All-EBAL football

Normally, the EBAL waits until the NCS finals are over to release the All-League football team, but this was e-mailed to us today by EBAL commissioner Don Nelson.

Terron Ward (DLS) Sr.

First Team
QB: Sean Mannion (Foot) Sr.; Brett Nottingham (MV) Sr.; RB: Dalton Turay (AV) Sr.; Tyler Anderson (DLS) Sr.; WR: Bryce McGovern (MV) Jr.; Cameron Rowland (Foot) Jr.; TE: Bo Walter (DLS) Sr.; OL: Tim Mustion (MV) Jr.; Tom Hickel (DLS) Sr.; Dylan Wynn (DLS) Jr.; Mac Hess (DLS) Sr.; Andrew Bailey (AV) Sr.; Specialist: Kean Stancil (AV) Sr.; K: James Langford (Foot) Sr.; DL: Will Marre (DLS) Sr.; Dylan Wynn (DLS) Jr.; Zach Pruess (Cal) Sr.; Andrew Bailey (AV) Sr.; LB: Kyle Egan (SRV) Jr.; Dave Wilkerson (MV) Sr.; Blake Renaud (DLS) Jr.; Dalton Turay (AV) Sr.; DB: Bryce McGovern (MV) Jr.; Tyler Anderson (DLS) Sr.; Trevor Morrison (Cal) Sr.
Second Team
QB: none; RB: George Atkinson III (Gran) Jr.; Giovanni Javier (Cal); WR: John Sarmenta (Cal) Jr.; Carson Ewanich (AV) Jr.; TE: Pat Berrigan (Foot) Sr.; OL: Brandon Grinstead (SRV) Sr.; Ryan Marples (Gran) Sr.; Dino Waldren (DLS) Sr.; Steven Schonenberger (C) Sr.; Arturo Hernandez (Cal) Sr.; Specialist: Colin Kacinski (Foot) Jr.; K: Mike Eidman (MV) Sr.; DL: Marco Torres (Liv) Sr.; Ben Teichman (SRV) Jr.; Chris Lawrence (DLS) Sr.; Arturo Hernandez (Cal) Sr.; LB: Sam Sherwood (MV) Sr.; Eddie Horn (Gran) Jr.; Giovanni Javier (Cal) Sr.; Danny Petros (AV) Sr.; DB: Ross Rudow (SRV) Sr.; Robert Guy (Gran) Sr.; Matt Banahan (AV) Sr.

Honorable Mention
QB: Bart Houston (DLS) Soph.; RB: Ryan Mende (Foot) Sr.; Mike Sullas (MV) Jr.; Kyle Alvarez (Cal) Sr.; WR: Justin Berger (SRV) Sr.; Dane Turner (MV) Jr.; Robert Guy (Gran) Sr.; TE: Joe LaBarbera (MV) Sr.; OL: Nick Byran (Foot) Sr.; Zach Buen (Foot) Sr.; Kevin Phingsai (Foot) Jr.; Tyler Sharp (Liv) Sr.; Jacob Welter (MV) Jr.; Bryan Lent (Gran) Jr.; Zach Griffiths (DLS) Sr.; Max Schultz (Cal) Sr.; Spencer Smith (AV) Sr.; Specialist: Kyle Alvarez (Cal) Jr.; K: Travis Kummer (SRV) Jr.; Alex Kale (Cal) Sr.; Nick Anderson (AV) Jr.; DL: Clay Bauer (Liv) Sr.; John Sheperdson (SRV) Jr.; Zach Dreyer (MV) Jr.; Dylan Austin (Gran) Sr.; Matt Hettwer (AV) Sr.; Josh Parr (AV) Sr.; LB: Jake Rubinson (Foot) Sr.; Michael Devoto (Liv) Sr.; Zach Pursch (Liv) Jr.; Garrett Robinson (SRV) Sr.; Kyle Kragen (SRV) Sr.; Cameron Seams (AV) Jr.; DB: Jake Bussani (Foot) Sr.; Jackson Lacombe (Liv) Sr.; Jorge Andrade (Liv) Jr.; Trent Peterson (SRV) Jr.; Kaulin Blair (SRV) Jr.; Josh Atkinson (Gran) Jr.

