All-BSAL football

Here is the ultra-inclusive All-BSAL football team. The first team includes no fewer than three quarterbacks and six (!) running backs. The honorable mention team has 52 selections.

Back of the year
Tyrone Duckett (Encinal) Sr.

Defensive player of the year
Kimani Washington (Enc) Sr.

Lineman of the year
Joseph Coleman (Moreau Catholic) Sr.

Coach of the year
Joe Tenorio (Encinal)

First team
QB Brandon Brown (St. Patrick-St. Vincent) Jr.; RB Naji Patrick (SPSV) Jr.; OL/DL Bo Langi (SPSV) Sr.; OL Joe Airoldi (SPSV); RB Demetrius Brown-Ryan (St. Mary’s) Sr.; LB Clayton Dobbs (SM) Sr.; DT Marcus Edwards (SM) Sr.; WR Najee Lovett (SM) Sr.; DE/T Neil Levey (SM) Sr.; QB Cormac Craigie (Piedmont) Sr.; WR Joey Andrada (Pied) Sr.; DL Winters Heafey (Pied) Sr.; C Jesse Mercado (Enc) Sr.; G Jonathan Murphy (Enc) Sr.; G Josue Sanchez (Enc) Sr.; RB John Allen (Enc) Jr.; LB Abraham Amiri (Enc) Sr.; RB Joseph Fiandor (MC) Jr.; RB Levy Wilson (Albany) Sr.; QB Andrew Spivey (Alb) Sr.; RB Evan Ray (John Swett) Sr.

Honorable mention
DB Daniel Souza (SPSV) Jr.; DB Brenzel Guillory (SPSV) Jr.; WR Robbie Herndon (SPSV) Jr.; RB Jordan Chevez (SPSV) Sr.; LB James Singzon (SPSV) Sr.; LB Gaetano Tarantino (SPSV) Jr.; DL Brock Garcia (SPSV) Sr.; OL Phippe Viola (SPSV) Sr.; LB Tim Brown (SPSV) Sr.; OL/DL David Delgado (SPSV) Jr.; QB Francisco Torres (SM) Jr.; CB Christoper Carnegie (SM) Jr.; DE Cameron Davis (SM) Sr.; DT Darious Gomez (SM) Sr.; SS Henry Organ (SM) Sr.; LB Chance Moses (SM) Jr.; T Nicholas Callander (SM) So.; SS John Rose (SM) So.; WR David Black (Pied) Sr.; SP Robby Inch (Pied) Sr.; C James Meagher (Pied) Jr.; LB George Fullerton (PIed) So.; Travis Moscone (Pied) Sr.; DB Tony Nix (Enc) Sr.; OL Mustafa Whitehead (Enc) Jr.; DB Paul Okamura (Enc) Jr.; DB Bo Banks (Enc) So.; RB Jon Trodder (Enc) So.; OT Josh Morrow (Enc) Jr.; DB Juan Perez (Enc) Sr.; Jamar Turner (Enc) Sr.; QB Adam Robinson (MC) Jr.; DL Kevin Fernandez (MC) Sr.; WR Brannon Pantoja (MC) Jr.; OL Nick Meares (MC) Jr.; TE Jeff Becker (MC) Sr.; CB Nate Johnson (MC) Jr.; LB Brandon Nugent (MC) Jr.; RB Chris Allen (MC) Sr.; LB Brian Tieu (MC) Sr.; TE Robert Crowley (Alb) Jr.; C Alex Stephans (Alb) Jr.; WR Avi Rosenblum (Alb) Jr.; OL/DL Andrew Reggi (Alb) Sr.; LB Anthony Arguello (JS) Sr.; OL/DL James McNeely (JS) Jr.; K Marco Solis (JS) Sr.; OL/DL Mike Cordova (JS) Sr.; LB LaMondo Mill (Kennedy) Sr.; WR Dwayne Robinson (Ken) Sr.; LB Almikas Gonzales (Ken), Sr.; RB Cory Pettos (Ken) Sr.

Jimmy Durkin

Jimmy Durkin is a sports writer for the Bay Area News Group.

  • ManDown

    Hey Jet fans I like #32 Allen. I was at the last game and he looked GOOD. I see that he is only a junior too.

