmont coach really think his team was going to come back from 41 points down? But yet you same people complain when a team drops 60 or 70 points on a team you hate on DLS and Grant or who ever else you can.

  • One other thing for the moron who is posing as me under LARRY REPOSA get some football knowledge dumbass with the return of the bowl games you cant play weak teams or you will never get picked so who ever are and with what ever team play your weak ass schedule have a 10 year winning streak and you get to be the coach and team who never goes to a bowl game LOL. The playing field in high school football has changed the Section Title is no longer what teams stive for ……but wait you still live in the same apartment with your mom you grew up in so I guess you would be happy with that

  • cooliobuddy


    They’ll frickin own novato
    Piedmont was down players it wasn’t really cool
    they woulda put WAY more points up with QB and WR

    but hey, props to that sophmore at QB, he played hard and put up not too bad numbers. he’s got a bright future.

  • cooliobuddy

    and Kurt Bryan is a coaching genius along with Steve Humphries.

  • choppers

    seems like novatodadandjetalumni made his way up , hahahaha ur not fooling anyone, i remeber this guy last year off the blogs, you novato guys are funny, i swear, always talking about common teams .. i can remeber last year, encinal beating marin 19-13, and u guys beating them 21-0. and encinal beating novato 35-28.. u guys arent even the kings of ur own county

  • Well then Phony Reposa or whoever you are you agree with me. Read post #300 again genius I said that I think yiou should have to play good teams. Sheeesh.

  • fast and physical

    PV was a humbling experience at the right time, the kids were very hollywood that week, and went back into what the real coach Carter calls the bully mode, then and halftime, into Beast Mode, 24 points in the second half. The team played well.It will be a great game vs MV, stop counting the Jackets out, Carter’s Defense will smack the MV recievers, remember the AV game, big knockouts, changed the game, 1st, the TE, then #2, then #3. Jacket Pride baby, Run Rickey Run, Go Jackets! Hey Mom, I Got My Two Geez! East Bay Player Of The Year, Galvin Baby

  • Jet4ever52

    Can anyone break down the Alhambra BOD game?

    Looks like BOD put up a fight against Alhambra

  • I was at the game and I felt BOD was in it the whole game, they just could not tackle. On numerous occasions the BOD defence had #24 Calhoun stopped behind the line or they would string him out to the side lines but couldnt wrap him up and he would cut back and rip off along run. The Alhambra D was giving the BOD recievers tons of room and the BOD QB made them pay except for a late INT I thought the BOD QB did a great job. Alhambra’s biggest foe on offence was themselves as they had a fair amount of penalties. The key to beating the Dogs is stopping the run and making the throw it to #80

  • Jet4ever52

    The Real Reposa

    thanks for the details . I was just curious cuz some people on here thought BOD had no chance and seems like they did. And that BOD barely got into NCS and came into the playoffs played hard against a #3 seed sounds like a good game for them even though they lost. Is Calhoun fast? just wondering never seen him play before

  • old former meddling coach.

    Calhoun has fairly good speed for a big boy. Jet Pride!

  • Jet4ever52

    Im watching the BOD n Alhambra game now

  • Jet4ever52

    Mr Williams I heard that there were alot of penalties friday night? Cuz i was reading the updates and it was scoreless in the 1st Q and then only 7-0 at half. Did the penalties effect them?

  • #24 Calhoun is the smaller of the two Alhambra backs and yes he does have good speed. #44 is HUGE and ran pretty effectively as well but wasnt really needed so he didnt get alot of touches. There wasnt alot to the passing game I only remember passes to #4 who is very small I think he caught 1 of two passes thrown to him, short passes in the flats and 5-6 to #80 who is good size with good speed and his passes where deep post play’s one was for a TD if memory serves.

  • NCS

    NCS WINS – last 10 years including this past Friday
    this should help with league strength.
    DLS – 31 (EBAL & BVAL)
    Foothill – 13 (EBAL)
    SRV – 12 (EBAL)
    MV – 9 (EBAL)
    Pitt – 8 (BVAL)
    San Leandro – 8(HAAL)
    Logan – 6 (MVAL)
    CAL – 3 (EBAL)
    AV – 3 (EBAL)