Kyle Bonagura

Kyle Bonagura is a Pleasanton-based prep sports writer for the Bay Area Newsgroup-East Bay.

  • renegades10

    a little surprised they split the first team award but then i guess it’s nice that they both got honored for being great qb’s. i will say though that i am really surprised Waldren was not listed on first or even second team for DL. Granted he was second team OL but he is a very good DT. Maybe just wanted to get more kids on there.

  • wondering

    Congrats to all the boys who worked so hard to make these teams and also to all the kids who take the time to be a teamate and participate. Football isn’t easy and it takes dedication and heart great job guys…

  • Prep Fan

    Congrats to all the players on a great year. Ward is deserving of MVP. If your coach nominates you, you are assured of at least honorable mention. If you get enough votes, you can make 1st or 2nd team. This is the 2nd year in a row that Reggie Davis was not even nominated. He is certainly one of the better players in the league, but 2 different coaches passed on nominating him.

    Lad didn’t nominate anyone for both ways, but most of the guys he nominated made 1st team. His recommendations must carry a lot of weight in that meeting. Only 1 Livermore player on 1st or 2nd team.

  • Arroyo RT 70

    Can anyone tell me wen haal all league will be announced? It seems like every league besides haal has been anounced

  • renegades10

    how about damiaray drew from Livermore? only a soph the kid is very talented just plays on a bad team. not even honorable mention on either side?

  • HAAL Fan

    Hard to believe McGovern’s stats. The kid has a bright future ahead of him.

  • mike

    Reggie Davis has been a non factor.

    Cal exited relatively quickly and never beat the games they should have won. Del oro. washington twice. monte vista. amador.

    srv, foothill, granada dont really give the big picture there. and he was hurt and hardly played

    prep fan sounds like you are a cal fan

    im surprised your not upset quinn kaehler isnt mentioned.

    im surprised labarbera isnt 2nd team he played like 3 positions.

    berger had early leads but they finally got wr’s right this year he wasnt a second team mention with the foothill/mv receivrs.

    lad is probably the best at scouting talent here for the all league. livermore doesnt have much but drew will come honorable mention if his coach nominates him

    why didnt bellici nominate davis? who? because he wasnt effective sorry to say. i really do like the kid, but KB’s early predictions were way overhyped on him. given the cal bias lol but cal wasnt were i thought they would be this year. figured they’d dominate srv, but far as im concerned foothill beat best teams in av and mv and those gra/srv/cal losses were upsets i think its safe to say now. really bad for them but sweeney never lets them fall when they should.

    i really liked mv and av this season. knew they would be returning a lot. foothill seemed to only have mannion at times but rowland has been a breakout and the foothill play finally improved enough to be dominant down the stretch. no arguing that.

    i dont know what cal has coming back next season. i think besides alvarez they’ll be down. granada might break thru next year but they have atkinsons. livermore not ever
    srv probably more down as well. losing more players to grad dont know how they recover without talents like they’ve had in the past

    MV next year wont be as good but will have great WR’s Same for Foothill. The only thing is DLS will be good enough to beat everybody.

    i think berkeley is down once galvin graduates
    san leandro might improve with their qb but their rb and wr’s are gone
    pitt is graduating a lot but mozee if he can get good will lead them back
    dv will lose alot. williams carried that team
    antioch seems to be improving. who knows freedom might not suck next year. college park will be improving.
    concord will lose a lot as well clayton valley but shouldnt be bad

  • Prep Fan

    I follow Cal, but also other teams as well. I hadn’t even noticed that Kaehler was left off. I did notice there was no second team QB, but since both Nottingham and Mannion were 1st team, that made sense. I guess Lad wanted to get some postseason notice for Houston, and Billici didn’t see the need to nominate either Davis or Kaehler. Combs was also left off.

    I thought Kaehler performed better than expected this season, but his worst performance was this week against Washington when it counted most But that was after the voting was done. Most teams didn’ want to throw Davis’ way so he didn’t get many picks, but I’m sure he would have been a welcome addition to any team in the area. Oh well, there are a lot of great athletes listed and many others who played well this season were left off. It’s nice for those selected but not the end of the world for those left off.

