Mannion’s 582 passing yards a NorCal record

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Foothill quarterback Sean Mannion’s 582 yards passing against James Logan on Saturday is a Northern California record and the sixth most yards a California high school player has EVER thrown for in a single game. The previous NorCal record was set last week Downey-Modesto’s Jason Lee (548). Lee’s record came after the previous record (546) by Steve Woodward of Tamalpais stood for 43 years.

Oregon State is getting a good one. Amazing. Simply amazing.

He finished 27-for-40 and threw five touchdowns as well.

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EDIT: I reviewed the game film to verify the record, and ended up giving him one more yard than was previously reported. WR Cameron Rowland caught 15 passes for 340.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • Prep Fan

    Wow, it’s hard to believe the all time California HS passing yards record is 764 yards. Had Mannion’s team been losing and Foothill had to pass in the 4th quarter, he surely would have exceeded 600 yards and made a push towards 700. Great game Sean!

  • Porque3

    Kyle, that surely is impressive but it was done over 4 quarters and Coaches Sira and Mannion left the first string in the whole time thus stacking the numbers and giving him the unnecessary time to break the record. Other coaches, like DlS’ Ladouceur, would never run up the score like they did and Monte Vista did this past weekend. Yes, it’s a record but it’s rediculous to do since he already has his full ride to Oregon and they didn’t need to humiliate Logan. I guess selfish coaches will always do what they please. I personally think it’s poor sportsmanship and teaches the HS players nothing! What are your thoughts on running the table when the game is long since won?

  • Kyle Bonagura

    -Mannion had zero passing yards in the fourth quarter.

    -Sira coaches at Amador Valley, not Foothill.

    -Monte Vista pulled its starters early in the fourth quarter.

  • James

    Foothill didn’t humiliate Logan… they scored 37 points. That’s the most points they put up against a top opponent all season.

  • James

    So much for that OUTSTANDING Foothill D… haha

  • renegades10

    porque, you and i are usually on the same page but on this one it’s not a case of running up the score. It was 38-29 at halftime which is far from being a blowout at that point. It wasn’t like the DLS game where it was 30-0 before the 1st quarter was over. Coupled with the facts that he didn’t throw a pass in the fourth quarter and that they didn’t even score in the fourth quarter shows that it is simply not a case of trying to pad stats and run up the score. Sweeney is one of the classiest coaches in the area, he is not the type to do something like that.

  • irishluck

    Porque – It was 31-29 until the last play of the first half in which Foothill ran in a td to make it 38-29. He had 388 yards at half in what was essentially a tie game. I am pretty sure that stats were the farthest thing from the coaches mind…and the fact that Foothill staff has never kept individual stats pretty much guarantees it. They scored on 3 runs from inside the 5…if they were trying to pad stats, 3 short td passes would have been a way to pad stats. That is just not how they do it. Perhaps if you had been at the game you would have a different opinion.

  • why


    I have to jump in here because when you call someone out for unsportamanlike behavior you should have your facts. Mannion and his son are class people and would never care about individula stats. Sweeney, as was mentioned, is the same way. he could care less about individual accomplishments, thats why if you have ever seen Fooothill play, there are no (and will never be) names on the jerseys. If you were at the game and saw the first half, Logan kept scoring, the game was in doubt until the forth qtr and that’s when Foothill did not attempt another pass. There is not one person from Logan who would feel like Mannion was trying to accomplish anything but winning. Those that were there saw a great accomplishment that was done with in the competitive balance of the game. That is exactly why is was so amazing.

  • Matt Rempel

    Let me put my two cents in since I covered the game, Foothill didn’t throw the ball at all in the 4th quarter, but even thought they were up, you never got the sense that their defense was playing that great, Logan was able to move the ball on them, but by the 4th quarter, you got the feeling that it didn’t matter what the Colts did, because Mannion would have just come right back. Both teams were scoring so fast in the first half, that a 3-touchdown lead didn’t feel safe to Foothill.

  • The Whistle

    Porque — plain and simple, you are an idiot on a number of levels..

  • FalconsBaby

    i think porque is feeling a little dumb now. I can also attest to the class of Coach Sweaney as someone who played against Foothill last year and i recieved one of the nicest accomplishments ever from him.

  • HAAL Fan

    I was at the game as well and there is no way Mannion was playing for stats. The first defensive series or two for Foothill seemed to show a stout defense and a long day to come for the Colts. However, one or two big plays later and we were off to the races. Foothill’s D never recovered and seemed reeling from the Logan Offense and Special Teams play. Mr. Rempel is absolutely right. Even a 3 score lead didn’t feel safe with the big play capability of the Logan offense, until the 4th quarter. Where Mannion handed off the ball to secure the win. Even on a 3rd and 9, if I recall correctly. I even remember a Logan Colt parent saying, “Watch them throw and try to run up the score,” to which I replied “Coach Sweeney would never do that.” Low and behold, a hand off to the running back off left tackle for a short gain and a punt. You don’t just get away with showing disrespect to one of the greatest coaches in the bay area for the past 20 or so years without citing proper evidence.

  • Matt Rempel

    Thanks for the kudos HAAL. I’m a bit surprised Logan didn’t throw more themselves, because they were really successful at times. Maybe they didn’t want to get into a shootout with Mannion, which I can understand, but I don’t see any other way they would have had a chance, since Foothill was scoring every time they got the ball. I think by the 4th quarter, Logan just had to sit back and admit it was Mannion’s night.

  • donut

    because porque. you are estupid. get off that. haha. oregon state. not oregon. and whenever you talk about monte vista or foothill or anybody ebal. you are so nucking futts it is sad.

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  • HAAL Fan

    Yeah, that surprised me as well. Especially considering Foothill was bringing 5 on the pass rush. I thought Logan could’ve been able to isolate their receivers in space against a corner back, which is almost never a bad thing at this level. I believe the key to this game was how well the pass blocking was for Mannion. Logan felt as if they needed pressure so they brought it and opened up a countless number of holes which Mannion exploited. Then, they felt as if they needed to drop more people into coverage to stop the kid and he ended up with 6 – 7 seconds to throw the ball, which usually ends in a completion. It was a highlight game for him and his offensive line.