  • old former meddling coach.

    ManDown 1#, Oh yeah,Hard-nosed kid. Runs hard, fiery personality on the field. Also a good OLB as well. Jet Pride!

  • Reggie Hammond

    Joesph Coleman(lineman of the year)? Who is that? Did MC only win what 3 or 4 games right? Did he dominate the BSAL?

  • TheBay97

    Reggie: Moreau won 4 games (after coming off an 0-10 season) and Coleman was by far the best, most dominate lineman in the BSAL. The film doesn’t lie. Furthermore, he is being recruited by several DI schools in the WAC and Mountain West.

  • ManDown

    I don’t know by far the best lineman thebay97. Encinal has a few good ones and so does St. Marys. Like Mr. Hammond said “who is that guy”?

  • Sean M

    Mandown and Reggie,

    With all due respect, all the coaches voted for these players. They voted for Joe Coleman because they had to game plan around him on offense and defense. Yes, he was the most dominting lineman in the BSAL.

  • guru-black

    coleman was so dominate that they lost 2 every good team they played!

  • ManDown

    I understand that Sean M. Not taking anything from the kid. I just didnt know who he was and someone on here said that he was the best lineman in the BSAL by far. I don’t think by far because nobody has heard about him and I have seen Encinals line and they are the ones who dominate. I also like St. Marys line too. They play hard and fast. So the statement “best by far” is a joke!

  • Sean M


    You are confusing the play of the entire line with the Best Lineman. If the award was going to the best line then maybe Encinal and SM would be voted best line. The award goes to the best LINEMAN. Apparently the coaches heard of him, thought he was dominant, and voted for Coleman.

  • ManDown

    Maybe you should read what I said again Sean M

  • Sean M

    Reread what you wrote and I missed it the first time…got it this time. Don’t mean to argue, just trying to stick up for one of our guys.

    Thanks for straightening me out, Sean.

  • Panther Fan

    All – I don’t want to take anything away from Mr. Coleman. I am sure he had a fine year if all the coaches voted for him. I would just wonder if he had a better year than Neal Levy from SM. Obviously, as a Panther Fan I am biased, but Levy was a beast all year – both ways. Coach Tenario from Encinal said that Neal was the first linemen he “ran away” from all year. That being said, I am happy for Mr. Coleman and glad that Moreau had a player receive such a fine honor that testifies to their great year of growth in the league.

    I am curious why the BSAL doesn’t give an MVP. “Back of the Year”?? We all know who I think that was, but that is not the point of this post. More importantly, I think it short changes Mr. Duckett who should be declared Most Valuable Player or Most Outstanding Player. He was not just a back. He was so much more than that. I have already mused about Mr. Duckett so I won’t repeat all the compliments I have extended his way, but I wonder why the BSAL does not recognize him for what his is – MVP.

    Go Panthers!

  • Jimmy Durkin

    I think the BSAL has a lot of issues in how it breaks down its all-league team and not having an MVP is definitely one of them. They could at least call it Offensive Player of the Year to mirror the Defensive Player of the Year award. By calling it Back of the Year, that seemingly limits it to quarterbacks and running backs (are defensive backs considered for this?). It would seem to eliminate wide receivers from any sort of honor, although my guess is they are included in the Back of the Year discussion.

    I’m also not a fan of just having a certain number of first teamers, regardless of position. To have three QBs, six RBs and then have no DBs on your first team makes no sense to me. I also think they should have a second team and not just put all of the rest on honorable mention. But hey, each league can do it as they please. This just seems to be one of the least logical breakdowns of any league out there.

  • Panther Fan

    Jimmy D – I agree. I think the way they do it waters down the awards.

    Go Panthers!


    I think the St. Pat’s coaches came up with that idea a source told me. But that source also said he didn’t really care. strange i guess, but it sounded like he was “Power Tripping” at the meeting my source hinted at.

  • Sean M

    Jimmy D – I agree too. Not sure if they did this in the past but it seems confusing. Seems like there should be 1st and 2nd team player at each position and honorable mention.


    Who is this kid Demetrius Brown-Ryan…never heard of him…..just kidding you and ManDown.