  • cal fan

    How can anyone say Davis was a non factor?He did not give up a touchdown all year.Most teams didn’t even run his way.That just goes to show you how people think they know about football.

  • Just Curious

    Prep Fan #3 If Lad didn’t nominate anyone for both ways, how did Tyler Anderson (DLS) Sr. and Dylan Wynn (DLS) Jr. both make First Team Offense and First Team Defense. Thought you had to be nominated to a position by your coach.

  • amgenfan

    Prep Fan – Dylan Wynn was selected 1st team offensive and defensive, 2nd year in a row on defense, still one to play. Tyler Anderson, senior also was.

  • Hood Boy

    Congrats to Bryce McGovern..those are some crazy stats for a receiver and he is just a Junior??..Thats amazing. But yea when is the HAAL all league gonna come out??

  • lakeview

    Congradulations to all the boy’s!
    Mike…As for MV next year not only will the recievers all be returning including a starting sophmore from this year Troy Johnson. But the OL and DL are all juniors this year except for 1 senior starter. All defensive backs are returning including the speedy sophmore Dalis Bruce and Sullas in the backfield. They will lose David and Joe at linebackers. The only ? will be at the QB position. But from what I hear Lockie has what it takes to continue the MV tradition of great passers.

  • pup’s pop

    Prep fan missed two “both” ways; McGovern (mv) and Wynn (dls. Lad knows talent and Wynn has it.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    If Davis didn’t miss so much time over the past two years with injuries he could have ended up with a great prep career, but the injuries just held him back.

    There were glimpses of a sure-fire D-I player (Foothill game) and he had an offer from Utah as a junior, which is pretty impressive.

    Talent-wise, he’s right up there. And for what it’s worth, he played very well on defense whenever I saw him play.

    On offense, I thought he looked for contact a little too much, when he likely could have picked up more yardage if he tried to outrun people instead of run over them.

  • amgenfan

    kyle, any other comments? Anythoughts on the picks, POY, other standouts? Who’s missing, or not high enough, etc…need some journalistic insight.

  • Kyle Bonagura

    Overall, I thought it was a very fair All-League team. Would have to nitpick to really find much wrong with it, but since you asked…

    -I would have had K.Alvarez (Cal) on the 2nd team and Javier (Cal) on HM for RB.
    -Turner (MV) could have been higher at WR.
    -K.Kragen (SRV) seemed like the best LB for SRV when I watched, but I only saw SRV twice. Could have been higher than HM.
    -Shultz (Cal) and Welter (MV) could have been higher on the O-Line.
    -POY always goes to the league champ, so Ward is good choice.

    Other candidates would have been: Nottingham, Mannion, McGovern, Stancil, Turay, Wynn.

    -Interesting QB Kaehler wasn’t nominated, he’s a good player. Just in the wrong system for his strengths.
    -Drew from Livermore was supposedly their best player. Also, wasn’t nominated.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    To all those asking when the HAAL team will be released, it’s totally dependent on that league. Some leagues are really quick about getting their all-league teams released and as soon as we get them, we get them printed. The HAAL has typically been a little slow to get theirs released. I’m not sure if they have a process of verifying things or what, but they typically take a little time. Be assured, as soon as the HAAL team is received, it will be printed and likely posted on the blog. But sorry, we can’t give you a date. We’re at the mercy of the league sending the team to us.

  • Hood Boy

    Did Terron Ward win the MVP only cuz his team went undefeated in league?.. Bryce McGovern should of won it. His stats were amazing.

  • renegades10

    yeah ebal mvp usually goes to player on league champ. mcGovern had great year but can’t forget about the guy getting the ball to him. a few guys who were deserving of the award including another player on DLS, Wynn who might be one of the best at his position to ever come through the school. Dominant going both ways. But hard to argue with a guy who has run on a bum ankle for most of the season and had a game of 398 yards running.

  • HAAL Fan

    I was watching film on Wynn, what a monster. Coach Eidson had told me once that I should remember Wynn’s name because I’d be seeing him on tv on sundays one day. Coming from the guy who coached DJ Williams and Derrick Landry, I’ll take his word for it.

  • bhsfan

    hey jimmy when will the all league for accal run, the coaches voted like last week

  • Jimmy Durkin

    As soon as the commissioner sends it to me.

  • Jimmy Durkin

    And I should note that the ACCAL commissioner faxed over the water polo and volleyball teams pretty promptly last Friday, so I’m guess he’ll send those over fairly soon.

  • Football Fan

    HAAL fan – In addition to being a “monster” Wynn was also selected as a captain as a junior. Leadership??

  • Ash more of the same

    The prize for first team recruiters goes to the the Newark Memorial Basketball coaching staff who are most likely at some junior high school right now handing some impressionable kid a line. We all know it’s time for all MVAL coaches and ADs to stand up to Coach Ashcrofts evil ways. I know their has been discussions among MVAL coaches about forfeiting to Newark because they are not going to stop recruiting. I’d say to do it. If Kendall plays for them this year I think the press needs to investigate. We’ve had enough.

  • bhouse

    Although its football i would have to agree,i also hear there are a few haal schools doing the same, the AD’s need to stop looking the other way and do something

  • renegades10

    ash i see you have a beef with the Newark basketball staff but take it somewhere else or wait til there is a basketball thread on here. this is football.

  • BigFan

    2 questions for followers of the EBAL

    #1 How good is McGovern? I’ve only seen him play once on tv, but he looks small and dropped a couple passes in that game. Would it beneift him to verbal early riding on this yr stats or do you think he will have a great season next yr without Nottingham?

    #2 I hear that DLS has a freshman on their JV team, name I believe is Hutchinson??? I hear they are thinking he could be one of, if not the best backs to come through DLS. Anyone have any insight on the kid?

  • BigFan

    2 questions for followers of the EBAL

    #1 How good is McGovern? I’ve only seen him play once on tv, but he looks small and dropped a couple passes in that game. Would it beneift him to verbal early riding on this yr stats or do you think he will have a great season next yr without Nottingham?

    #2 I hear that DLS has a freshman on their JV team, name I believe is Hutchinson??? I hear they are thinking he could be one of, if not the best backs to come through DLS. Anyone have any insight on the kid?

  • kenndeytitan22


  • All Day

    Ash, stop hating on Newark-Memorial and step your game up.

  • wondering

    Big Fan; I can answer question 1 McGovern is the real deal kid isn’t big more along the lines of a Wes Welker but he can run after the catch (makes people miss and breaks tackles) plus he has great hands if you saw him drop a couple of balls I don’t think it was the right kid. As far as losing Nottingham it will be tuff but they got a kid Locke that looks like he will be a player.

  • renegades10

    Big Fan I can answer question two. Yes the freshman’s name is Hutchings. He will more likely make an impact on defense and he has all the talent to be on a level with DJ and Kevin Simon. Will need to add some bulk. He has good size for a freshman he is 6′ 1″ around 175-180 pounds. Will add more size with the move to varsity and the offseason program. He did start at rb for the jv’s but he needs to learn to run with a better pad level and until he does will probably not see a lot of time there as they have a lot of guys who will be able to carry the rock next year. He blocks very well though and maybe will be moved to TE like Terrance Kelly who also was rb in frosh and jv ball and then played TE until injuries forced them to move him back to rb his senior year. But yes he may be the most heralded player to come through DLS in quite some time. We will have to wait and see his development for next year though. Unfortunately was too young to get called up for playoffs.

  • a soucre

    CHRIS MARTIN.. has any one heard what he is doing?, he is stinking it up out their, i looked at his stats , and tought he was hurt, but he has played a majority of the season and has only 11 tackles??,, hahahahah WOW!!! he tried to runaway.

  • Prep Fan

    OK, yes I missed that both Wynn & Anderson were both nominated by Lad for all EBAL both ways, and selcted by the other coaches for 1st team honors both ways. So Lad obviously will nominate someone both ways, but I’m sure he limits these to the ver most deserving or else DLS might end up with every all league honor.

    As far as McGovern being selected both ways, I never sad Bergman wouldn’t nominate someone both ways. McGovern did have an amazing season and is very deserving both ways, as deserving as Wynn or Anderson. I’m sure he got the votes of every coach.

    Kyle, I am right there with all your comments on post #17 above. If I hadn’t seen you name on there, I would have thought I wrote that. Wynn is an absolute monster and has to be the early favorite for EBAL MVP for 2010, even though it usually goes to a “skill position” player.