    Best, Sean

  • There were 3 juniors to be exact. Brandon Brown QB SPSV and Joey Fiandor RB MC.

  • old former meddling coach.

    Well my hat is off to the deserving players who got left off. Everyone can’t make it all the time but to me, They are all ALL STARS! Jet Pride!

  • Panther Fan

    Run & Gun – I like both of those players. Brown is a good QB who will get better. My man Joey Fiandor is a quick, good lil’ RB. I didn’t know they were only Jr’s – impressive.

    Sean M – I have no idea who that guy is! Lol.

    Go Panthers!

  • Panther Fan

    Ofm Coach – And you are an all-star on this blog! Well said.

    Go Panthers!

  • Alright Jim, I’m gonna get the business for this one but who cares. I actually support this kind of All-League selections. First in our situation there are only 24 medals to give out 1st team only 12 offense & 12 defense so we just had to recognize the best 24 players in the league. When we were in the ACCAL there 56 medals to give out 14 offense & 14 defense so so there were 3 extra medals to give out on each team so you could have 2 1st QBs 3 1st team rbs no TEs, Utility, Punter Kicker whatever so we broke the rules there too from a tradional 2 rbs one QB. But with how FB has evolved what is traditional any more?

    WHat I didn’t like in the ACCAL was nominating kids twice. Jon Brown, Jeff Owens, Dominiques Sahington were 2 way players & I thought 1st or 2nd team players but isn’t one medal enough? Here’s you one medal Duckett your an All-league QB/DB, Washington RB/LB. It should be reflected on this list but isn’t we wrote down all our 2 way starters that we thought deserved all league both ways.

    There was suppose to be 2 teams but there had to be a bylaw written by a coach or something but it didn’t happen so we only had one team. It makes sense what you said about having no DBs but I think some of these players were DBs but they only wrote down one position.
    No worse then having to fill out a 2nd team D-line & since everybody ran out of selections you just nominate a guy he gets all league.

  • Panther Fan

    Coach Tenorio – Why no MVP award? What if the MVP had not been a RB or QB? Just curious.

    Go Panthers!

  • Sean M

    Coach Tenorio,

    Thanks for the clarification on the all league situation…now it makes sense. Congrats for Coach of the Year and the success of your team this year!

    From a Mariner Fan,


  • Panther Fan I don’t know thats just what they do in this league. Its considered player of the year.

  • Moreau Fan

    Panther Fan:
    just to say thanks for the write-up about joe. However, there is video evidence of coleman actually running over Levy and shaking him off of his legs while Levy was on the ground. And teams definately ran away from Coleman as well. But I would like to congratulate you guys on the season and the #1 seed, take NCS!


  • jetsfan

    what about Encinal’s #77? The Jets offensive line made a huge difference this year AND they are league champions. I agree that the lineman of the year should be from the first or second team in league.

  • Bruin Fan

    Note that Naji Patrick, St Pat’s running back is a Jr. See ya’ll next year.

  • MC Fan

    Jetsfan, I understand where you’re coming from, but that shouldn’t necessarily be the answer. A-Rod was the MVP award winner during his time with the Texas Rangers, and they were not a play-off team. With all due respect to all the other lineman, Joe Coleman did deserve Lineman of the Year, his tape tells all.

  • in all honesty

    that big guy # 51 got laid out by joe. It’s on tape and joe’s cleat actaully got caught in his face mask. He’d lead on counter’s and take out 3 guys. He’d make running back’s fumble constantly. Took Evan ray out the game. He had so many big plays. NAme a lineman he went up against. And I’ll name a lineman that he put on his back

  • BSAL player

    I feel like there should just be three teams made from the best players. 1st team offense and defense. same thing for honorable mention and 2nd team. With a league mvp and offensive and defensive player’s of the year. It shouldn’t be that it’s just the best players. It’s the best at their postion. If that makes sense.

  • jamar turner

    i think that the person who did win defensive mvp was very deserving of the award but i think there was a better player overall on defensive and that player happened to be #9 on encinal…..he has great size great athletsism and had a better season than #77 on offense who was not very good

  • jon haslem

    i think that #9 on encinal shoulda of got balll luaege and not honerable mentions he waas a great player and had 1 interception 70 tackles and 5 sacks, and he is 5,7.