    I found it intersesting that Houston was the only non-Senior QB even nominated. Maybe coaches like Billici knew that Mannion and Nottingham were so far ahead of everyone else, it wasn’t worth even nominating anyone else? Is Houston the only QB who returns next season? It seems everyone else was a senior. Maybe the Livermore QB or the replacement QB at Granada could have been juniors?

  • EBAL

    Just the fact that De la Salle is in the EBAL is garbage, they shouldn’t even be considered part of the league.

    Defiantly think Berger and Kragen for SRV deserved higher than honorable mention

    Mcgovern first team DB is definitely a stretch, but i agree with the Nottingham Mannion split that was a good call.

    Livermore’s Drew not being even mentioned is odd.

  • Ash more of the same

    ALL DAY please…All I’m saying is Newark Memorial has been playing dirty pool (recruiting etc) for many years and a lot of us are getting sick of it! I’d suggest all MVAL schools forfeit their games this year to Ashmore if he doesn’t stop and play with the kids that live within the school districts boundaries. I know there are some MVAL coaches that would agree to this and others our on the fence. They are thinking about it. Someone in the press need to dig…there is a lot of dirt that has been sweep under the rug.If Kendall gets to play this year all the other MVAL basketball programs will get the shaft again. Is it unethical or illegal?

  • De La Salle had a couple of more all- leaguers and second team players. I won’t post names- don’t want to highlite anyone- however, some are going to play college.

  • LLHS 11

    i dont understand this? are the east bay leaders not selected in this? where is rickey galvin that boy would smoke t. ward.. can some one please explain

  • renegades10

    these are the ebal awards. b-high and galvin will be in the accal awards.

  • ebal fan #2

    Houston (soph) only returning QB next year


    Is there any coach out there that thinks McGovern is a better DB than Davis?I think Eric has no clue.How can he even think that all the players he nominated is better than Davis.Eric should stop letting parents make his decisions.

  • Ash more has no shame

    Thanks to GIL LEMON North Coast Section commissioner Kendall the transfer Salesian High School will be allowed to play this year for Newark Memorial. Good job GIL LEMON for not enforcing the rules like you did with that kid who transferred to Washington High from Moreau last year. Same rule different result. Hey GIL LEMON maybe you need to explain the double standard? Attention all MVAL Coaches…don’t play Newark if this is allowed to stand. GIL LEMON needs to explain this decision to all of you and Ashmore and the boys need to stop their unethical and illegal stunts. Were on to you Ashmore even if GIL LEMON is in your hip pocket.

  • To kyle bonagura: kragen was good, but Egan was the man at LB

  • I know whats right

    I agree with most athletes that were rewarded.
    I do feel Drew from LHS should’ve at least been mention. He is a gifted athlete and I look forward to seeing him play in the future
    Kyle Alvarez of CHS should be 2nd Team. He was a big impact player as a TB as well as a returner and will be a big factor next year for Cal High
    I do think Davis should have been mention at least. I guarantee not one coach would pass up on having him on their team

    And to anyone that says Granada will have a break out season next year, tough luck for them. For the past few seasons Granada has been said to have the ability to have break out seasons but failed to meet expectations.
    Also SRV and CHS were in an adjusting period after losing two of best coaches in the league (Kravitz and Sanchez). I would not be surprised to see both teams have better seasons next year, but still not good enough to knock off MV and DLS

    Next year should be a very exciting year in the EBAL with all the athletes returning from the list above (Wynn, McGovern, Houston, the Atikinson brothers, Alvarez, etc.) and also some that weren’t mentioned (Drew). I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

  • MV Fan

    I am very happy to see MV’s Center, Tim Mustion recognized for all his hard work this season. While I don’t have a son on the team, I have been a long time supporter of MV football, and attended all the home games this season. I understand that watching the O-Line may not be too exciting, but watching Mustion was. He was constantly up field making blocks and always hustling. I give credit when credit is deserved and Mustion definetely deserves credit.

  • Fhfalcon55

    Yea I think waldren definately should’ve made all league at d line

  • FHS

    What about Horn and Atkinson from ghs. Those two are great young players on a bad team. Both will be going both ways next year